Soaring The Eagle 2011

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I have left out so many events that have been happening around me,
I did not get the chance to blog about my first 10km run. It was organised by Nike.
My first 5km was with the World Hunger Relief. This 10km was another real challenge. Alhamdulillah I've gotten through it well. As much as I really want to blog about this in my own words, I don't have to ample time as I have to continue reading Economics for this upcoming exam in January. So I shall just link the story here,
Asyiqin's blog will have the full story covered. Hopefully she doesn't delete that entry :) .

Next was the Soaring The Eagle 2011 (11 - 15 December 2011) by PETRONAS. It was really an enjoyable camp because I made lots of good friends, networking like Mr Alias said. The input that they gave I could really relate to. Maybe because every one of us there were PETRONAS sponsored student so we could somehow understand each other. Then Mr Alias and Ms Ghazina, our facilitators really did build up my self motivation! Now I feel all optimistic :) . I hope this feeling last though because as humans, we do get distracted by these difficulties and strange paths coming onto us.

Everyone started gathering near Tower 1 of OUR building (perasan :P) , Petronas Twin Tower. Then we boarded the bus to Casa Rachado, Port Dickson.
Overall the resort is alright, it had a private beach which was cool. We didn't have time to wander around Port Dickson itself because there was so much to do and we had so little time.
There were at least 90 of us there, so we were divided into 4 groups. Mine was Samba Six. In Samba Six, we were also divided into 4 groups of 6 or 5, and I was in MACH 5 with awesome team mates, Yujing, Marylyn, Yee Wei, Alif and Fauzan. Our EPIC war cry was, 'You Cry You Die'. I seriously won't forget this.

As far as I can remember, we slept at nearly 1 a.m. everyday because we had our war cry practice which Samba Six won second, our performance practice for the Graduation Dinner and also our aerobics practice which we won first place. Samba Six was doing aerobics to the song Mr. Simple - Super Junior.
Now I might get the hang of this K-Pop stuff. Teehee.
Basically STE focused on the Total Well Being Diamond which consisted of, spiritual, mind, body, finance, relationship and studies. I really needed a polish especially on the mind, finance and studies part. So I really gained a lot and STE really boost up my inner strength. I really shouldn't share much because it will spoil the fun for the ones who might be going to STE later on. This 5 days and 4 nights experience is really something one should be looking forward to, so to my future junior of PETRONAS sponsored students, enjoy your STE and make the most of out it!

SAMBA 6 - Super Awesome!
Top left: Alif, Luqman, Fauzan, Aiman, Hanif, Shatu
Second row left: Amiera, Dayana, Nisa, Hajar, Hadai, Atiyah, Amalina, Yap, Adrian
Bottom left: Hareez, Alan, Najwa, Mei Fen, Yee Wei, Marylyn, Daniel, Yujing 

MACH 5 - You cry you die!


  1. Salam sejahtera ...
    Blog yg menarik ...

  2. so seem ni batch kau
    smua scholar petronaz ?
    banyaknye chinese
    bnyaknye competition :D


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