I chose this path.

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Berhabuknyaaa blog ni dah! It has been AGES since I've shared my story.
Well, most probably it was because I had no time and no mood for it.
And because it has been so long, I think it is the right time tonight just to mash up some words and get something posted on here. It is a Saturday night anyway, when else will I have the time?

Last week was one tiring week! The choir practices every day wasn't tiring, I'm used to choir practices. Hours of them. What was tiring was the fact that I had to TRY to be healthy when I wasn't feeling very well. Yes, I avoided medicine, until at a point where I could not take it anymore. I bought Clarinase on Friday in One Utama after our choir performance which made me feel a lot better. My fever is healing slowly, my flu still bugs me, but I will be better soon, insyaAllah. I'm coughing quite badly though.

Since yesterday something quite remarkable happened, I shall elaborate more on our performance of choir.
KDU's group of scholars batch AL 711 and some private students, Farah, Adan and Lalitha, lead by the amazing Keana Reinu performed choir for the KDU Graduation Ceremony in One World Hotel next to One Utama. Honestly, I would not call it a proper choir but rather a really fun singing performance. We sang two songs, one was the KDU song which I thought we did really well, and the Unwritten song, where Keana sang beautifully, and our moves were just so cute ^^ . The whole day went well, except my blocked nose bugged me from early morning till the afternoon.
Atiyah, Amalina, Syiqin and I managed to buy some groceries from Jusco before going back by taxi to Sterling Condo.
Oh yeah, Syiqin bought me a book called 'Pemilik Cintaku Setelah Allah dan Rasul'. She wanted me to read it so badly that she bought it for me as a birthday present. How sweet :') .Thank you Syiqin!

Moving on,
Next week will be Sports Carnival, and then the next will be our internal exam week.
I notice that I've found the 'light' because I've just found my spirit to strive to do my best. I was really down before I did not know why. Maybe because my head was still wandering off. I was still thinking, is this the place where I should be? Now I have found the answer and I shall have no more hesitation in doing anything just because of this odd feeling inside me.
I have chosen this path. Stick to it.
Allah has given me this path, I believe in Allah.

I'll be joining athletics on the Sports Carnival day itself, 8th October 2011.
I will be running for 100m relay, I dread to run for 200m, but if I can and if I REALLY have to, then I will. It is not that I am fussy or anything, I just don't want what happened last year to happen again this year.
It is subject to how much training I get to push myself to that limit :P . Don't laugh, I am not that good of an athlete where I won't mind which event that I'll run for. Training only started this morning since we did not have time at all last week. Thanks to Syahmi for teaching us proper techniques today, we'll try to apply it everyday as we practice. 6 more days to go till the 'big day'! Yeahh~

Well, time to continue doing Physics ;) .


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