Healthy Food Search at ISETAN, KLCC

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Today's lunch hour was the first time I went to look around the Isetan Foodmarket, after almost 4 months working in KLCC.

I was on a healthy food search! 

But I did find what hearts desire ;) - wide choice of ice cream!  

Insaf sikit, went back to look for healthy food, healthy cereals, looking good.

I'm not sure how the price of groceries in Isetan Foodmarket compare to other big retailers like Tesco, Giant etc. out there. What I do know is that, there's plenty of options of imported foods here. Be it from Europe or Asia.

Continuing with the healthy food search, I found healthy organic grains - which I'm clueless on preparing them, hence I might not buy any in the near future.

Alas my lunch of the day is a variety of salad from the salad bar.

Which costed me RM9.49 for a mid-sized, not so full bowl.

Here's what I ate, there's fruit salad, potato salad, there's broccoli, a little bit of pasta, and brussel sprouts. They were quite delicious. 

A mother and a career woman at the same time?

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The last time I wrote something in this blog was about my cute little kittens! That was months ago, when I was back in England. Now the cute little kittens are still cute, but not so little anymore. Arthur weighs easily more than 4kg! While we're at it, please do follow my ragdolls' instagram account: ragacrystal_ragdolls.

I'm now working, in a very hectic city. Mana lagi kalau bukan Kuala Lumpur.

Here's a photo of my office, courtesy of Google. I need to take a picture of me and my office someday.

And, I am alhamdulillah 24 weeks pregnant.

There's this feeling of excitement as I think of how our baby is going to look like, but it's nerve-wrecking to think that I'll be leaving baby for almost 12 hours a day, or even more. During the daylight. Won't I miss my baby?

Every career woman goes through this I suppose, and it is doable with the support of husbands of course, family and friends. Abang sila bertambah lah kesabaran anda ya :).
It's just, I'm a bit worried if I don't get much involvement in watching her grow, teach her things, learn from her even. May Allah give all mothers out there strength. Indeed, I very much need it.

I suppose, mothers just get their strength out of love.
Their love is unimaginable and extraordinary.

Ragdoll Breeder in Malaysia

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I've been wanting to own a Ragdoll since I first watched the Cats 101 show on Pet Planet, I can't believe now I have three and will soon be four! If you're interested to own a Ragdoll, contact me at

Two of my Ragdoll babies are from England, they are the ones who was with me and Abang during our summer before we go back for good. They are Dora and Arthur. 



Then came Aryia, whose parents are from Poland. 

And then soon to arrive will be Allyss from New Zealand (the one is purple collar second from the right). 


These babies make me laugh every single day. Too cute and too addictive.
You can follow their progress on their Facebook page or their Instagram,

JOIN: Blog List April - June

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I've been a lot more active on other social media platforms compared to my blog recently.
I thought I wanted to polish some other skills so I went on Youtube and became a Youtuber haha.
And so the blog was only to update on my recent videos. If you don't mind the audio plus visual form of content delivery, you can still follow this blog.

As promised, my January to March blog list will be taken down to allow new blogs to be listed on the April - June blog list.

If you'd like to join, please follow the steps below:

1. Follow this blog, subscribe to my Youtube channel by clicking here, follow me on instagram @dayanazahari, twitter @dayanaAzahari or even snapchat if you wish @dayanazahari (please do whichever ones you can).

2. Write a blog post with the title, JOIN: Blog List April - June, and add the photo below linking it to this post.

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3. Comment your link of post down below!

I will choose 20 blogs, and accept entry latest by 20th April.

Thank you for joining!

Love, Dayana. 

Husband Does My Makeup Challenge | Dayana Zahari

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