Good luck little brothers and sisters.

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Good day everyone! How is your day?
Mine is not a very productive one. I’ve been feeling sleepy all day. Well, at least I've read on Theory of a Firm and Overhead Costing. Imagine only that few pages for a day! I should be working hard tonight. 
So tomorrow is the big day for my little brothers and sisters, PMR Candidate 2011. I wish all of you good luck and all the best! Doa banyak-banyak, semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan pada esok hari.

As for me, I'm driving to SMK Jalan Empat, Bangi to pick up my brother's results. My parents are going to Banting tomorrow. Yes, outstation again. Later to Kuantan, then to Kampar. 
Cuti-cuti Malaysia betul :)! Eheee, for business purposes actually. I am indeed very happy for them. I think I'm not going to Kuantan. Yes, sacrificing a buffet dinner etc. to study at home. I hope I can study though. Never mind, my time to travel around Malaysia, or the world in fact, will come!

Excited nak amek result Hazim as if I am the one who sat for the exam.
I just hope nobody calls me his mother -_-' . Hello, sticker P pada kereta okehh, maksudnya most probably 17+.

Good luck juga kepada my cousin, Suaidah Shaiful Amri. Nervous sangat dah tu gayanya, posting status dekat Facebook. Teehee.  Not forgetting, Izzudin, Maklang's son.

To fellow bloggers, after getting the news, do share your joy :)!


  1. banting my hometown..kuantan tempat ika selalu lepakk~~

    btw, gud luck for them ya..
    p/s: lmeta dgr cte dayana aw~

  2. cik dayan yg comelll
    zaffy rindu,hahahaha

    kalau dia ta strett, hambat diaaa..mai sini cheq tolong naaa xD

  3. dayana ,good luck to ur bro :)
    dy boleh punya mcm ko :)

  4. studying during holidaysssss....huhu..dah exam ae dayan?


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