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Dayana Z | Saturday, November 26, 2011 | 6Comments |
I can't believe it tomorrow is the day. A month has passed since the day I bought the RM20 student promotion price to enter the Nike We Run KL 10K Marathon (10km). With this purchase, I received a race pack containing an awesome official Dry Fit Nike shirt for the run, then a Nike water bottle, a D-tag (which I have not figured out how to use it yet), alongside a cool Nike plastic-paper-nylon (errr) bag, then an information poster on the run plus a 20% voucher on Nike Running products. Since my trainers have depreciated over the two years of wearing 'em everyday during riadah in SAMURA, I purchased the Air Pegasus + 28 (Black/Grey and Pink) one yesterday in Nike, One Utama.
It looks a bit striking but, I just love the pink and black combination. Oh yeah, there was a baby blue one as well, but I think Farisha suits that one best. She really should get that one. It was baby blue and grey.

So, tomorrow will be the run. And I am SO not prepared for it. My longest jog-walk would be 5km in Putrajaya during the Be The Movement Charity Walk in support of World Hunger Relief. That walk took me around an hour. Though clearly everyone was walking because it's a walk. It looks kind of odd when you try and run. Tomorrow's 10km would be a RUN. Husna, Alicia, Awad, Syafirie and Syahmi promised to come. Maybe Farisha, Aiysyah and Yvonne are still in doubt. I hope they'll come :) . It will be fun. You don't know there are things that you might be able to do if you don't try. I hope everything goes well, and we all run safely. More information on the run > Nike Running

Crazy and fun moments with Syiqin, Tiyah, Amal and Farisha yesterday in OU.
Our mission was, to play bowling, find my running shoes, then Amal's shoes for a wedding that she'll attend.
We went bowling first, played 2 games, where Farisha played brilliantly and scored 143 for her second game.  Mine was still around my average marks. Should brush up the way I throw the ball.
Ye, Syiqin kata baik baring je. Hoho. Well, I'll try to take out the 10 lbs ball we have at home and ask my brothers to tag along and play in Kajang.


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