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Dayana Z | Wednesday, November 16, 2011 | 3Comments |
Assalamualaikum :),
Blogging late at night. Great.
Well, today has been an easy day. Now THIS is how college life should be. Or how I dreamt it to be.
Started off the day with swimming with Amal, Syiqin and Huda, then had only 4 hours of class where 2 hours was for Malaysian Studies and the other two was for Physics, doing only practical assessment, then cooked an awesome dinner; mihun sup, and now feeling all contempt. Ngee~

So I learned this 'Tennis Court Oath' term from my friends, those taking History.
It is something from the French Revolution, and they made an oath to stay on the Tennis Court until they get that something they want.
I decided to make a few Tennis Court Oaths myself excluding the part where I will stay on any court until I get that something.
Maybe I'll say it is just a little promise that I want to make and hope to keep.
Well, I made one before, it was about exercising everyday, and it looks like I can't fulfil that well because it has been raining a lot lately in the evenings when we come back after classes. Then, sometimes some days are just tiring you just need to relax after reaching home.
Then, I kinda wanna make one today. Because I made some sort of a promise to do better for Physics in the next exam, I will study Physics at least a little bit before I go to sleep every weekday. Well, the reason is, we don't get homework for Physics, so I tend to leave the subject out, focusing more on Accounting and Maths, since there are tons of homework for them both. For Economics on the other hand, the tutorials come in a bulk, and then you're free once you complete them.

Oh yeah, Minggu Kebudayaan Melayu 2012 is going to be held on February. I can't wait to pull it off, I know MCS 2011/2012 will be able to make this whole thing a fun experience and a brilliant show!
Keep reading for more info ;). Hehe, well I bet there will be lots about MKM later on when I feel like posting something on here.
Another thing, random stuff do happen a lot lately. Well, when has it not?


  1. lama xmelawat adik k.nad sorang ni...sibuk ye sekarang..k.nad selalu mendoakan yg terbaik untuk yana..

    thanks yana..InsyaAllah k.nad akan amalkan surah pelindung..:)


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