Petronas Eduquest Camp 2011 - An Experience

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I want to share with you guys my experience in Universiti Teknologi Petronas going through the EduQuest Camp since I found previous blogs sharing about this camp very helpful.

I wont go through about my personal experience. It was kind of sad being in UTP feeling sick for me. Kalau tak Hajar dah ajak ronda dah petang tu . Sobsob.
Lain kali lah ea ronda UTP kalau ada rezeki melawat lagi.

My EduQuest Camp was held on the 17th and 18th April 2011. 
Petronas was very helpful in giving homestay addresses, Ibu called them straight away after knowing I had to go to Perak. 

Day 1 
Registration was around 8 till 10 in the morning. Then after registration we were given rooms. Two per room. The room was alright, the toilets are clean don't worry but remember to bring slippers okayh.  After that we had to listen to a few talks about Petronas and UTP in the Chancellor Hall. Yes it is GORGEOUS like said by the other bloggers. Hajar showed that the hall uses the concept of physics which is anti-nodal line (Wave) concept to distribute sound. YES, we observe :). Hajar observes MORE haha. Especially pasal UTP bus drivers kan Hajar?). Yeep, they were amazing. Jalan tu dah la kecik, tapi die pusing stereng punyee laa hebat. Fuhh. Haha, try bawak kereta baru tau mcmane kena cekap pusing stereng tuh.
After the talk which finished at 12 pm, parents and applicants were given lunch. After that parents were asked to leave. (not that halau type of way laaa haha.)
At 2 PM, we had to go to the Chancellor Hall again, just to hand in the documents, some had complete documents and some did not. So if you have some certificates not signed yet, you can ask for help from the Petronas people :). They really are kind and helpful.
We had free time until 8 PM. Bear in mind there are no physical activities.
At 8PM we had to sit for 2 papers. A 'Maths and Science' test and a personality test. I don't know either I was lucky or not that I had to sit for only 'Maths' test. No science.
Haha. Maybe I could've done better with science?
Who knows.
Tulah, pilih finance kan :). Hahaa.
After the test, we went back to our rooms at around 11 PM.
Titooo time! :D

Day 2
I was the A-12-5 candidate.
Let me tell you how to read the candidate number.
A is for Group A, group A and B had the interview in the morning while group C and D had their English Placement Test and Creative Reasoning Test done.
12 is for Panel 12.
And 5 is for Candidate number 5. The 5th to go into the interview room.
There should be 5 candidates per group.
The interview was alright. My interviewer was quite friendly. Yes, they wondered why from pure science I wanted to take up finance. Teehee.
The case study and group work was fun as I had amazing group members.
They were Syafrina, Ng Chong Sheng, Putera and Haris.
Group A finished quite early around 10 AM, as the interview started at around 8 AM.
Group B finished a bit later around 12 PM.
Both group A and B went to take the English Placement Test and the Creative Reasoning test in the afternoon. The English test is just like in the SPM, do prepare for something a little difficult. It IS similar though. The Creative Reasoning test is kinda odd. On one you were given diagrams and had to think of which one is the next diagram, and the other one you had to read real quick and state whether the statement is TRUE, FALSE or you CANNOT SAY.
We finished around 5PM where everyone could go back home.
Yup its a simple camp, but I met many friends and it was fun. 

If there's anything should you desire to know, just drop me a comment.

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