White Water Rafting and Cave Exploration, unforgettable.

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I felt like I ended my 2011 with an incredible adventure!

On Wednesday, 28th December 2011, my parents brought the whole family to Perak, around Kampar and Gopeng. Ibu told me we were going white water rafting with Uncle Tim, his wife, Michelle and his nephew, Brian. Brian and Michelle are from China. And yes, we did say we want to visit China some day and they answered "Welcome!". It reminded me of The Amazing Race, "Welcome to China."

White water rafting is indeed something new to me, and my first time enjoying this activity is at Sg.Kampar, Perak. White water rafting is like going on an unpredictable roller coaster, depending on the level of the water in the river. 
The first thing we have to do before going onto the raft (I think it's called a raft :P), was 'water confidence'. We did body rafting, which was going down the river on our back with only our life jacket on, making sure we do not turn our body facing the water current. This part was amazing, although I did drink air sungai. If you ask me, I'd want to do it over and over again. Macam naik slide kat Sunway Lagoon tu, tapi lagi challenging because we do not know what is ahead of us. 
After body rafting, then we did white water rafting.
I really can't explain much because you really have to try to experience the awesomeness of this activity. LOL. I suggest if you have back problems or you're afraid of the water, you better not perform this activity. It is good to challenge yourself though, but you really have to be calm while white water rafting.

Later at night, my brothers and my Dad went for the night jungle walk. I didn't go because I didn't have the suitable attire. I brought new clothes because I was told that we were only going to do one activity. It's quite sad that I didn't get to follow but I don't mind really because I don't fancy creepy crawlies. Plus, if I do get bitten by pacat especially, I'd rather go into the jungle during the day so that I can admire the green scenery more. My brothers said that the dark jungle is also awesome though. They brought torchlight and they said the human vision did get used to the darkness that they could see a little bit, with the help of the moonlight of course. They were bitten by non other than Mr. Pacat and his family.

The best activity I thought was the Gua Tempurung Exploration!
Okay, I do not want to jump to the best part so I'll tell the story chronologically.
We went to Gua Tempurung from MyGopeng Resort by LORRY :) ! 
My brothers, Abah, Uncle Tim, Brian and I was at the back of the lorry, Ibu and Michelle was sitting in front.
Hazim said it was LORRY COASTER, because the ride was terrific and we had to avoid trees by ducking. I felt like playing Super Mario or something like that.
At first, quite a number went into the cave, the dry part of it mind you ;).
Then the number of people lessen when they start to not continue to the last, 5th platform. 
After that, less people go down the 5th platform to enter the wet part of the cave because they were not prepared to get wet of course.
My favourite part was crawling in the clear water in the cave. Subhanallah, the beauty of nature.
Before getting to the river in the cave, we had to slide down about 50 metres of 85 degree marble slope, this was challenging, I could feel my legs shaking after I reached the bottom. Then we went through this small hole where we had to step on the guide's knee to get further down the hole. They call this hole 'lubang tikus'.
Only then we arrived at my favourite part, the river. At first I didn't want to go and get wet, but the guide told me that the water isn't at all dirty, thus my vision proved what they said. The water is as clear as the tap water, and you could see stones beneath them. Walking in the cold water was nice but of course getting your whole body wet like swimming was the best part after climbing 600+ steps in the cave.
I recommend this activity for the young generation who wants to take the challenge, try new things, and then learn from the experience. Obviously I would LOVE to do this again some other day, insyaAllah.
The package I took was called, Top of the World (up to the 5th platform) and Short River Adventure, if I'm not mistaken. I'll make sure I come again some day to experience the 3 hours of walking, crawling, squatting, climbing and duck-walking in Gua Tempurung, the full package, and of course the more challenging one.
Sadly, I didn't have the opportunity taking pictures while doing these activities. Yes, DSLR is sensitive.
Maybe I'll buy a waterproof camera if things like these start to become my hobby.
Who knows?

Until then,

PS: Some pictures are on tumblr, 

Good luck little brothers and sisters.

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Good day everyone! How is your day?
Mine is not a very productive one. I’ve been feeling sleepy all day. Well, at least I've read on Theory of a Firm and Overhead Costing. Imagine only that few pages for a day! I should be working hard tonight. 
So tomorrow is the big day for my little brothers and sisters, PMR Candidate 2011. I wish all of you good luck and all the best! Doa banyak-banyak, semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan pada esok hari.

As for me, I'm driving to SMK Jalan Empat, Bangi to pick up my brother's results. My parents are going to Banting tomorrow. Yes, outstation again. Later to Kuantan, then to Kampar. 
Cuti-cuti Malaysia betul :)! Eheee, for business purposes actually. I am indeed very happy for them. I think I'm not going to Kuantan. Yes, sacrificing a buffet dinner etc. to study at home. I hope I can study though. Never mind, my time to travel around Malaysia, or the world in fact, will come!

Excited nak amek result Hazim as if I am the one who sat for the exam.
I just hope nobody calls me his mother -_-' . Hello, sticker P pada kereta okehh, maksudnya most probably 17+.

Good luck juga kepada my cousin, Suaidah Shaiful Amri. Nervous sangat dah tu gayanya, posting status dekat Facebook. Teehee.  Not forgetting, Izzudin, Maklang's son.

To fellow bloggers, after getting the news, do share your joy :)!

Soaring The Eagle 2011

Dayana Z | Tuesday, December 20, 2011 | 2Comments |
I have left out so many events that have been happening around me,
I did not get the chance to blog about my first 10km run. It was organised by Nike.
My first 5km was with the World Hunger Relief. This 10km was another real challenge. Alhamdulillah I've gotten through it well. As much as I really want to blog about this in my own words, I don't have to ample time as I have to continue reading Economics for this upcoming exam in January. So I shall just link the story here,
Asyiqin's blog will have the full story covered. Hopefully she doesn't delete that entry :) .

Next was the Soaring The Eagle 2011 (11 - 15 December 2011) by PETRONAS. It was really an enjoyable camp because I made lots of good friends, networking like Mr Alias said. The input that they gave I could really relate to. Maybe because every one of us there were PETRONAS sponsored student so we could somehow understand each other. Then Mr Alias and Ms Ghazina, our facilitators really did build up my self motivation! Now I feel all optimistic :) . I hope this feeling last though because as humans, we do get distracted by these difficulties and strange paths coming onto us.

Everyone started gathering near Tower 1 of OUR building (perasan :P) , Petronas Twin Tower. Then we boarded the bus to Casa Rachado, Port Dickson.
Overall the resort is alright, it had a private beach which was cool. We didn't have time to wander around Port Dickson itself because there was so much to do and we had so little time.
There were at least 90 of us there, so we were divided into 4 groups. Mine was Samba Six. In Samba Six, we were also divided into 4 groups of 6 or 5, and I was in MACH 5 with awesome team mates, Yujing, Marylyn, Yee Wei, Alif and Fauzan. Our EPIC war cry was, 'You Cry You Die'. I seriously won't forget this.

As far as I can remember, we slept at nearly 1 a.m. everyday because we had our war cry practice which Samba Six won second, our performance practice for the Graduation Dinner and also our aerobics practice which we won first place. Samba Six was doing aerobics to the song Mr. Simple - Super Junior.
Now I might get the hang of this K-Pop stuff. Teehee.
Basically STE focused on the Total Well Being Diamond which consisted of, spiritual, mind, body, finance, relationship and studies. I really needed a polish especially on the mind, finance and studies part. So I really gained a lot and STE really boost up my inner strength. I really shouldn't share much because it will spoil the fun for the ones who might be going to STE later on. This 5 days and 4 nights experience is really something one should be looking forward to, so to my future junior of PETRONAS sponsored students, enjoy your STE and make the most of out it!

SAMBA 6 - Super Awesome!
Top left: Alif, Luqman, Fauzan, Aiman, Hanif, Shatu
Second row left: Amiera, Dayana, Nisa, Hajar, Hadai, Atiyah, Amalina, Yap, Adrian
Bottom left: Hareez, Alan, Najwa, Mei Fen, Yee Wei, Marylyn, Daniel, Yujing 

MACH 5 - You cry you die!

Tunang awal, kahwin awal?

Dayana Z | Tuesday, December 20, 2011 | 5Comments |
Assalamualaikum :) ,
It has been quite long since I've written something from the heart.
Hmm, macamana nak start off ni.
Well, dekat Facebook, blogs, sekarang ramai betul yang post pasal kahwin awal, comel-comel betul kisah dorang kan. Semalam Dayana pergi kenduri kahwin cousin Ibu, two hours drive to Tg. Karang, then another two hours back. Penat whoaa drive jarak jauh lagi-lagi drive jalan dalam bandar area Kuala Selangor. Balik tu tido -_-' .  But at least now I literally know where SM Sains Kuala Selangor is, yeayy :) . Jauh perjalanan, luas pandangan (err betul ke ni?) . Comel betul tengok pengantin. Pengantin perempuan semalam, student juga.
Sekarang ni pula sedang hangat diperkatakan (skema BM) Dena Bahrin, student UIA, 19 tahun, kisah tentang pertunangannya yang sweeeet idaman semua, teehee. Unik kisah Dena sebab parents diorang yang pertemukan. Rasulullah SAW bersabda, keredhaan Allah terletak pada keredhaan ibu bapa. Jadi, sebelum buat apa-apa, lebih baik minta izin dan pendapat parents kita dulu insyaAllah diberkati.

Kisah tunang awal, kahwin awal ni memang bagus, elakkan maksiat yang dah banyak kat muka bumi ni.
But as for me, macam parents Syiqin jugak, my parents say that, degree harus diutamakan dulu.
Parents Syiqin kata, lepas majlis graduation tu nanti kalau nak nikah malam tu nikah lah. Teehee. My mom agrees with this statement. If I think about it, it is a big challenge when you have to handle both your studies, and then yourself plus your husband. Memanglah, kita tak rasa kita bersedia sampailah hari yang datang, but I prefer to do things one by one, step by step. Don't get me wrong, it is not that I am against it or anything. I love the idea of having someone protecting and caring for you besides your parents and your siblings, especially bila dekat overseas kan. Muahaha. But maybe for me, because I know that I only have a year and a half left with my family, and then I'll be flying off to UK, insyaAllah, why not make the most of the time that I have. Lagipun, buat masa sekarang ni, I want to build up strength, go in deeper about the knowledge of Islam, nak belajar jaga diri sendiri dengan baik dulu, kukuhkan hubungan dengan family sendiri dulu, baru boleh do the same with your soulmate later on, dengan harapan insyaAllah, bila kita jaga diri kita, kita akan dapat orang yang menjaga dirinya juga. Kalau kita yakin dengan cinta Ilahi, kita tak perlu yang lain. Lagipun, masanya tak sesuai lagi. Kahwin untuk tambah ilmu, iman dan amal, bukan sebaliknya.
Ehem ehem, PETRONAS pun tak bagi kahwin okayy, pftt.
Tunang sahaja boleh, kata En Zafril. Tapi kita pun sendiri tak tau bila datangnya jodoh kita kan :) , jodoh tu rahsia Allah, macam rezeki jugak, semua orang ada bahagian, dan jalan cerita masing-masing. Haha, I'm not even a professional, I wonder why am I talking about this, but yeah, this is just my opinion. For a real good story you guys should try and read Ustazah Fatimah Syarha's book, titled Pemilik Cintaku Setelah Allah dan Rasul. Thanks to DJ who recommended the book to me and thanks to Syiqin who stressed on how good it is that I HAVE to read it until she bought it for me :D .

Oh yeahh, En Zafril dah nak tukar kerja :( , good luck En Zafril in your new work field. Us students will surely miss you! Walaupun baru kenal En Zafril, tapi En Zafril memang fatherly betul dalam menjalankan tugas. Datang melawat KDU semata-mata nak advice pasal results :') . Haihh, takde dah nak gurau-gurau dengan kawan-kawan KDU. Sobs. 

So, I'll be graduating at the age of 23, which I think is the most suitable time, later on, to think about this marriage stuff :) . 23 is not too early or too late kot, kan? HAHA. Takut ouh pikir pasal ni. Brrr~

Bak kata Amalina, lagu Michael Buble - Haven't Met You Yet.
(or maybe she has but she hasn't noticed ;) , teehee)

Keep on blogging peeps!
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