White Water Rafting and Cave Exploration, unforgettable.

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I felt like I ended my 2011 with an incredible adventure!

On Wednesday, 28th December 2011, my parents brought the whole family to Perak, around Kampar and Gopeng. Ibu told me we were going white water rafting with Uncle Tim, his wife, Michelle and his nephew, Brian. Brian and Michelle are from China. And yes, we did say we want to visit China some day and they answered "Welcome!". It reminded me of The Amazing Race, "Welcome to China."

White water rafting is indeed something new to me, and my first time enjoying this activity is at Sg.Kampar, Perak. White water rafting is like going on an unpredictable roller coaster, depending on the level of the water in the river. 
The first thing we have to do before going onto the raft (I think it's called a raft :P), was 'water confidence'. We did body rafting, which was going down the river on our back with only our life jacket on, making sure we do not turn our body facing the water current. This part was amazing, although I did drink air sungai. If you ask me, I'd want to do it over and over again. Macam naik slide kat Sunway Lagoon tu, tapi lagi challenging because we do not know what is ahead of us. 
After body rafting, then we did white water rafting.
I really can't explain much because you really have to try to experience the awesomeness of this activity. LOL. I suggest if you have back problems or you're afraid of the water, you better not perform this activity. It is good to challenge yourself though, but you really have to be calm while white water rafting.

Later at night, my brothers and my Dad went for the night jungle walk. I didn't go because I didn't have the suitable attire. I brought new clothes because I was told that we were only going to do one activity. It's quite sad that I didn't get to follow but I don't mind really because I don't fancy creepy crawlies. Plus, if I do get bitten by pacat especially, I'd rather go into the jungle during the day so that I can admire the green scenery more. My brothers said that the dark jungle is also awesome though. They brought torchlight and they said the human vision did get used to the darkness that they could see a little bit, with the help of the moonlight of course. They were bitten by non other than Mr. Pacat and his family.

The best activity I thought was the Gua Tempurung Exploration!
Okay, I do not want to jump to the best part so I'll tell the story chronologically.
We went to Gua Tempurung from MyGopeng Resort by LORRY :) ! 
My brothers, Abah, Uncle Tim, Brian and I was at the back of the lorry, Ibu and Michelle was sitting in front.
Hazim said it was LORRY COASTER, because the ride was terrific and we had to avoid trees by ducking. I felt like playing Super Mario or something like that.
At first, quite a number went into the cave, the dry part of it mind you ;).
Then the number of people lessen when they start to not continue to the last, 5th platform. 
After that, less people go down the 5th platform to enter the wet part of the cave because they were not prepared to get wet of course.
My favourite part was crawling in the clear water in the cave. Subhanallah, the beauty of nature.
Before getting to the river in the cave, we had to slide down about 50 metres of 85 degree marble slope, this was challenging, I could feel my legs shaking after I reached the bottom. Then we went through this small hole where we had to step on the guide's knee to get further down the hole. They call this hole 'lubang tikus'.
Only then we arrived at my favourite part, the river. At first I didn't want to go and get wet, but the guide told me that the water isn't at all dirty, thus my vision proved what they said. The water is as clear as the tap water, and you could see stones beneath them. Walking in the cold water was nice but of course getting your whole body wet like swimming was the best part after climbing 600+ steps in the cave.
I recommend this activity for the young generation who wants to take the challenge, try new things, and then learn from the experience. Obviously I would LOVE to do this again some other day, insyaAllah.
The package I took was called, Top of the World (up to the 5th platform) and Short River Adventure, if I'm not mistaken. I'll make sure I come again some day to experience the 3 hours of walking, crawling, squatting, climbing and duck-walking in Gua Tempurung, the full package, and of course the more challenging one.
Sadly, I didn't have the opportunity taking pictures while doing these activities. Yes, DSLR is sensitive.
Maybe I'll buy a waterproof camera if things like these start to become my hobby.
Who knows?

Until then,

PS: Some pictures are on tumblr, 

Good luck little brothers and sisters.

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Good day everyone! How is your day?
Mine is not a very productive one. I’ve been feeling sleepy all day. Well, at least I've read on Theory of a Firm and Overhead Costing. Imagine only that few pages for a day! I should be working hard tonight. 
So tomorrow is the big day for my little brothers and sisters, PMR Candidate 2011. I wish all of you good luck and all the best! Doa banyak-banyak, semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan pada esok hari.

As for me, I'm driving to SMK Jalan Empat, Bangi to pick up my brother's results. My parents are going to Banting tomorrow. Yes, outstation again. Later to Kuantan, then to Kampar. 
Cuti-cuti Malaysia betul :)! Eheee, for business purposes actually. I am indeed very happy for them. I think I'm not going to Kuantan. Yes, sacrificing a buffet dinner etc. to study at home. I hope I can study though. Never mind, my time to travel around Malaysia, or the world in fact, will come!

Excited nak amek result Hazim as if I am the one who sat for the exam.
I just hope nobody calls me his mother -_-' . Hello, sticker P pada kereta okehh, maksudnya most probably 17+.

Good luck juga kepada my cousin, Suaidah Shaiful Amri. Nervous sangat dah tu gayanya, posting status dekat Facebook. Teehee.  Not forgetting, Izzudin, Maklang's son.

To fellow bloggers, after getting the news, do share your joy :)!

Soaring The Eagle 2011

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I have left out so many events that have been happening around me,
I did not get the chance to blog about my first 10km run. It was organised by Nike.
My first 5km was with the World Hunger Relief. This 10km was another real challenge. Alhamdulillah I've gotten through it well. As much as I really want to blog about this in my own words, I don't have to ample time as I have to continue reading Economics for this upcoming exam in January. So I shall just link the story here,
Asyiqin's blog will have the full story covered. Hopefully she doesn't delete that entry :) .

Next was the Soaring The Eagle 2011 (11 - 15 December 2011) by PETRONAS. It was really an enjoyable camp because I made lots of good friends, networking like Mr Alias said. The input that they gave I could really relate to. Maybe because every one of us there were PETRONAS sponsored student so we could somehow understand each other. Then Mr Alias and Ms Ghazina, our facilitators really did build up my self motivation! Now I feel all optimistic :) . I hope this feeling last though because as humans, we do get distracted by these difficulties and strange paths coming onto us.

Everyone started gathering near Tower 1 of OUR building (perasan :P) , Petronas Twin Tower. Then we boarded the bus to Casa Rachado, Port Dickson.
Overall the resort is alright, it had a private beach which was cool. We didn't have time to wander around Port Dickson itself because there was so much to do and we had so little time.
There were at least 90 of us there, so we were divided into 4 groups. Mine was Samba Six. In Samba Six, we were also divided into 4 groups of 6 or 5, and I was in MACH 5 with awesome team mates, Yujing, Marylyn, Yee Wei, Alif and Fauzan. Our EPIC war cry was, 'You Cry You Die'. I seriously won't forget this.

As far as I can remember, we slept at nearly 1 a.m. everyday because we had our war cry practice which Samba Six won second, our performance practice for the Graduation Dinner and also our aerobics practice which we won first place. Samba Six was doing aerobics to the song Mr. Simple - Super Junior.
Now I might get the hang of this K-Pop stuff. Teehee.
Basically STE focused on the Total Well Being Diamond which consisted of, spiritual, mind, body, finance, relationship and studies. I really needed a polish especially on the mind, finance and studies part. So I really gained a lot and STE really boost up my inner strength. I really shouldn't share much because it will spoil the fun for the ones who might be going to STE later on. This 5 days and 4 nights experience is really something one should be looking forward to, so to my future junior of PETRONAS sponsored students, enjoy your STE and make the most of out it!

SAMBA 6 - Super Awesome!
Top left: Alif, Luqman, Fauzan, Aiman, Hanif, Shatu
Second row left: Amiera, Dayana, Nisa, Hajar, Hadai, Atiyah, Amalina, Yap, Adrian
Bottom left: Hareez, Alan, Najwa, Mei Fen, Yee Wei, Marylyn, Daniel, Yujing 

MACH 5 - You cry you die!

Tunang awal, kahwin awal?

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Assalamualaikum :) ,
It has been quite long since I've written something from the heart.
Hmm, macamana nak start off ni.
Well, dekat Facebook, blogs, sekarang ramai betul yang post pasal kahwin awal, comel-comel betul kisah dorang kan. Semalam Dayana pergi kenduri kahwin cousin Ibu, two hours drive to Tg. Karang, then another two hours back. Penat whoaa drive jarak jauh lagi-lagi drive jalan dalam bandar area Kuala Selangor. Balik tu tido -_-' .  But at least now I literally know where SM Sains Kuala Selangor is, yeayy :) . Jauh perjalanan, luas pandangan (err betul ke ni?) . Comel betul tengok pengantin. Pengantin perempuan semalam, student juga.
Sekarang ni pula sedang hangat diperkatakan (skema BM) Dena Bahrin, student UIA, 19 tahun, kisah tentang pertunangannya yang sweeeet idaman semua, teehee. Unik kisah Dena sebab parents diorang yang pertemukan. Rasulullah SAW bersabda, keredhaan Allah terletak pada keredhaan ibu bapa. Jadi, sebelum buat apa-apa, lebih baik minta izin dan pendapat parents kita dulu insyaAllah diberkati.

Kisah tunang awal, kahwin awal ni memang bagus, elakkan maksiat yang dah banyak kat muka bumi ni.
But as for me, macam parents Syiqin jugak, my parents say that, degree harus diutamakan dulu.
Parents Syiqin kata, lepas majlis graduation tu nanti kalau nak nikah malam tu nikah lah. Teehee. My mom agrees with this statement. If I think about it, it is a big challenge when you have to handle both your studies, and then yourself plus your husband. Memanglah, kita tak rasa kita bersedia sampailah hari yang datang, but I prefer to do things one by one, step by step. Don't get me wrong, it is not that I am against it or anything. I love the idea of having someone protecting and caring for you besides your parents and your siblings, especially bila dekat overseas kan. Muahaha. But maybe for me, because I know that I only have a year and a half left with my family, and then I'll be flying off to UK, insyaAllah, why not make the most of the time that I have. Lagipun, buat masa sekarang ni, I want to build up strength, go in deeper about the knowledge of Islam, nak belajar jaga diri sendiri dengan baik dulu, kukuhkan hubungan dengan family sendiri dulu, baru boleh do the same with your soulmate later on, dengan harapan insyaAllah, bila kita jaga diri kita, kita akan dapat orang yang menjaga dirinya juga. Kalau kita yakin dengan cinta Ilahi, kita tak perlu yang lain. Lagipun, masanya tak sesuai lagi. Kahwin untuk tambah ilmu, iman dan amal, bukan sebaliknya.
Ehem ehem, PETRONAS pun tak bagi kahwin okayy, pftt.
Tunang sahaja boleh, kata En Zafril. Tapi kita pun sendiri tak tau bila datangnya jodoh kita kan :) , jodoh tu rahsia Allah, macam rezeki jugak, semua orang ada bahagian, dan jalan cerita masing-masing. Haha, I'm not even a professional, I wonder why am I talking about this, but yeah, this is just my opinion. For a real good story you guys should try and read Ustazah Fatimah Syarha's book, titled Pemilik Cintaku Setelah Allah dan Rasul. Thanks to DJ who recommended the book to me and thanks to Syiqin who stressed on how good it is that I HAVE to read it until she bought it for me :D .

Oh yeahh, En Zafril dah nak tukar kerja :( , good luck En Zafril in your new work field. Us students will surely miss you! Walaupun baru kenal En Zafril, tapi En Zafril memang fatherly betul dalam menjalankan tugas. Datang melawat KDU semata-mata nak advice pasal results :') . Haihh, takde dah nak gurau-gurau dengan kawan-kawan KDU. Sobs. 

So, I'll be graduating at the age of 23, which I think is the most suitable time, later on, to think about this marriage stuff :) . 23 is not too early or too late kot, kan? HAHA. Takut ouh pikir pasal ni. Brrr~

Bak kata Amalina, lagu Michael Buble - Haven't Met You Yet.
(or maybe she has but she hasn't noticed ;) , teehee)

Keep on blogging peeps!

Nike We Run KL 10K

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I can't believe it tomorrow is the day. A month has passed since the day I bought the RM20 student promotion price to enter the Nike We Run KL 10K Marathon (10km). With this purchase, I received a race pack containing an awesome official Dry Fit Nike shirt for the run, then a Nike water bottle, a D-tag (which I have not figured out how to use it yet), alongside a cool Nike plastic-paper-nylon (errr) bag, then an information poster on the run plus a 20% voucher on Nike Running products. Since my trainers have depreciated over the two years of wearing 'em everyday during riadah in SAMURA, I purchased the Air Pegasus + 28 (Black/Grey and Pink) one yesterday in Nike, One Utama.
It looks a bit striking but, I just love the pink and black combination. Oh yeah, there was a baby blue one as well, but I think Farisha suits that one best. She really should get that one. It was baby blue and grey.

So, tomorrow will be the run. And I am SO not prepared for it. My longest jog-walk would be 5km in Putrajaya during the Be The Movement Charity Walk in support of World Hunger Relief. That walk took me around an hour. Though clearly everyone was walking because it's a walk. It looks kind of odd when you try and run. Tomorrow's 10km would be a RUN. Husna, Alicia, Awad, Syafirie and Syahmi promised to come. Maybe Farisha, Aiysyah and Yvonne are still in doubt. I hope they'll come :) . It will be fun. You don't know there are things that you might be able to do if you don't try. I hope everything goes well, and we all run safely. More information on the run > Nike Running

Crazy and fun moments with Syiqin, Tiyah, Amal and Farisha yesterday in OU.
Our mission was, to play bowling, find my running shoes, then Amal's shoes for a wedding that she'll attend.
We went bowling first, played 2 games, where Farisha played brilliantly and scored 143 for her second game.  Mine was still around my average marks. Should brush up the way I throw the ball.
Ye, Syiqin kata baik baring je. Hoho. Well, I'll try to take out the 10 lbs ball we have at home and ask my brothers to tag along and play in Kajang.

Malaysian Studies, Islamic Studies and Moral Education

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Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!
So today I just feel like posting something here and I thought I can write up some stuff about the Mata Pelajaran Wajib examination that my friends and I will sit this Friday and upcoming Monday.
Just so you know, before getting the certificate, exam results or such, from a private college you'll need to complete these subjects required by the government. Of course the requirement is to pass, and that is at least 50%. For us sponsored students, I think the least you can get is a B. Well, although they don't highlight that fact but still, you are expected to get at least a B somehow.

The final paper will be 40% and the other 60% will be for attendance, presentation, your engagement in the class, and paperwork on a project.

Of course the Muslim students will answer the Islamic Studies paper and the non-Muslims will have to take the Moral Education paper. Then, all Malaysians MUST answer the Malaysian Studies paper.
I still am not very sure about if you are in Matrikulasi and IPTA, but I am quite certain that every student doing courses in the private institution need to pass these papers.
Oh yeah, for Bahasa Malaysia, you get an exemption from the paper if you credited your SPM paper.
Well, wish us all the best of luck, insyaAllah we can do it :) - trying to study on random stuff about Malaysia (baru dapat kesedaran setelah 18 tahun, terukteruk) .

Moving on,
I can't remember who advised me but I know he or she said that we should not waste time, and need to have a university that we aim to go by now. Or at least, search for some during the December break. I am the typical student where I don't mind where I'll be sent to as long as I get the opportunity to study abroad in UK and fulfil the criteria from the sponsors.
The university that I am kinda attracted to for now is University of Bath and Lancaster University.
But it depends :), I still have a few more months to think about this before applying for UCAS. Just gonna look around and ask for advices from ones who know better :) .
So if you wanna give an opinion or share previous experience about UCAS and all, please do. 

Tennis Court Oath

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Assalamualaikum :),
Blogging late at night. Great.
Well, today has been an easy day. Now THIS is how college life should be. Or how I dreamt it to be.
Started off the day with swimming with Amal, Syiqin and Huda, then had only 4 hours of class where 2 hours was for Malaysian Studies and the other two was for Physics, doing only practical assessment, then cooked an awesome dinner; mihun sup, and now feeling all contempt. Ngee~

So I learned this 'Tennis Court Oath' term from my friends, those taking History.
It is something from the French Revolution, and they made an oath to stay on the Tennis Court until they get that something they want.
I decided to make a few Tennis Court Oaths myself excluding the part where I will stay on any court until I get that something.
Maybe I'll say it is just a little promise that I want to make and hope to keep.
Well, I made one before, it was about exercising everyday, and it looks like I can't fulfil that well because it has been raining a lot lately in the evenings when we come back after classes. Then, sometimes some days are just tiring you just need to relax after reaching home.
Then, I kinda wanna make one today. Because I made some sort of a promise to do better for Physics in the next exam, I will study Physics at least a little bit before I go to sleep every weekday. Well, the reason is, we don't get homework for Physics, so I tend to leave the subject out, focusing more on Accounting and Maths, since there are tons of homework for them both. For Economics on the other hand, the tutorials come in a bulk, and then you're free once you complete them.

Oh yeah, Minggu Kebudayaan Melayu 2012 is going to be held on February. I can't wait to pull it off, I know MCS 2011/2012 will be able to make this whole thing a fun experience and a brilliant show!
Keep reading for more info ;). Hehe, well I bet there will be lots about MKM later on when I feel like posting something on here.
Another thing, random stuff do happen a lot lately. Well, when has it not?

Salam Aidiladha!

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Assalamualaikum :),

Happy Eid ul Adha everyone.
This year is a very special one for me indeed. And I believe so too for my family.
All is very exciting and lively at Atok's house today and yesterday.
I wish both of them could see, but nevermind, I know they are well happy there :) .

Last year I was walking around SAMURA with my best friends, eating daging korban with my dorm mates at the Dewan Makan... The memory seems so fresh that it felt like things that happened was just yesterday. But believe it or not, one year surely has passed. Time flies whether or not you're waiting for something to happen. Random.

For Eidul Adha I didn't buy a new baju kurung, as it is like a tradition where the Malays would buy new traditional clothes on Eidul Fitr. Then ibu asked me to wear the jubah that we made for Pak Anjang's kenduri kahwin. Then I randomly chose this very soft 'selendang' that someone gave Ibu when they went to Makkah. It is so flowyyy that I kinda feel graceful. :P random again. Well it's not everyday you get to wear a jubah and a selendang from Makkah right.

I better start making sense in writing. I wanted to search for the Physics assignment that I had to hand in later in 2 weeks time, but I did not feel like it and ended up blogging.
After Paksu, Pak Yop, Abah, Hazim, Ilham, Muhammad and Hasif comes back from the sunat prayer, I bet we will be taking photos and I feel that this time it will be a very special one indeed.
Well, I better 'repair' this 'too flowyyy' selendang. Random again.

All I can say is I am very happy because all of them are very 'open' and welcoming, it's like we didn't even have those years of separation. I feel loved and I love them and I am very glad we meet again :) .

#Well, sometimes you see things, but you try to deny it, but then a part of your heart says it is true.

The walking dead.

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Tomorrow is KDU's Sports Carnival, the closing ceremony I suppose, because basically all the events have all been held except cheerleading, telematch and some athletics event tomorrow. Like usual I'll be running. This year I'll be going for 200m relay, like when I was in standard 3. (HAHA comel tak? Ingat lagi masa lari tu, kaki terseliuh semalamnya sebab pergi tasik hantar tortoises yang dah besar-besar hehe) .
Okay, random much. It is a norm for me to run for 4x100m and that is what I signed up for in the first place, but we had no one to run for 4x200m and there were many that preferred to run for 100m relay, yelahh kan, siapa nak lari 200, speed AND stamina. -_-
When I was 16 and 17, I ran for the same 2 events in school, 200m individual and 100m relay. But what happened in form 5 really traumatized me. I still can remember how my vision blacked out on me somehow, and in a way I could not feel my legs, but I kept running and I did finish the run, and the good thing is I wasn't the last one to arrive. Maybe I used too much energy focusing on my first 100m, I am used to doing that. And then nothing much was left for my second 100m. I could feel I was getting slower. THAT feeling I HATE. The feeling where you can feel your energy damping. It is the LAST thing that I want to happen for tomorrow.
I don't know how, but I HAVE to believe in myself, and I have to trust my body, I have to know that I can push myself more than 100m sprint. I can sprint for 200m! (Yeahhhh right! - Still having doubts)

Whatever it is, I still have to run with this right ear not hearing very well tomorrow. I don't want my team disqualified, just because I can't hear with my right ear. However, I know that I can't balance really well since I can feel only one side of me. 
Honestly, do not mock the elderly when they can't actually listen to what you are saying. I know how it feels to be in that state. You hear people talking, but you can't really figure out what they are saying. It is extra suffering when you have to give extra focus in class just because you can't hear very well.
And when I talk, I feel like talking in a swimming pool~ 

When I headed down from the 16th to the ground floor of this condominium to practice my running, I saw an old lady in a wheelchair-stroller thing, she somehow laid down on it, being pushed by her maid, with the radio or al-Quran (jalan sebelah tapi tak dapat nak dengar clearly, sobsob) being played while they walked around. A thought came to my mind, would I rather be her, or be me. There are so many more less lucky people in the world, and why should I lose my spirit just because I can't properly listen with my right ear. I still have my left ear. I still can hear. I still can talk, I can walk, I can RUN!

Bila hilang deria (untuk sementara insyaAllah), walaupun hanya sebelah, I feel so grateful that I am born with the 5 perfect senses. Saat-saat macam ni lah bagus untuk kita renung balik, yang dunia ni, does not revolve only around you. 

Everytime I wake up, I hope that I can hear again, but everytime I woke up, the condition stayed the same. Everytime I woke up, I have this sad, hopeless face on me because everytime I wake up the hearing doesn't get better, in fact, it feels worse because all the while when you were sleeping you don't hear anything, and then when you wake up, of course what you would like, is to be at most alive. I don't really know if I am making sense here. I just needed to write and express all this.
I feel like crying when I know every weekday, I have classes to attend. And in the classes I might not be able to concentrate 100%. If would be different if I was on a holiday, I would not feel that much stress.
And great, exam is around the corner.
Petronas, maaflah ye kalau first semester exam ni result tak berapa nak cemerlang. Dah la bila makan ubat, mengantuk, tidur awal. Kawan-kawan semua suruh tidur awal, rest, rest, rest is all I hear. Hohoo.
Bila mau studyyy?? :O 

I'm praying for this ear to get better before 6 weeks, or else I have to go through an operation which will cost my parents a lot of money. I do not want to burden them :( .
InsyaAllah boleh baik dengan makan ubat, doa, usaha and tawakal. 

Independent? Step by step.

Dayana Z | Tuesday, October 04, 2011 | 0Comments |
Looking the my watch, 6.14 AM. I know I should get ready to go to college by now. Yes, people say college life is 'heaven'-like. Not so much for me though. I don't get which part of this college life that you can say the enjoyment of you know, finished off with high school, and not yet entering the university. Let's partayyy! Yeah right. As I wake up everyday, I think about the stacks of homeworks and assignments pending. Before I go to sleep, I think of the same thing. It is much more hectic than I thought it was going to be. But I wasn't expecting much less either because I'm used to having lots of tasks to be done.
In SM Sains Muar though, your timetable is scheduled for you. If you go to prepatory class (prep), then everyone else does the same. So basically your homework more or less would be the same progress with your friends. It differs here in KDU though, although the work load is about the same, our classes are arranged differently according to our subjects that we take up. So it is just a matter of luck where your timetable gives you time to eat, pray or sleep during the interval of classes. Some are just lucky they have extra time to get their homework and revision done.

As for my combination of subjects, Physics, Maths, Accounting and Economics, I find it mostly packed during the afternoon because Physics usually take up the lunch time and Zohor praying hours. So most of the time I have to rush for Zohor prayers. I consider my lucky part of the timetable are on Fridays because I have only 2 hours of class.

I have been sick for the whole of last week. What really brings me down is that I am physically there in class. Physically unwell that is. But my mind is not. I TRY to be there, to understand what was taught, but I am not really sure how much input that was successfully stored in my brain. And being sick made me sleep early, and I slept for mostly 8 hours every night. True, when we are sick we need our rest, but I don't get to do the same routine like always, where I sleep only 4 hours a day to complete all my tasks. I am struggling to get back to my '4 hours sleep' routine because of the comfort that I've had last week.
And then, I thought a new week would bring me a physically fit body, but I am nonetheless still suffering from infection of the middle ear due to flu. Currently taking medication, and hopefully it would be better after 3 or 4 days. After all, I did call my parents to come and bring me to the ENT.

After 2 or 3 weeks missing home, it really feels good just to sit back behind your own car, your parents at the front telling you stories. I do believe that I am independent enough at this age - well, I should be. But I know that being independent is a slow learning process where we have to achieve each stage step by step. I lived in the comfort of home with my family, and then I left for 2 years in the boarding school to complete my SPM, where I was in good shape taken care of my wonderful classmates, teachers and wardens. Being in KDU is a totally new world though because mostly everything we do, we have to decide for ourselves. So, here we are, each and every one of us still learning to try and become independent, to part from home, slowly, because all this is a normal process in life, and you just have to accept it.

I still miss the times where we always used to go for picnics in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, where before that we would go to the Perpustakaan Negara ~ Haaaihh. Good times :')

I chose this path.

Dayana Z | Saturday, October 01, 2011 | 2Comments |
Berhabuknyaaa blog ni dah! It has been AGES since I've shared my story.
Well, most probably it was because I had no time and no mood for it.
And because it has been so long, I think it is the right time tonight just to mash up some words and get something posted on here. It is a Saturday night anyway, when else will I have the time?

Last week was one tiring week! The choir practices every day wasn't tiring, I'm used to choir practices. Hours of them. What was tiring was the fact that I had to TRY to be healthy when I wasn't feeling very well. Yes, I avoided medicine, until at a point where I could not take it anymore. I bought Clarinase on Friday in One Utama after our choir performance which made me feel a lot better. My fever is healing slowly, my flu still bugs me, but I will be better soon, insyaAllah. I'm coughing quite badly though.

Since yesterday something quite remarkable happened, I shall elaborate more on our performance of choir.
KDU's group of scholars batch AL 711 and some private students, Farah, Adan and Lalitha, lead by the amazing Keana Reinu performed choir for the KDU Graduation Ceremony in One World Hotel next to One Utama. Honestly, I would not call it a proper choir but rather a really fun singing performance. We sang two songs, one was the KDU song which I thought we did really well, and the Unwritten song, where Keana sang beautifully, and our moves were just so cute ^^ . The whole day went well, except my blocked nose bugged me from early morning till the afternoon.
Atiyah, Amalina, Syiqin and I managed to buy some groceries from Jusco before going back by taxi to Sterling Condo.
Oh yeah, Syiqin bought me a book called 'Pemilik Cintaku Setelah Allah dan Rasul'. She wanted me to read it so badly that she bought it for me as a birthday present. How sweet :') .Thank you Syiqin!

Moving on,
Next week will be Sports Carnival, and then the next will be our internal exam week.
I notice that I've found the 'light' because I've just found my spirit to strive to do my best. I was really down before I did not know why. Maybe because my head was still wandering off. I was still thinking, is this the place where I should be? Now I have found the answer and I shall have no more hesitation in doing anything just because of this odd feeling inside me.
I have chosen this path. Stick to it.
Allah has given me this path, I believe in Allah.

I'll be joining athletics on the Sports Carnival day itself, 8th October 2011.
I will be running for 100m relay, I dread to run for 200m, but if I can and if I REALLY have to, then I will. It is not that I am fussy or anything, I just don't want what happened last year to happen again this year.
It is subject to how much training I get to push myself to that limit :P . Don't laugh, I am not that good of an athlete where I won't mind which event that I'll run for. Training only started this morning since we did not have time at all last week. Thanks to Syahmi for teaching us proper techniques today, we'll try to apply it everyday as we practice. 6 more days to go till the 'big day'! Yeahh~

Well, time to continue doing Physics ;) .

How could you?

Dayana Z | Friday, August 26, 2011 | 4Comments |
Since the title of the entry 'Selamat Hari Raya' would be too common, I'd rather replace it with the first three words I screamed out with a shaky voice towards someone after breathing this shared air gifted by Allah for 17 years and 11 months. Shaky. Yes, I do not want to cry over something stupid. Silly things like this should not even bother me. Recalling the phrase "I couldn't be bothered!" , with the northern east of England slang my friends used to say. I just don't understand how someone could be so selfish that it makes me sick even thinking of it. Unlike some people who can't, the majority who can should learn to tolerate EVEN more and increase the level and limit of patience.

This week had been really hectic, with new topics to learn, new assignments, in a way I was kind of under pressure, especially to understand faster and most importantly, to focus in class. I notice sometimes, the lecturers do expect slightly more from us scholars. Yes, we are sent here to learn with the people's money, now this adds the feeling of real responsibility for us all to become an all-rounded person.
Sleeping late and waking up early to sort things out have been wearing me out. I tried to sleep early a few days back, and I noticed that what will happen is my homework can't be done on time. Yes, the same thing I faced during secondary school in SM Sains Muar. Funny how in Convent I've always been able to complete mostly every task given. Maybe because PMR is much easier than SPM and A-Level right?
I just have to ensure that this stress phase I'm going through is a eustress phase, positive stress which will encourage me to do better. Well, to be honest, it is not just about college life and studies, I am not that weak to be affected by just this. There are other things circling round in my head, like the MOST unique person I have ever met in my life, one I wish I will never encounter again.
There are also other little things that I should not be worried of at this stage of life, at the age of 18.

I shall now stop blabbing about nonsense stuff,
and would switch the bad mood some of us had a few days back to a very happy holiday mood.
Eid is coming just round the corner, it is sad to let go of Ramadhan.
I hope I will still be here for the next Ramadhan next year :') .

Welcoming the month of Syawal.
Happy Eid ul-Fitr. 
Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir dan batin kepada semua.
Semoga raya pada tahun ini diraikan dengan penuh kegembiraan dan penuh erti :) .

Influenced to shop - Jalan TAR or leisure time at home.

Dayana Z | Wednesday, August 17, 2011 | 4Comments |
Spending a day off from college for Nuzul Quran today, just sitting in this condo, trying to finish as much homework as I could before getting influenced by Atiyah to go out to Jalan TAR today. The problem is I can't afford to lose RM100+ in just a week - after shopping with Husna on Sunday. So, Syiqin and I are still confused either to or not to go out, we could not make a decision from Sunday until now. If we do go out, where would be break our fast? Then of course would not reach in time for tarawikh. So isn't the simplest decision is to stay home? Amal said the menu of the day would be spaghetti.
Uhm, enough with the food-talk.
Hehe, I don't often shop like mad though, maybe it's because of Eid is just around the corner, bonus with 2011's Malaysia's Mega Sale period. However, MOST of the things I bought are NEEDS , not WANTS ;) . ECONS. :-D 

I brought back the Acer laptop and took the HP Mini Pink netbook to the condo, in hoping having it on for 24/7 will consume less electricity, teehee. 

I'm missing my hometown already. Didn't get the chance to fast in Pahang this year. The best part would be the bazaar Ramadhan in Jengka of course, the last time I remember going there, the bazaar was MASSIVE. I went back home last week and found out that even Ayahlang, Pak Anjang and my brother, Hazim also had fun selling drinks at the bazaar. Too bad I missed it.

Half of the month of Ramadhan has passed and I still have not been to the bazaar, not even once.
I don't know why nothing much attracts me to go, tapi niat tu ada :) . 
It's just maybe, Masjid Tengku Kelana Jaya Petra serves really good food, drinks and kuih-muih for those who fast, indeed there is not a need to go to the bazaar if you do go to the mosque. Pretty amazing, this mosque even has a lift to consider the elderly coming to perform their prayers.
Masjid Tengku Kelana Jaya Petra is a 10 minutes walk from Sterling Condo. If it were just us girls, I wouldn't be brave enough to walk there because for the shortcut, you'd have to walk pass Stadium Kelana Jaya, ehem2, time kasih la pada Syafirie, Syahmi, Awad, Azzam dan Abdul yang sudi memberi kitorang ni ikut ke masjid, hehe. If it weren't for them, we'd go to Madrasah An Naimah just opposite the condo which would be just fine. As days pass though, less people are coming to the surau.

HAHA, Syiqin has decided to follow Atiyah to go shopping just a few minutes back as I was typing.
I decided to stay :) . 

Dreamed of accounting :O

Dayana Z | Sunday, August 07, 2011 | 8Comments |
Assalamualaikum :),

Fasting month of Muslims, Ramadhan has come.
Menarik juga sambut Ramadhan bersama kawan-kawan kat KDU, walaupun bazaar Ramadhan sekali pun belum pergi lagi tahun ni, tapi Dayana, Atiyah, Asyiqin, Amalina and Alicia masak (thanks to Jack's induction cooker which we share among us living in Sterling Condo because sometimes what we wanna cook is not suitable on the hot plate).

Kami pergi berbuka kat Masjid Kelana Jaya, terasa perisian bulan Ramadhan penuh makna, lebih daripada sekadar membeli belah di bazaar Ramadhan, membazir pulak kalau tak habis makan. 
Tapi mana boleh kalau tak pergi bazaar, insyaAllah satu hari nanti Dayana ada jugak niat nak pergi. Budaya orang Malaysia memang ke bazaar kalau puasa, terasa macam pelengkap suasana pra-raya. Bazaar kan meriah dengan kuih-muih, makanan pelbagai jenis, air macam-macam warna. Kalau dekat UK nanti takde dah nak bazaarnye hehee.

I was doing financial accounting from last night till this early morning, I dozed off and dreamed of numbers and accounts, veryyy funny, haha, sampai masuk mimpi. 
I know it's only a few weeks being here, but then, looking at everyone else with basics, and being me without, I find it quite scary not learning as fast as they could. Of course it is a normal process I am going through,  everyone learns new things, so I have to work extra these early few weeks, because asalkan ada usaha ada ganjarannya kan? 

Well, I don't really write intellectual stuff, I write pretty much about what I feel and about what happens around me. 
So yeah :) , 
and, isn't it odd knowing other people know a little more about you than you yourself? 

Start dah dapat assignment!

Dayana Z | Friday, July 29, 2011 | 13Comments |
Assalamualaikum :) ,

This blog is updated bila ada masa and ada mood je,
Baru minggu pertama kelas bermula secara full, without MKM practices, essay homework and assignment dah dapat dah.

Siapa kata amek arts senang? Meh nak bantah sket, huhu. Yelah, masa lepas PMR dulu, siapa dapat straight A's je mesti lebih potensi nak masuk aliran sains tulen kan? Semua berebut nak Sains. Kalau tak semua pun, memang majoriti macam tu.

Tapikan, walaupun Dayana amek Economy, Maths, Accountancy and Physics, 2 Arts subject and 1 Science, sebab amek Physics tu je, sekarang ni dah dikategorikan under A-Level Science student. Haha, baru ingat nak dapat gelaran Arts student ;) - ngade2.
Dayana rasa, belajar Economy dengan Biology lebih kurang je susah dia. Yes, economy takde lab report, tapi terms dia, and the facts memang kena tau, kalau nak lagi hebat memang la kena updated dengan the world's economy. Bila masuk kelas, dengar ada yang hebat-hebat cakap pasal ekonomi dunia ni, mulalah rasa blur sebab kurang ilmu pengetahuan pasal isu semasa, haihh :P . Ni yang kena usaha lebih sikit ni, tapi takpe, like I have said to the Petronas officer interviewing me, there is always room for improvement.
-Tiba-tiba teringin nak jumpa balik officer tu nak cakap terima kasih sebab bagi peluang dapat scholarship ni :) .
Accounting pulak memang kena faham, and buat banyak practice, insyaAllah okay.
Physics dah dapat assignment dah pasal cathode-ray oscilloscope, we are given 2 weeks to complete it.
Maths, macam biasa lah, bila Add Maths masa sekolah menengah kita ni kurang kukuh, memang kena put in extra effort lah.
Inilah lumrah kehidupan, bila kita ni jenis yang susah sikit nak faham, kena lah lebih usaha, kalau kita dah faham, usaha lebih jugak, lagi lah baik betul tak?
Yang penting usaha rajin and tawakal !

2 days of holiday!

Dayana Z | Monday, July 25, 2011 | 5Comments |
Assalamualaikum :),
It is so relieving finding out that A-Level KDU students batch 711 got 2 days of holiday after a few weeks of 15 hours in college every day. But those 15 hours - and maybe more for the seniors , are totally worth it.
MKM went great, the crowd loved it, they even stood up when we performed. I really am amazed at how our seniors, with the help of a few lecturers made this event for charity an incredible thing. Quite worried for our turn next year, but we should be able to pull it off just like they did. Early preparation would help a lot.

Sempat lagi tangkap gambar masa kemas dewan :) 
Sunday was awesome ;) .
I've never went through that,
and loved every part of it. 

Minggu & Malam Kebudayaan Melayu

Dayana Z | Friday, July 15, 2011 | 9Comments |
Assalamualaikum :) ,
Dah lama tak mencoret rintihan hati dekat sini, cehh, -_-'.
Hmm, sekarang busy memang tak menahan, ni pun sempat online sekejap sebab ada waktu free takde kelas.
Dekat KDU ni, computer centre dia besar, kalau tak dapat online sebab takde computer memang tak logic lah sebab banyak je computer yang free. MAC pun ada, tapi tu untuk students Mass Comm kott :) .
Bila dekat sini, pandang kiri kanan, (macam ayat choral speaking) asyik tengok orang pakai Mac je, huhu terpengaruh betul :D.
Takpelah kan, PETRONAS kasik RM 3,500 untuk allowance laptop, so why not grab the best that Apple has to offer, haha, kalau expenses yang lebih sikit tu, boleh je tambah kan, cuma, VAIO pun lawa jugak senanye :) . Tapi Mac ni exclusive laa, hehe. Hmm, ppe pun, study hard for A-Level dlu, baru pikir laptop. Maybe it'll be more useful during my degree nanti kan.

Malam Kebudayaan Melayu KDU dah nak start. From 18th to 23rd July 2011.
The gala night will be held on the 23rd July. On that night, our batch, July intake 2011 will be doing a choral speaking performance, but this time, it wont be like a normal 'school based on rules and regulations' choral speaking. The tickets are sold at RM 50.
Publisiti for this year pun lagi gempak from the last years, that is what I've heard.
The money is for the charity, and the performances are all by members of the Malay Cultural Society, including me.

So, yeah, been very busy practicing.

Hand mime performance led by Mr Jaya will be on the opening of the MKM.
Tak sabar :) , hand mime best haha.. Unique - jarang jumpa :) .
Tapi sayang, ibu abah tade opening tu, tak dapat tengok hand mime.

Hello college life !

Dayana Z | Saturday, July 09, 2011 | 5Comments |
lamanya dah tak bercerita dekat sini :) .
Haaihh, rindu zaman free bila online and blogging dulu.
Hmm, but time runs and waits for no one. Is that even correct?

Malam ni malam Sabtu pertama kat sini, selalu balik daripada practice Choral Speaking + Hand Mime for Malam Kebudayaan  Melayu, dah pukul 10, balik je terus siap-siap nak tidur. Pernah jugak balik malam Rabu haritu, kemas-kemas, tukar susun atur bilik, maklumlah, dapat tingkat 16, takkan taknak belajar menghadap scenery kat luar ;) heheh. -Pastu sekarang dah terpaksa bawak table lamp sebab lampu tak cukup terang, haihh...

Masuk je KDU, minggu pertama terus ada practice until night untuk Malam Kebudayaan Melayu, yang bestnya, we have a chance to do Hand Mime yang sangat3 menarik, jarang kot jumpa :D . Best sangat, and as first timers, Mr Jaya Kumar said we are quite good ;) . Hee, puji diri sendiri sket. Choral speaking pulak, banyak yang kena buat sendiri, tapi ok la :), masa ni la nak kenal satu sama lain.
Yang sedihnya, practice amek masa sampai 23rd July, habis plan nak keluar tengok Harry Potter on the 16th, sedih sangat :( sebab dah janji. Tapi tak tau nk ckp cne dah, redha jelah kan.

Esok tak boleh keluar rumah, apa la agaknya nak buat dalam condo ni,
Sterling condominium,
facilities, and everything semua alright, sebab condo baru a few years je rasanya.
Nampaknye, susah la dah nak update macam-macam kat sini, hari-hari pun pasni mesti penat, dengan homework plus new subjects that I have to take up, so this early weeks kena lah focus betul-betul !

Just can't wait bila dah normal activities start as in like assignments semua, masa tu lah baru paham betul-betul life in college / pre-university, busy tu, kena lah jugak, kalau tak busy nanti taktau nak buat apa kan.
But I just hope, I have weekends to spare.

I have decided on taking Economics, Accounting, Physics and Maths.
As Maths is always compulsory to achieve an A for many universities, and then economics and accounting are very much related to my degree course that I should pursue which is Accounting and Finance.
I am very happy that I could continue Physics though and avoid Law and History. I prefer something to understand, rather than things to be memorized, so yeah, I hope this will be the best choice, insyaAllah :) .

First day waiting for the 8.15 a.m. bus to KDU UC . -pakai warna gelap sebab nak hand mime. haha. habis seminggu baju gelap je. tersimpan semua yang pink2 purple bagai :P . 
Lepas ni, kena bus 7.15 a.m. dah because of Economics class.

PETRONAS Education Sponsorship Award

Dayana Z | Monday, June 27, 2011 | 9Comments |
Hari Jumaat lepas Dayana dengan Hajar bertolak to Tronoh, Perak sebab dapat invitation last minute jugak from Petronas, to UTP sebab ada Sponsorship Award Ceremony,

Kitorang naik ETS around 11.50am from KL Sentral pastu turun kat Batu Gajah,
haha, excited sangat first time naik train, yang laju and on time pulak tu ETS ni,
masa pergi ni kitorang naik Silver Class ETS. Ada a few stops ETS ni sebelum sampai kat Ipoh Sentral.
Yang bestnya ETS ni selesa and laju! Untuk Silver Class haritu Dayana nampak sampai 120+km/h.
Haha, kalau atas Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan, errr boleh ke bawak selaju tu? Dahla ada gaung gak kadang-kadang. Pastu naik ETS ni tak rasa pun kalau naik bukit ke apa ke, rasa flat je. Bestlah, better kot dari naik bas, sebab bersih then air-conditioned thoroughly.

Sampai kat Batu Gajah, Kak Soleha, ex-student ayah Hajar amek kitorang,
kitorang duduk rumah akak yang sweet ni dua orang je, sebab Kak Nisa pergi camping, Kak Soleha pulak balik kampung. Dah rehat kejap, petang tu kitorang keluar Bandar Universiti Sri Iskandar, it's a very quiet town, nak jumpa taxi pun susah, alamatnya memang jalan kaki jelah, lagipun masa tu petang lagi.
Menunggu Adib punya lah lama, lepas maghrib baru Adib sampai padahal dari UTP 5 minit je, haha, tapi yelah kan, yang bermastautin kenalah solat maghrib dulu.
Malam tu Dayana dengan Hajar tengok cerita Anaconda, then dah ngantuk2, tidoo~

Esoknya bangun pagi, ex-student ayah Hajar jugak hantarkan kitorang pergi UTP,
Macam biasalah, lepas daftar je Petronas bagi breakfast,
Bab makan ni memang Petronas jaga betul, haritu masa EduQuest, masa Briefing kat KDU, and even now, sebelum event start je mesti ada breakfast, habis event pun mesti ada jugak, tak kira lah tea ke lunch ke, heheh, sebab tu pagi tu kitorang tak beli makanan , jimat :) !

Ceremony tu ok, yang bestnya sebab dah dapat jumpa in advanced siapa yang akan jadi mates kita kat sana nanti, at least tak la terkapai-kapai sangat, sebab duduk kat meja ikut course.
Then naik pentas, salam, pandang camera, turun. Daahh. Then tangkap gambar dalam group,
of course la media ada, yang kena interview, kategori orang yang kurang berkemampuan.
Yang lain duduk background, memeriahkan suasana.
Dengar speech Pn Juniwati VP Human Resource Petronas pun best sebab her speeches wasn't all according to her text, she gave her speech fluently, it was like all coming from her heart :) .
SAMURIAN B27 - Jeno, Hajar, Dayana, Adib

Matlamat utama nak pergi tangkap gambar pastu ronda-ronda dalam UTP dibawa oleh Adib.
Library UTP memang best, cantik sebab wall dia glass .

Konon baca buku :). 
Then Adib bawak kitorang jalan bangunan kejuruteraan dia, nampak banyak mesin mesin. Pastu terpikir balik, fuhh nasib tak amek engineering, tak minat kerja ngn mesin heheh :P . Tapi equipment2 dia dalam UTP tu memang awesome, I was kinda amazed.
Pastu kitorang jalan sampai Masjid Terapung UTP yang cantik tepi tasik tu, said goodbye and thanks to Adib, solat, pastu balik, off to Batu Gajah KTM Station.

Balik pun kitorang naik ETS, tapi yang GOLD CLASS, cehh haha.
Amik gold class pun sebab takut tak sempat nak catch the Silver Class one at 2.10pm.
Beza Gold dengan Silver Class ni hanyalah berapa banyak stops train tu buat. So kalau naik Silver Class amek masa dalam 2 jam 20 minit, kalau Gold Class 2 jam 10 minit sebab dia tak banyak stop,
tapi tambah RM 10 -_-' . Punyalah excited sebab Dayana ingat ada MEAL. Hehehe, makanan je suka an.
Tapi lagi atas daripada GOLD ada PLATINUM, yang tuuu, taktau :) hehe.
Alhamdulillah sampai KL Sentral, makan Secret Recipe kejap, pastu balik rumah :) .
Hasil pengembaraan?
Pengalaman + sijil .
Muehehe :) , macam tak percaya je.

Petronas Eduquest Camp 2011 - An Experience

Dayana Z | Thursday, April 21, 2011 | 2Comments |
I want to share with you guys my experience in Universiti Teknologi Petronas going through the EduQuest Camp since I found previous blogs sharing about this camp very helpful.

I wont go through about my personal experience. It was kind of sad being in UTP feeling sick for me. Kalau tak Hajar dah ajak ronda dah petang tu . Sobsob.
Lain kali lah ea ronda UTP kalau ada rezeki melawat lagi.

My EduQuest Camp was held on the 17th and 18th April 2011. 
Petronas was very helpful in giving homestay addresses, Ibu called them straight away after knowing I had to go to Perak. 

Day 1 
Registration was around 8 till 10 in the morning. Then after registration we were given rooms. Two per room. The room was alright, the toilets are clean don't worry but remember to bring slippers okayh.  After that we had to listen to a few talks about Petronas and UTP in the Chancellor Hall. Yes it is GORGEOUS like said by the other bloggers. Hajar showed that the hall uses the concept of physics which is anti-nodal line (Wave) concept to distribute sound. YES, we observe :). Hajar observes MORE haha. Especially pasal UTP bus drivers kan Hajar?). Yeep, they were amazing. Jalan tu dah la kecik, tapi die pusing stereng punyee laa hebat. Fuhh. Haha, try bawak kereta baru tau mcmane kena cekap pusing stereng tuh.
After the talk which finished at 12 pm, parents and applicants were given lunch. After that parents were asked to leave. (not that halau type of way laaa haha.)
At 2 PM, we had to go to the Chancellor Hall again, just to hand in the documents, some had complete documents and some did not. So if you have some certificates not signed yet, you can ask for help from the Petronas people :). They really are kind and helpful.
We had free time until 8 PM. Bear in mind there are no physical activities.
At 8PM we had to sit for 2 papers. A 'Maths and Science' test and a personality test. I don't know either I was lucky or not that I had to sit for only 'Maths' test. No science.
Haha. Maybe I could've done better with science?
Who knows.
Tulah, pilih finance kan :). Hahaa.
After the test, we went back to our rooms at around 11 PM.
Titooo time! :D

Day 2
I was the A-12-5 candidate.
Let me tell you how to read the candidate number.
A is for Group A, group A and B had the interview in the morning while group C and D had their English Placement Test and Creative Reasoning Test done.
12 is for Panel 12.
And 5 is for Candidate number 5. The 5th to go into the interview room.
There should be 5 candidates per group.
The interview was alright. My interviewer was quite friendly. Yes, they wondered why from pure science I wanted to take up finance. Teehee.
The case study and group work was fun as I had amazing group members.
They were Syafrina, Ng Chong Sheng, Putera and Haris.
Group A finished quite early around 10 AM, as the interview started at around 8 AM.
Group B finished a bit later around 12 PM.
Both group A and B went to take the English Placement Test and the Creative Reasoning test in the afternoon. The English test is just like in the SPM, do prepare for something a little difficult. It IS similar though. The Creative Reasoning test is kinda odd. On one you were given diagrams and had to think of which one is the next diagram, and the other one you had to read real quick and state whether the statement is TRUE, FALSE or you CANNOT SAY.
We finished around 5PM where everyone could go back home.
Yup its a simple camp, but I met many friends and it was fun. 

If there's anything should you desire to know, just drop me a comment.

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