Salam Aidiladha!

Dayana Z | Sunday, November 06, 2011 | 2Comments |
Assalamualaikum :),

Happy Eid ul Adha everyone.
This year is a very special one for me indeed. And I believe so too for my family.
All is very exciting and lively at Atok's house today and yesterday.
I wish both of them could see, but nevermind, I know they are well happy there :) .

Last year I was walking around SAMURA with my best friends, eating daging korban with my dorm mates at the Dewan Makan... The memory seems so fresh that it felt like things that happened was just yesterday. But believe it or not, one year surely has passed. Time flies whether or not you're waiting for something to happen. Random.

For Eidul Adha I didn't buy a new baju kurung, as it is like a tradition where the Malays would buy new traditional clothes on Eidul Fitr. Then ibu asked me to wear the jubah that we made for Pak Anjang's kenduri kahwin. Then I randomly chose this very soft 'selendang' that someone gave Ibu when they went to Makkah. It is so flowyyy that I kinda feel graceful. :P random again. Well it's not everyday you get to wear a jubah and a selendang from Makkah right.

I better start making sense in writing. I wanted to search for the Physics assignment that I had to hand in later in 2 weeks time, but I did not feel like it and ended up blogging.
After Paksu, Pak Yop, Abah, Hazim, Ilham, Muhammad and Hasif comes back from the sunat prayer, I bet we will be taking photos and I feel that this time it will be a very special one indeed.
Well, I better 'repair' this 'too flowyyy' selendang. Random again.

All I can say is I am very happy because all of them are very 'open' and welcoming, it's like we didn't even have those years of separation. I feel loved and I love them and I am very glad we meet again :) .

#Well, sometimes you see things, but you try to deny it, but then a part of your heart says it is true.


  1. slm dear... igt akk lg?? akk nk mintak sori sesgt coz de 1 yg akk btl3 terlupe..jji akk kat adeq, jji akk akn akk tunaikan dlm mase terdekat...akk da add kamu di fb (shah diera).. please accept ok.. TQ


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