Independent? Step by step.

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Looking the my watch, 6.14 AM. I know I should get ready to go to college by now. Yes, people say college life is 'heaven'-like. Not so much for me though. I don't get which part of this college life that you can say the enjoyment of you know, finished off with high school, and not yet entering the university. Let's partayyy! Yeah right. As I wake up everyday, I think about the stacks of homeworks and assignments pending. Before I go to sleep, I think of the same thing. It is much more hectic than I thought it was going to be. But I wasn't expecting much less either because I'm used to having lots of tasks to be done.
In SM Sains Muar though, your timetable is scheduled for you. If you go to prepatory class (prep), then everyone else does the same. So basically your homework more or less would be the same progress with your friends. It differs here in KDU though, although the work load is about the same, our classes are arranged differently according to our subjects that we take up. So it is just a matter of luck where your timetable gives you time to eat, pray or sleep during the interval of classes. Some are just lucky they have extra time to get their homework and revision done.

As for my combination of subjects, Physics, Maths, Accounting and Economics, I find it mostly packed during the afternoon because Physics usually take up the lunch time and Zohor praying hours. So most of the time I have to rush for Zohor prayers. I consider my lucky part of the timetable are on Fridays because I have only 2 hours of class.

I have been sick for the whole of last week. What really brings me down is that I am physically there in class. Physically unwell that is. But my mind is not. I TRY to be there, to understand what was taught, but I am not really sure how much input that was successfully stored in my brain. And being sick made me sleep early, and I slept for mostly 8 hours every night. True, when we are sick we need our rest, but I don't get to do the same routine like always, where I sleep only 4 hours a day to complete all my tasks. I am struggling to get back to my '4 hours sleep' routine because of the comfort that I've had last week.
And then, I thought a new week would bring me a physically fit body, but I am nonetheless still suffering from infection of the middle ear due to flu. Currently taking medication, and hopefully it would be better after 3 or 4 days. After all, I did call my parents to come and bring me to the ENT.

After 2 or 3 weeks missing home, it really feels good just to sit back behind your own car, your parents at the front telling you stories. I do believe that I am independent enough at this age - well, I should be. But I know that being independent is a slow learning process where we have to achieve each stage step by step. I lived in the comfort of home with my family, and then I left for 2 years in the boarding school to complete my SPM, where I was in good shape taken care of my wonderful classmates, teachers and wardens. Being in KDU is a totally new world though because mostly everything we do, we have to decide for ourselves. So, here we are, each and every one of us still learning to try and become independent, to part from home, slowly, because all this is a normal process in life, and you just have to accept it.

I still miss the times where we always used to go for picnics in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, where before that we would go to the Perpustakaan Negara ~ Haaaihh. Good times :')

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