Influenced to shop - Jalan TAR or leisure time at home.

Dayana Z | Wednesday, August 17, 2011 | 4Comments |
Spending a day off from college for Nuzul Quran today, just sitting in this condo, trying to finish as much homework as I could before getting influenced by Atiyah to go out to Jalan TAR today. The problem is I can't afford to lose RM100+ in just a week - after shopping with Husna on Sunday. So, Syiqin and I are still confused either to or not to go out, we could not make a decision from Sunday until now. If we do go out, where would be break our fast? Then of course would not reach in time for tarawikh. So isn't the simplest decision is to stay home? Amal said the menu of the day would be spaghetti.
Uhm, enough with the food-talk.
Hehe, I don't often shop like mad though, maybe it's because of Eid is just around the corner, bonus with 2011's Malaysia's Mega Sale period. However, MOST of the things I bought are NEEDS , not WANTS ;) . ECONS. :-D 

I brought back the Acer laptop and took the HP Mini Pink netbook to the condo, in hoping having it on for 24/7 will consume less electricity, teehee. 

I'm missing my hometown already. Didn't get the chance to fast in Pahang this year. The best part would be the bazaar Ramadhan in Jengka of course, the last time I remember going there, the bazaar was MASSIVE. I went back home last week and found out that even Ayahlang, Pak Anjang and my brother, Hazim also had fun selling drinks at the bazaar. Too bad I missed it.

Half of the month of Ramadhan has passed and I still have not been to the bazaar, not even once.
I don't know why nothing much attracts me to go, tapi niat tu ada :) . 
It's just maybe, Masjid Tengku Kelana Jaya Petra serves really good food, drinks and kuih-muih for those who fast, indeed there is not a need to go to the bazaar if you do go to the mosque. Pretty amazing, this mosque even has a lift to consider the elderly coming to perform their prayers.
Masjid Tengku Kelana Jaya Petra is a 10 minutes walk from Sterling Condo. If it were just us girls, I wouldn't be brave enough to walk there because for the shortcut, you'd have to walk pass Stadium Kelana Jaya, ehem2, time kasih la pada Syafirie, Syahmi, Awad, Azzam dan Abdul yang sudi memberi kitorang ni ikut ke masjid, hehe. If it weren't for them, we'd go to Madrasah An Naimah just opposite the condo which would be just fine. As days pass though, less people are coming to the surau.

HAHA, Syiqin has decided to follow Atiyah to go shopping just a few minutes back as I was typing.
I decided to stay :) . 


  1. hahah same goes with me .
    my roommates asked me to hang out today last night but I decided to stay with hope that I can finish all my homeworks , tapi tak de nye pun -___-' haha

  2. salam ziarah :)
    jemput laa datang jenguk entry terbaru saya yer .. :D

  3. Whaa! Pandai akak speak english. \jakun sekejap/

  4. better stay at home coz saving money n time.. =D.. but i enjoy shoppg at kl.. =D


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