What am I contradicting?

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Terasa pelik bila nak blogging balik.
Tak tahu nak tulis apa.
I feel like I shouldn't write too much.
Why should I write everything that I'm up to right?
I don't even know who's reading these posts. A bit scary when you think about it.
Anyone can know anything about you.

However, I do regard my blog as a place for me to share whatever I know, sometimes just random thoughts or emotions. It can be for my family to check up on me, what I've been doing lately and all. But shouldn't I just tell them instead of telling those who have access to the internet?

Nak tulis ke tak, nak tulis ke tak... Rasa macam tak patut, tapi nak tulis jugak. I feel like I am contradicting myself.

Taktaulah. Mungkin benda yang tak personal sangat ok je kot kan?

I'm bad at deciding. Mostly everyone around me know this.
Oh well.

When everything is uncertain, the one thing that's for sure is Allah SWT.

Dental fees costed me a LOT today. Tampal gigi, cuci gigi je pun.
And then came to my mind about those who do not have enough to eat.
May Allah reward them with patience for whatever they encounter, and goodness in the akhirah.

Ohh, I'm tuition teaching, my first time! Alhamdulillah, there's only one class left which is tomorrow. I really hope she understands what I deliver. For her to understand is most important. I don't want to be a failure.
Once, a friend of mine, Izreen asked me accounting questions through Facebook, and she understood. So from that, I've gotten the courage to agree with tuition teaching.

I can't wait to attend the Logical Progression Lesson 4 at 4.10AM tomorrow. Syeikh Abu Eesa said there's a surprise announcement. I wonder what it will be.

Okay then folks,
Be mentally healthy!


Guide for IELTS

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Assalamualaikum and Hii!
I feel like sharing a little bit about IELTS.

IELTS is the International English Language Testing System. It is recognised by many institutions. What I know is, people take IELTS because they want to enter universities in Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand and other English-speaking countries. For education purposes, there's the academic test. For those who plan to migrate and work in these countries, there is the general training test. It is quite different in terms of content of essays for what I've seen.
As for the US, a friend of mine took TOEFL.
In Malaysia, British Council provides the test. 
Haa, mesti nak tau cost dia berapa kan, I think it is around RM300-500? I'm not too sure. 
Beloved PETRONAS paid for me. Okay kena belajar rajin, balas jasa baik.

I registered for IELTS because it is recommended to have an English language qualification to enter UK universities. Some universities demand them, however, some might say your 1119 qualification (included in English SPM) is already sufficient. It depends on which university you're applying too.
Different courses require different minimum qualification too. Science courses might require lower compared to arts courses. *coughcough, Say if Science courses need an overall band 6.5, Arts courses in the same university would require overall band 7.0. This is just an example by the way.

Basically IELTS consists of four test components,
1. Reading
2. Writing
3. Speaking
4. Listening

The speaking test might or might not be on the same day. I think you can arrange for that, or maybe British Council sets the date. Mine was on the same day. 
My test started early in the morning. Listening, reading and writing tests were continuous and then the speaking test after lunch. Everything was supposed to end at 5.30PM for all of us KDU candidates, but it ended way earlier at about 3PM because everything went smoothly alhamdulillah.

As for results, you'll get bands for each component, then after calculating that, they'll give you the overall score. Here is what I got from the IELTS website,

The IELTS 9-band scale
Each band corresponds to a level of English competence. All parts of the test and the Overall Band Score can be reported in whole and half bands, eg 6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0.
Band 9: Expert user: has fully operational command of the language: appropriate, accurate and fluent with complete understanding.
Band 8: Very good user: has fully operational command of the language with only occasional unsystematic inaccuracies and inappropriacies. Misunderstandings may occur in unfamiliar situations. Handles complex detailed argumentation well.
Band 7: Good user: has operational command of the language, though with occasional inaccuracies, inappropriacies and misunderstandings in some situations. Generally handles complex language well and understands detailed reasoning.
Band 6: Competent user: has generally effective command of the language despite some inaccuracies, inappropriacies and misunderstandings. Can use and understand fairly complex language, particularly in familiar situations.
Band 5: Modest user: has partial command of the language, coping with overall meaning in most situations, though is likely to make many mistakes. Should be able to handle basic communication in own field.
Band 4: Limited user: basic competence is limited to familiar situations. Has frequent problems in understanding and expression. Is not able to use complex language.
Band 3: Extremely limited user: conveys and understands only general meaning in very familiar situations. Frequent breakdowns in communication occur.
Band 2: Intermittent user: no real communication is possible except for the most basic information using isolated words or short formulae in familiar situations and to meet immediate needs. Has great difficulty understanding spoken and written English.
Band 1: Non-user: essentially has no ability to use the language beyond possibly a few isolated words.
Band 0: Did not attempt the test: No assessable information provided.

The results will come out two weeks after the test date. Quick and efficient I'd say.

So, for those thinking of taking IELTS, please do if your university or working place needs it. Don't if you're taking it for fun, because to me, it is quite costly. Well, unless you're not worried much about financial matters, then that's good for you. IELTS results is valid for two years. After two years, you'd have to take the test again if you were to apply for anything.

KDU provided us classes for IELTS. Once a week, 3 hours per class. For individual candidates, there are classes out there, or if you're too busy to attend, there's the free online preparation for the test too if you've registered.

http://www.ielts.org for more info and,
http://www.roadtoielts.com for practices, and guide for each test component.

Taman Negara Pahang

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Assalamualaikum and Hellooo people :) !

It's the December holiday once again, and yes, typical KDU has set us tests in January once we get back, just so that we don't enjoy and forget too much of A Level. Well, this is what I assume at least. Oh well.

I remember last year's December holiday, I went to Genting Highlands. 
This year, last week, my family and I went to Taman Negara, situated in Pahang.

Loads of fruit on the way to Taman Negara and back home! It's because it is the fruit season here in Malaysia! There are dokong (my favourite), rambutan, pulasan, and the king of the fruits, durian! It is all CHEAP because the sellers incur no cost. The fruits are of trees of their own land! I tell you, the fruits are all very sweet, delicious and refreshing! You'll pass by a great number of stalls selling them in the Jerantut area.

If you love adventure and NATURE, I assure you to head to Taman Negara! Trust me. You don't need long holidays to plan this trip! Unless, you'd wanna stay there for weeks. Personally, I think three nights would be good enough, provided you plan your activities well.

Here is the Park Centre, where you'd have to get a license to enter, and a camera license too! RM5 per camera per stay, regardless how many days you stay and enter and exit. That's me in green. My brother Afi back there. And Ibu smiling happily. Oh at this moment, there was a wild boar about 15 metres away from us, finding food in a trash can nearby.

We did the Night Jungle Walk the first day we arrived. The Night Jungle Walk can be done by anyone really, regardless of age. Nope, nothing to be feared of. It does not take too long either, you don't walk too far into the jungle for this. You'll be brought into just nice the depth to find cute creatures like these:

Yes, this is the tarantula. I need to get a lens that can zoom in further.

I can't remember what this insect is called, but it looks like a stick. Oh I just googled it, it's called a stick insect. Yayy search engine! Subhanallah, you need to see it with your own eyes to believe it, they don't differ with real sticks.

Yes, this is a snake. It came near to the lights. Now I get why people say you'd have to off your torchlights if you walk in palm tree plantations! Note to self, darkness is much safer when snakes are around.


A chameleon? A big lizard?

I know this one! A porcupine! It is soooo cute! I want one :( . Sometimes you'll find deers as well.
When there are elephants you won't be allowed in though. I suppose elephants don't like human company. If they go mad, it'll be dangerous.

The next day, we went in Taman Negara again (you'd have to cross the river, the other side of the river is Kuala Tahan).

That's our guide, abg Mok.
Oh oh, you'll be assigned with guides during the tour if you want to do the EXTRA adventurous stuff like going to Gunung Tahan (Mount Tahan). It'll take about four to five days of jungle trekking to get there. I can't imagine me going with my current lifestyle of eat eat no exercise. Teehee.
But hey, I might, one day or another?

This is my brother Afi. He's got all kinds of gadgets for the wild.

This is the way up to Bukit Terisek. Bearable with these stairs they just built. 

Beautiful scenery up here! I don't need to mention fresh air now do I? 360 degrees different compared to the air in Petaling Jaya living by the highway. That's what I love the most about jungles, the greenery, the serenity. This is the time where I can be at the beauty of nature, admiring God's creations, His gift to us beings on planet Earth.

The canopy walkway! This got my brother scared of heights. It's WAY UP above the ground level.
Imagine those TALL trees, yes, you're up there. I guess it depends on the individual if you regard this as relaxing or frightening, being too high up. I'd say it's relaxing for me. It was like I could fly.

This boat then brought us to the Kampung Orang Asli (aborigines' village) , there were a few, we chose the one further from Kuala Tahan. 

Beautiful beautiful scenery.

We put up three tents.

This is the village.
For you guys who haven't been, visited or stayed overnight in any kampung orang asli, I suggest you doing so, because honestly, you'd feel grateful for where you are now. However, I'd say these people are very happy with their state. So NOW that should remind us more that we should be grateful. 
The way I see them, they like their lifestyle a lot. Daylight is when the children get some time to play out, and by playing out, I mean, they don't even go in if it is raining heavily. They use fishing nets to catch the fish, and they hold cleaver knives- I have no idea what they do with 'em. Yes, children holding cleaver knives, now THAT you don't see everyday. But yeah, they hunt, they make their own medicine, and I'd say they're very good at it. They have their own language, but most of them, especially the leader of the tribes do understand Malay. I should say the Pahang dialect to be more specific. The tribe we camped nearby to was the very shy type. They're very respectful too. At night, we could hear and see nothing because of the TOTAL darkness. I never thought there could be such darkness on the surface of the Earth. I'd been caving before, yes, I experienced total darkness then. Never have I thought of experiencing it on the SURFACE of the planet.

Uhm, moving on.

Fishing rods which you can rent, or bring your own.

Ze Sister, Ze Kid, and Ze Monster :) . Oh, my brother in green (the one with gadgets in the wild), brought tons of types of torchlight, yes thanks to him, or we'd be in total darkness while we camped. He also wore his protective suit-ish when they went hunting later the night. Leeches are common after raining. So yeah, his protective suit-ish protected him, but those leeches went to Ze Dad. Poor Abah got bitten the most (leeches bite?).

Ze Kid liking ze rain.

Ze hungry Kid liking noodles made by Ze Mummy.

Ze Kid in cold. I wished I had the thermometer that night (or any form of measuring instrument to measure the temperature). It was super cold, and it was windy a bit. It's nice if you're dry. Not very if you're wet from playing by the river and fishing. I tell you, we have more humans back there, but you can't see them. You can only see Ze Kid thanks to the flash, which then hurt his eyes. Sorry kid.

Ze Big Fish.  This is ikan baung by the way. Very heavy.
You do not know what these rivers can contain.
So far, there are no crocodiles spotted. I THINK. I don't know.
For FACTS, don't ask me, ask my parents or go to this website, http://www.tamannegara.asia .

So, this is THE place for you adventurous peeps out there! There's so much more activities like a visit to Lata Berkoh, Gua Telinga, there's rapid shooting as well.

If you'd like to plan a stay in Taman Negara and need help with that, activities, accommodation, food and all, please do contact:

JustExplore Travel
Suite 33-01, 33rd Floor, Menara Keck Seng, 203 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 - 2149 9235
Fax: +603 - 2116 5999 
Email : info@tamannegara.asia
Asmina:+6017-321 0152 
Linda :+6017 – 321 0186

Zahari : +6013 - 333 9798

Buat rakan seperjuanganku.

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Buat rakan seperjuanganku,

Pertemuan kita tiada sia-sia,
Kerana Allah Maha Mengetahui,
Dan Dia telah menentukan segalanya.

Ada hikmah kita berkawan,
Ada hikmah kita berjumpa.
Aku sendiri merasa nikmatnya.

Apabila yang tersurat itu indah,
Yang tersirat daripadaNya, insyaAllah lebih indah.

Matlamat kita, friends until Jannah.

Malam Kebudayaan Melayu 2012

Dayana Z | Wednesday, October 24, 2012 | 2Comments |

I suddenly notice that I have not put up this picture of MCS 2011/2012.

To sum up the event,
Malam Kebudayaan Melayu 2012 on the 14th July 2012 went great, alhamdulillah.
Together we did it! We pulled it off, the crowd enjoyed it and we certainly did enjoy ourselves. After all the hardship that we went through. Bagi saya, semua watak dapat dibawa dengan baik sebab gaya sempoi yang dipersembahkan di atas pentas. Stail Kg. Damai Ujong gitu. Hidayat main banyak peranan sebagai ketua kampung. Bila tengok balik DVD recap MKM, memang semua best dan ceria je! Missing this moment already.

Snake-like highways.

Dayana Z | Wednesday, October 24, 2012 | 2Comments |

Being Patient. 
Does not mean you lose a possibility. 
Does not mean you lose a chance. 
You don't. 
 The key is patience and prayers. 
And moving forward. 
Look back, only to learn from mistakes. 
Never to regret. Never to fall apart. 

Huda suggested I should write a book, one for children. Have them illustrated then she could show it to her mum to be published. I wonder what I can write for children. It would be wonderful to be able to inspire little kids!

I drove to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan, Bandar Tasik Selatan today to pick Hazim up after IELTS class. Unfortunately I didn't know the way to get there from Petaling Jaya, so I had to drive to Sungai Besi and make a U-turn to head to BTS. It's so frustrating when you know the place you are heading to is so near yet so far because of these snake-like highways.
I know these places, but I just can't seem to connect them.
One thing for sure, getting lost searching for the right direction can surely make me hungry!
I stopped at the Nouvelle Hotel so that I do not have to go further from my destination and tried calling people who I think might know the direction.
Alhamdulillah I thought of Ayahlang who might know the way since Maklang's hometown is in Serdang. Pheww~ nasib baiklah Ayahlang bagi clear directions. Salute to Ayahlang saya! Hoho.
Once I got back on the Sg. Besi Highway, on the right direction, heading to KL, I found my own way to BTS.
Hazim does not bring his handphone to school, so I had to wait at the lobby drop-off area. The car nearly got clamped because I went to the lobby door to ask a girl wearing SAMURA's uniform for help, to call my brother inside. Like driving for two hours is not tiring enough, the security guy there HAD to provoke me with the 'your car can be clamped' sign. Nasib baik lah aku pandai cakap baik-baik, dia pun tak tanya banyak. Kalau cakap lebih sikit tadi boleh nangis dah. Kalau ikutkan hati, nak suruh Hazim naik KTM je, tapi dengan six luggages, memang tak lah nak bawa naik KTM. Alicia cakap, "Why are you so good to your brother?". I replied to her, "Well, I know you're good to yours."

Well, that's my 'a little bit more exciting' story of the day, compared to the repetitive routines I've written about earlier.

Esok nak bawa Nenek pergi Pasar Kajang to buy stuff to cook for Eid'ul Adha!

Repetitive Routines

Dayana Z | Thursday, October 18, 2012 | 4Comments |
It's nice reading Zaf's blog, how she can write it, full of emotions, every single day.
Comparing mine, so quiet and dull.

Maybe it's because of what I've been doing. The repetitive routines.

I don't know if anything excites me that much anymore.

Something a little bit interesting was that Imam Muda Faris came to our Madrasah An-Naimah last week. He talked about riba'. I did jot down some notes in Asyiqin's notebook, unfortunately it is not with me at the moment.

Sahih International
O you who have believed, do not consume usury, doubled and multiplied, but fear Allah that you may be successful.

Last Saturday, 13th October, Mr Oo, Atiyah, Huda, Syafirie, Azzam and I went to Kolej Tuanku Jaafar (KTJ) for the KTJ ISOC program. There was a talk by Ustaz Mohd Rafizal Al-Yamani, he studied for 5 years in Yaman. There were two sessions, one on gaining knowledge, and another on matters of fiqh. Personally I loved the second session because I learned a lot from it. How we are supposed to carry ourselves later on in a foreign land. Mr Oo wants us to plan a slot like this in KDU so I believe he knows it had benefited us and he enjoyed it as well.
Didn't manage to snap any photos though. Silly me.

Something I do rather often lately is going for bowling. Maybe it's because of the easy access. One Utama and The Curve is just 10 minutes drive from KDU and 20 minutes drive from Sterling. Hopefully, I can make this a hobby of mine.

A lil bit about college,
UCAS application is sent and now pending, waiting for references, forecast grades and MABECS' approval. Rabbi yassir wala tu 'assir. May Allah ease.
Everyone is more or less struggling on their personal statement. Yes, I did struggle too, for a month or so, of editing and scraping off stuff, thinking of new ideas on what to insert. Needless to say, my personal statement of 4000 characters could not fit in the me that does a lot of random stuff.
Other than that, our 5 days of class in October is nearly ending. There'll be 9 days in November and another 5 in December. These days exclude IELTS classes every Wednesday though. I regard these classes as important as our IELTS exam is coming up on the 24th November. Bath and Warwick need band 7.0 if I'm not mistaken and I cannot afford to repeat IELTS.

Until next time,

September 2012 is leaving us.

Dayana Z | Sunday, September 30, 2012 | 2Comments |
Assalamualaikum and good morning everyone!

It's a Sunday morning and I am at homeee. It's so nice being home. I'm missing my parents though. Such a quiet house we have without them.

September is going away.
October is tomorrow.

Banyaknya yang dah jadi bulan September ni, belum lagi cakap pasal tahun 2012.

Let's recap what happened in September this year shall we?
Yellow House won Silver for Bowling, I remember a lot of goodbyes, the seniors going away to the UK, ibu and abah going for hajj, we had eid celebration together celebrating Syahmi's birthday, mooncake festival, Atiyah's, Jun Kai's and my birthday celebration, PETRONAS eid celebration with PETRONAS scholars, UCAS applications and a lot more to list.

Oh and I learned the process of changing the battery of a car yesterday.
Yes, I only know how to drive. I have not learnt how to renew the road tax, how the engine works whatsoever.
Alhamdulillah, technology nowadays really helped. Texted Abah to ask if it was okay or not to change it and if the price was reasonable.

Basically things that have happened this September have taught me a lot and I'm still improving to become a better person, insyaAllah. I THINK I've got things sorted out. I have to be ready for October. I have to be ready for A2. I need to be ready. I'm too afraid to repeat the whole trauma period of AS again. I need to be emotionally strong too. Being the eldest, holding a lot of responsibility is challenging. Sometimes there are moments that I wish I had an elder brother or an elder sister. Just to depend on. Haha okay, that's just nonsense. Ya Allah, please give me strength.

Wishing all the best to my fellow friends repeating their AS this October!
We are all in this together :)

Tak perlu stereotaip pelajar IPTS.

Dayana Z | Sunday, September 16, 2012 | 7Comments |
Assalamualaikum semua,
Selamat Hari Malaysia!
Alhamdulillah kita dikurniakan oleh Allah SWT dengan negara yang indah cuaca dan harmoni penduduknya.
Semoga Malaysia negara yang dicintai ini terus aman dan makmur.

I would like to type out this entry in both English and Bahasa Melayu because I find that I am good in neither. Yes, I am bad in both. Sometimes I don't even know what I am good at.

Early Syawal, I went back to my hometown in Pahang and I met my beloved family.

Salah seorang pakcik Dayana menegur dalam nada bergurau,
"Ana dah salah imej ni, budak college bukan tak pakai macam ni ke?"
"Eh, mana ada lah, tak semua..." I replied.
"Habis tu yang dalam TV tu...?"

Well you see, buat mereka yang tak pernah masuk IPTS, tak pernah terfikir pun untuk jejak kaki dalam IPTS, like myself before being in KDU, kita tak boleh nak salahkan mereka kerana stereotaip pelajar IPTS/kolej dengan imej yang sebegitu. I don't know, maybe because of the thought that college students are private students who pay to get their education, the rules in these colleges aren't strict, so they get to wear what they want.
Personally, I see nothing wrong in that at all. If you have the funds, why burden yourself on getting a scholarship to get education? Might as well be on your own and then you can determine where you will go next. Ok, back to the topic.
I think what made my uncle said something like that is because on TV, you see college girls with their make-up, their social life - yes, again there aren't many rules to follow. Tapi hakikatnya tak semua macam tu. Let me share my own experience being a college student.

I graduated from SM Sains Muar, and was sent to KDU by PETRONAS.
In KDU, my friends, my seniors, my juniors are really amazing. Besides my family, they should be the reason to whom I am now.
Memang KDU sendiri susah nak ada program pengisian rohani tentang Islam. As I am typing all of this down, my friends are currently finding people to start up an official club for Muslims in KDU. Sekiranya berjaya ditubuhkan, tak perlulah kami ke SeGi college dua kali seminggu seperti yang pernah dicadangkan oleh Murshidha. Susahnya nak belajar tentang Islam dekat KDU ni membuatkan aku rindu dengan ilmu itu sendiri. I am missing the contentment that I get every time after learning about my Creator. I start reading up more than I usually do.
I am to thank my roommate Syiqin for always reminding me that bukan pelajar lepasan sekolah agama je boleh berdakwah dan berilmu agama dengan dalam.
My role model will always be Amalina, I love it when she knows these Islamic terms in English really well. Yes we learned Islamic Studies in English for the first semester. It's really funny, because things you thought you knew about your own religion - kadang-kadang benda yang kita dah belajar dari kecik, tapi when you're supposed to deliver them in English, you can't find the word for it.
Timbullah kesedaran kena baca ilmu agama dalam bahasa Inggeris, perlulah kan, lagi-lagi kalau nak survive di bumi England sana tahun depan, insyaAllah.
Tak boleh dinafikan memang rindu suasana di SAMURA. Al-Mathurat tiap petang, solat berjemaah, dan macam-macam lagi aktiviti pengisian rohani.
Alhamdulillah accommodation yang KDU provide ni dekat dengan surau dan masjid. Walaupun tak selalu turun, kemudahan itu ada. Tinggal pergi dengan tak jelah. Jujur kata, kagum dengan orang-orang yang rajin pergi solat berjemaah. Rasanya ada sorang uncle dekat Sterling tu, boleh kata setiap waktu dia pergi. Mungkin office dia dekat rumah kan, selalu terserempak dia balik daripada surau. Senior kitorang pun rajin juga. Nanti kalau ada aktiviti seperti ceramah, mereka akan menjemput kitorang yang tak tau schedule surau. They are flying off now, may Allah be with them always.
Peluang yang tipis untuk menghadirkan diri membuatkan diri ini menghargai sangat ilmu yang diperoleh apabila ada peluang.
Hence, you are the one who determines who and what you are. You can't blame your surrounding - although they do matter. You just have to be wise to differentiate which is haq and which is batil.

Bila dapat peluang untuk belajar ke luar negara, terasa tanggungjawab untuk mendalami ilmu agama itu lebih, kerana di negara yang majoriti bukan Muslim, kita bagaikan ambassador yang membawa nama Islam itu sendiri. Mereka akan nilai kita, cara kita, percakapan kita dan macam-macam lagi. Kita perlu berhati-hati. Plenty of our good deeds can be washed away in the human eyes just because of one wrongdoing. And mankind tend to judge us from our mistakes.

A message and reminder to myself,
Never ever stop learning about Islam, kerana ilmu yang kita pelajari hanya dekat sekolah tu tak cukup. Belum lagi kita dapat apply semua yang kita belajar. Continue and never stop. Tak perlu jadi ustazah untuk mahir ilmu agama, tapi berkongsilah ilmu yang kita ada. Who knows we might help open the eyes of another? 
Burung terbang tanpa sempadan, tetapi akan mendarat di daratan pilihannya juga,
ibarat ilmu yang boleh diperoleh, tetapi akhirnya dinilai yang mana baik dan yang mana buruk untuk diterapkan dalam diri.

This will always be my favourite quote:
”Sesungguhnya apabila aku menasihati kamu, bukanlah bererti akulah yang terbaik dalam kalangan kamu, bukan juga yang paling soleh atau solehah dalam kalangan kamu, kerana aku juga pernah melampaui batas untuk diri sendiri. Seandainya seseorang itu hanya dapat menyampaikan dakwah apabila dia sempurna, nescaya tidak akan ada pendakwah, maka akan jadi sedikitlah orang yang memberi peringatan.” -Hassan al Basri

Until next time :) ,

Goodbye Blackberry, Hello Samsung!

Dayana Z | Saturday, September 15, 2012 | 3Comments |
Well, I have decided to finally trade in the Blackberry Storm 2 my mother no longer uses - because she loses patience every single time with it.
I admit, it was annoying especially when you needed to make urgent calls, it would not let you. I think the user of the phone needs to be a calm person. You can't type fast or even want to make calls quickly because your attempt will result to failure. It works perfectly when you are in no urgency.

I got only RM120 for the Blackberry Storm 2 - I think Ibu bought it at the price of RM 1000+ when it first came out. What a waste. The features were good but no one in our family can stand the OS anymore. It keeps hanging, and the screen can suddenly become black. 

Traded it in, no more frustrations.
So say hello to Samsung Corby 2! 
It has no android on it, but as long as I can make calls - especially during urgent moments, and I can text people with it, it should be good.
Corby 2 has WiFi so I can surf the internet with it, use it's built-in Twitter, Facebook and Youtube application. 

I chose white, konon nampak matang sikit - compared to pink and yellow, right?
Well, what do you think? Which mobile phone brand do you like best?

Until then :), 
Be safe and take care!
May Allah be with us.

Happy Birthday Nur Amalina Athman!

Dayana Z | Friday, September 14, 2012 | 3Comments |
I just had to post this up :) .

She's been my blogger friend for quite some time.
She's cheerful, helpful and has been really supportive.
She even created a special post for MCS Fun Run when we needed more participants to join in.

Thank you Amalina,
It's nice knowing you, ukhwah fillah abadan abada.
Happy Birthday and have a blast!
May Allah bless you always.


Silver medal for Bowling!

Dayana Z | Thursday, September 13, 2012 | 2Comments |
Overwhelmed when we found out we've won second place, Farisha, Asyiqin, Syahmi and I screamed until the whole of B-11-2 were stunned.

From the left: Farisha, John Chan, Dayana, Syahmi, Dr. Tang, Eng Jia Yi, Syiqin, Mr. Subra, Carrie Dean (Caca)
Picture taken by invited coach Saidatun Nurfarahin, (Qien's cousin)

Lost to Blue House, we were not really expecting such victory. Okay that sounds a bit odd and arrogant. Well, I don't know how to put it into a better sentence. Help anyone? Senang cerita, kitorang tak sangka kitorang boleh menang. Ingatkan third place pun jadilah. Nak medal je. Ok dah. We did practice quite a few times. Farisha, Qien and I played six games the day before the competition. Yes, we're addicted. Sai joined us play three of the games. She gave us some tips and tricks. Thanks Sai!

Honestly saying, I wasn't able to do my best because somehow I tend to throw the ball in a spinning way? I don't know since when I know how to throw the ball that way, but yeah, it happened.
I was trying to adjust to the way I throw though. I'm glad to have good teammates, all of them. We've pulled it through together, being the most laid-back team, but actually we were quite focused I would say. We were the first to finish the game although we had the most number of girls on the team (which means half of us threw at a slower speed compared to the guys). Girl power made it happen too! Slow, but hitting the target.
Mr. Subra came the second best player after a state player from Red House. Congratulations sir!
I'm glad I joined bowling this year, made new friends and discovered a new passion, maybe?
Yes, that's me. I like doing lots of things.
The VP we met at the PETRONAS Hari Raya gathering did say though, play at least one sport that you are real good at because it requires discipline. Sometimes I think I'm good at none, I'm rather equipped with equal ability with most of them.

My birthday is coming up.
Never mind that, there are many other important dates coming up.
Family and friends are going away.
My seniors are flying off already! Watching them continue their journey of life in UK boosts my spirit of wanting to study hard, insyaAllah excel for A Level and get accepted by my firm university choice, insyaAllah.
Ibu and Abah is flying off to perform their hajj. Alhamdulillah I have Maklang and Nenek just nearby.
I'm too happy for all of them that my birthday is just another day. Oh well, I am turning nineteen. Maybe next year my birthday will be more significant? Well, if there is a next year. Wallahu'alam.

The five choices.

Dayana Z | Sunday, August 26, 2012 | 2Comments |
I'm currently having difficulties in choosing the five choices of universities.
Well, I've always had problems in selecting, thanks.

So the ones that I've chosen now is Warwick, Bath, Bristol, Exeter and Durham.
However, I don't have an ABB requiring university in this list, and I'm kinda worried for that.
How am I certain that I can maintain good grades for my A2? 

Why do I need to make things difficult by putting in Warwick that requires A*AA? 
Because Warwick is a top business school and it is in Coventry. I'm having doubts though on which subject can I score an A*, but why do I give up first without trying? What is with this low self-esteem and 'looking down on yourself' behaviour? What if I actually can, I might regret later of I don't at least try and apply. I know I should try, work hard and pray to Allah, because I might be able to do it if I want to, biiznillah. Sometimes things you don't expect tend to happen so maybe I'll just give it a go.

Why do I want to include both Bath and Exeter, both wanting AAA? 
Because Bath is a beautiful city! I mean really. Also, University of Bath is number 1 for Accounting and Finance, while Exeter is another choice of top 10 university for the subject.

City of Bath :) Haihh.

Then, Durham and Bristol accepts AAA-AAB.
The seniors have said that it is pretty easy to get conditional offers from Bristol and they accept AAB.
Durham University is also accepting AAB and it's in the north east. Esther and Sarah might be going there. Plus, the collegiate system really interests me.

Why don't I put in Kent, which requires ABB? The minimum requirement for PETRONAS is ABBC anyways - not that it's the results that I'm targeting, just to play safe.
Canterbury is a small town, close to London and Paris. University of Kent also has four campuses. Canterbury and Medway in England, one in France and another in Belgium which is great considering I might be able to have access to the other campuses. However, If I decide to add Kent into the list, I don't even know which university that I want to remove from the current list.

There's so many questions that I can't find the answer to - heh, yeah right. 


Dayana Z | Thursday, August 23, 2012 | 1Comments |
Happy Eid Mubarak!
A mixture of feelings, Ramadhan has passed, another year until the next Ramadhan comes.
Nevertheless, I'm all happy to be able to meet up with everyone during Eid. Ye, tidak menafikan saya makan  dan makan di setiap rumah yang saya kunjungi. Nanti apa pulak orang kata, dah datang kena lah menjamah hidangan betul tak? Kalau tak banyak pun sikit, kesian tuan rumah penat hidangkan makanan.
If you ask what is my favourite food during raya, I can't tell. I have no favourites really. Semua pun sedap :)!
In Malaysia, we usually serve rendang, lemang and ketupat. Some will serve laksa, fried mee, dodol, there is too much to list actually. You'd have to celebrate Eid in Malaysia yourself to feel the warmth and the joy.

Enjoying Aidilfitri doesn't mean that the ones in need are to be forgotten. Trying to put myself in their shoes, I know I won't really understand what they are going through, but at least I try. For them, Aidilfitri might cause a burden when there is this Malay tradition where you have to serve your guests with loads of food, and give little kids 'duit raya'. Yes, 'duit raya' can be a boost for children to complete their fasting in Ramadhan, but parents might have to start telling their children, that for some people, they might not be able to afford to give 'duit raya' so that children will not expect much or be judgmental to those who cannot afford to give as much as they expect. Imagine, serving food itself can already cost a few hundred. For some parents, they might not be able to afford new pairs of baju raya for their children unlike some others. It is sad thinking when you have all these beautiful clothes, you see other children envy you because of it. Although they don't potray such feeling, as a human being you can tell. Kadang-kadang bukan apa, mereka cuma teringin, nak juga baju raya 3 pasang, sofa baru, langsir baru. 
That is why Islam has stated that everything needs to be done moderately. That is also the reason why we have zakat. We distribute what Allah SWT has given to us to the ones in need, because we share.
Anda layak untuk berbelanja kerana anda telah bekerja keras?
Tahniah kerana anda layak mendapat pulangan yang selumayan itu, betul kita diarahkan untuk bekerja keras dan berusaha kerana Allah tidak akan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum kecuali mereka yang mengubah nasib mereka sendiri. Namun kita kena sentiasa ingat, harta yang kita ada itu bukan milik kita. Yelah, kudrat nak bekerja pun Allah yang kurniakan. Semuanya milik Allah, jadi tak layaklah kita untuk simpan semuanya tanpa mengagihkan ke jalan Allah.

Sometimes, when you feel you don't have enough, you really need to see, truly see how hard life is for others. If you only see difficult moments on TV, try searching for ones that happen in front of you, test yourself, is your heart touched? When I was young, I thought the poorest in our country can at least afford to buy their basic needs. Maybe I wasn't exposed. I have a friend, who's 19th birthday is today. She told me stories, ones that touched my heart. Thanks to her, I know the world better.

Today, I try to help with things I can. 
I shall start small, but I dream big. 
InsyaAllah, there will be a way.

Inspired by, 
Asmina Mansur, Zahari Sharit, Qurratu 'Aini Izzati and Shamimah Yasmin.

Wallahu a'lam.

29 Ramadhan

Dayana Z | Monday, August 20, 2012 | 2Comments |
Alhamdulillah, thank you Ya Allah for blessing us with Ramadhan.
This holy month has opened my eyes to a lot of things.
Personally I learned a lot.  Muslim international students gave me a wake-up call and made me realize that we are too lucky to be born as a Malaysian Muslim. Not everybody has the pleasure to wake up to the azan during Subuh, to practice Islam freely. We walk in the streets without fear, without being judged just because there is cloth covering our heads. However, to some extent I must agree when my Muslim friend from China said that Malaysians hold on to Islam, but they don't open up to others. In other words, we do not do enough da'wah. Maybe she is exposed to only a certain part of the society, but in a way it is true.
She did mention that we are also practicing tradition, and not Islam itself.
So, let's look in the mirror and reflect on who we really are, things we have and have not done, shall we?

This Ramadhan, the Cambridge International Examination AS and A Level results came out. Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah, Allah has made it an easy path for me to tread on. Well, the whole period of AS from May - June 2012 was traumatizing. I don't know how to go through A2 next year. All I can do is be prepared for the worst scenario and weird types of questions. Congratulations to fellow AL711 and my seniors AL510 for doing so well :) .

InsyaAllah we will be seeing you guys soon in the UK. We're getting there! InsyaAllah.

Counting to the 13th

Dayana Z | Sunday, August 05, 2012 | 5Comments |
It is never nice to actually count days, especially when you are waiting for something rather important in your life. Something big and you do not know what to expect and how to feel. Yes, I am talking about Cambridge International Examination GCE A/AS Level exam results. With no specific target this time - because the Cambridge board of exam style is so different from Malaysia's, I am just hoping and praying for the best.

The pressure is on, with the ones applying to Cambridge and Oxford already completing their personal statement. Congratulations to them! I am so proud to be surrounded by potential leaders of the world. I believe one day they will be on the TV screen and I'll say, "Look that's my friend on TV!". Most probably they'll be talking about Economics :) .

I feel like saying sorry to my parents because I can't apply to places like that. Well, everyone has their own limits and boundaries. I can't imagine locking up myself in a place full of geniuses. Ones that study all the time and ones that do not have to study but score all the time. Ahaaaaa. No thank you. I'd stay somewhere relaxing, where I feel like I fit in. The problem is, where is that? I still can't choose my five choices of universities, with my sponsor limiting me to the top 20 universities in UK. I have some places in mind but I still can't decide yet. Surely I'll seek help for this. 

Ramadhan is ending too, adding to the sad part of the story. 
It is quite of a tradition where the mosques are full in Ramadhan, alhamdulillah for that. However I do hope, I'll able to go to the surau more often during other months, insyaAllah. Good to know, there will be tazkirah on 'Islam and Health' every Monday. Somehow it will be more relevant for a Malay Muslim women to go to the surau when there is 'ceramah'. Mungkin sebab wanita Islam bersifat lebih tertutup? 
I want to learn so much more about my own religion and insyaAllah, Allah will be with me all the way :).


Dayana Z | Sunday, July 08, 2012 | 4Comments |
I can't wait for Ramadhan!
That serene feeling inside is just too good to be true. 
Praying for good news to come this Ramadhan, the AS results, and maybe a lil something more than that.

I really hope AL711 can somehow change the KDU bus schedule.
A little hassle for us Muslims if we arrive late in Sterling.
Nanti kena berbuka dalam bas pula. Most probably we will be rushing to head to the mosque, and to rush is really not nice when you are going for ibadah.

Something extra that I look forward to is to 'buka puasa' at Masjid KJ lagi :). The food there was delicious last year. I hope they have their 'ayam masak lemak' again this year!

Waving goodbye.

Dayana Z | Sunday, June 24, 2012 | 2Comments |
I can't think of a title for this entry.
My schedule is packed with MCS (Malay Cultural Society) events.

Firstly, MCS Fun Run is in another 6 days. Oh yes, our blood, sweat and tears (says Ms Angeline) is paying off. Our units are full with Fun Run shirts.
Secondly, Malay Cultural Night is in another 3 weeks! I can't wait to watch my beautiful friends dancing. As for me, I will be the person who welcomes the VIP, then I'll be doing the technical stuff along with Kuhan and Huda. Mulut masin kan, last year I said I wanted to do the technical stuff and I said I wanted Kuhan as my partner IF we were to perform, so I got 'em both together! Well, the idea of performing with Kuhan was just random. Don't get any wrong ideas.
Specialnya MKM  kali ni, every one of us, even the technical team, has a character. Kami nak create suasana kampung gitu ;) .
Hopefully everything will go well!

AS papers May/June 2012 is finally over. 14th June 2012, Thursday, was my last paper and it was Physics paper 1. AS was interesting. I won't forget those little parts in life in that short period of time.
That guilty pleasure feeling due to exams was the worst though. I DO NOT want to experience that all over again for any other exams in life. I have to build my inner strength.

AL510 have waved us goodbye.
One year with them was too short to know everyone that well. 
I'll miss them. Their presence even. They are indeed incredible sisters and brothers.

AL510 , AL711

The next chapter, the juniors are coming in a few days time.
That awkward moment when you will be called 'akak' in college.
Cannot accept that fact yet. 

Ready, set, go! #AL711 #AL510

Dayana Z | Saturday, May 05, 2012 | 4Comments |
A cold and cozy morning today.

The weeks and month of Advanced Level exams have finally arrived!
Rasa macam sekejap sangat, nak percaya ke tak percaya pun tak tahu.
Haritu baru je masuk KDU, kelam kabut prepare Malam Kebudayaan Melayu, pergi kelas 7, 8 jam sehari.
Selasa ni dah nak exam AS yang dinanti.

Our first paper for Advanced Subsidiary is Mathematics Paper 1. Being around geniuses, not getting 100% for Pure Maths is like a sin.
Well, don't take that statement too seriously, but it is true.
Your aim for the exam is not to score A, but to not make any mistakes. 
However, as humans, (yes the common sentence you always hear), we make mistakes.
Jadi, marilah kita sama-sama berdoa untuk tidak melakukan careless mistakes during exams.
Menyedihkan bila kita tahu macamana nak jawab tapi tersilap sebab careless.

I am not feeling too well at the moment, too many things coming up at once.
As always, demam lah bila dah macam tu. I'm only worried about my ear. Mula dah *popping*.
I have to get mentally sorted out before I can blame my body for not feeling good.

IN A NUTSHELL, (although there is no flow in these paragraphs)
to my batchmates and seniors KDU #AL711, #AL510
PETRONAS scholars, ones doing their A-Level
and also friends from SAMURA,
good luck and all the best! Make use of this chance and do it in one go, give our utmost effort but do not forget that we have other responsibilities in life.
Study tetap study, tapi study bukanlah segalanya dalam hidup.
Study lillahi ta'ala.

With love,

AS Trials, one more paper to go!

Dayana Z | Friday, April 20, 2012 | 2Comments |
Trials for AS passed by my days faster than lightning!
It is already the 20th April, 18 more days to 8th May.
Our first paper would be Mathematics Paper 1 for Advanced Subsidiary Level 2012.

The questions for the trials so far have not been that difficult, but my fault it is for not revising thoroughly so of course there were dodgy moments while answering the questions.

I do not blame anyone or anything else but myself.

Hence, I promise to go through each and every bit of every subject before the real exam comes!

I can do this :) !

FREE jersey! Register now!

Dayana Z | Monday, April 16, 2012 | 0Comments |
Get this jersey for FREE by registering yourselves in joining MCS FUN RUN 2012.
Follow this link and click on the registration tab today!


Dayana Z | Tuesday, April 03, 2012 | 3Comments |
Assalamualaikum and Hello fellow bloggers!
Charity is a word for life.
Surah al-Baqarah, verse 215:
They ask you, [O Muhammad], what they should spend. Say, "Whatever you spend of good is [to be] for parents and relatives and orphans and the needy and the traveler. And whatever you do of good - indeed, Allah is Knowing of it."
Basically, Malay Cultural Society, KDU University College is organizing another big event, MCS Fun Run 2012 on the 1st July 2012. Here are important details on our event:

Details of the event:
Date : 1st of July (Sunday)
Venue : MBPJ Stadium, Kelana Jaya
Time : 6.30am - 12.30pm
Distance : 3km and 5km
Flag off time : 7.30 am

  • Adults ( > 18 yrs old) : RM 25 (EB), RM 30
  • Teenagers (13-17 yrs old) : RM 20 (EB), RM 25
  • Child ( < 12 yrs old) : RM 10 (EB) , RM 15
* EB : early bird price (until end of April)

What will you get?
  • T-shirt
  • Finisher Medal
  • Certificate
  • Goodie Bag
  • Lucky Draw
What will we have on that day?
  • Warm Up
  • Running
  • Performances
  • Lucky Draw
  • Carnival (food, drinks, games and others)
If you are interested to join, kindly contact any of us,
Alicia Chung - 0162367560
Asyiqin Atikah - 0132926904
Dayana Aqilah - 0173983435


Kiwanis Annual Children's Party

Dayana Z | Sunday, February 19, 2012 | 3Comments |
18th February 2012,
I had the chance to do something I wanted to do for a long time. The last time I joined a charity event like this when I was quite young. I followed Maklang to Rotaract Club's activities. They always planned things for charity, so I started falling in love with charity work at early ages. Charity is a word for life.
Oh great, the internet is too slow I can't upload any photos.

My heart was touched by the little innocent kids. They were so cheerful and happy. Being with them made me realise that I should be grateful for every single thing that I have. They were strong together.
A boy, 17 years old who they called Along, showed great responsibility in taking care of every one of them. I really admire him for being able to take care of many little brothers and I did not even hear him sulk for all he had to do.

Thank you Positive Shelter Home for giving me the chance to be someone in a small part of your life.
Thank you Bukit Kiara for sponsoring us, KDU students :)

Yesterday I was just a volunteer, 
but some day insyaAllah,
I want to help the less fortunate by doing so much more.

Malay Cultural Night - Give back to the society, do good for charity!

Dayana Z | Friday, February 03, 2012 | 7Comments |
Malay Cultural Night @ Malam Kebudayaan Melayu or in short MKM is what my fellow friends, the members of the Malay Cultural Society are planning since later months of 2011.
The Malay Cultural Society of KDU University College, Damansara Jaya is hoping to put up a good show, entertain our audience and of course our main objective would be to contribute to the society.

Your contribution in buying MKM tickets, t-shirts and items we sell at our booth at the concourse area of KDU University College will be partly given to charity. Currently our target charity home would be a Myanmar refugee charity home in Petaling Jaya.

If you are interested in being a part of this awesome event or you would like to SHOW YOUR SUPPORT for our event,
please please please LIKE this page, 2012 Malay Cultural Night on Facebook.
We will be selling tickets at RM50 per head, there will be awesome performances as well as YUMMY served dinner for your tummy ;) .

If you are far from our area but you would still like to contribute to our event, we are selling this must-have mystical t-shirt at RM22 each, plus postage cost RM6. Sizes from XS, S, M, L, and XL. The material of the shirt is cotton and it is suitable to be worn for any occasion, regardless during hot or cold days ;) ! You can bank it in and we will send it to your front door via Pos Laju as soon as possible!

Do contact me if you have any enquiries regarding our event!
It would be great if you are interested in giving sponsored items for us to sell as well (food, drinks etc.)

For further enquiries, email me at dayana.az93@gmail.com .

Bersyukur dengan sekecil-kecil perkara.

Dayana Z | Saturday, January 21, 2012 | 17Comments |
Entri ini ditujukan khas buat manusia di luar sana yang sempurna fizikalnya.

Pernah ke kita rasa cukup dengan apa yang kita ada?
Saya percaya yang ramai diantara kita sedar dan bersyukur dengan nikmat Ilahi, alhamdulillah. 
Tetapi berapa banyak kali kita bersyukur dan berapa banyak kali pula kita merungut?

Kalau nak cakap pasal bersyukur ni memang boleh cakap pasal macam-macam, sebab kita patut bersyukur dengan SEMUA yang kita ada. Iman, tubuh badan, sifat kita, hati dan perasaan, harta benda dan macam-macam lah lagi. 
Cuma, bila cakap pasal bersyukur, mesti ramai yang akan fokus ke arah harta benda, betul tak? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Cuba kita melihat dengan teliti, kita pandang dan kagumi ciptaan Allah, keluasan alam, hijaunya padang, birunya langit dan putihnya awan. Ambil masa walaupun sekejap, cuba untuk lihat satu-satu dan simpan dalam memori. 

Khas buat yang berkaca mata, masih ingatkah kita bagaimana kita dapat melihat dunia tanpa bantuan sepasang lens tu? Masa tu pernah kita rasa kagum dengan mata yang diberi oleh Allah, mekanisme yang tak ternilai hebatnya. Bila kita dah pakai spec, tanpa spec tu kita nampak kabur je, samar-samar. Masa tu lah kita baru rasa nikmatnya mereka yang masih dapat melihat dunia jarak jauh tanpa memakai cermin mata kan?
Mula lah bermonolog dalaman,
"Macamana lah dulu bila aku tak pakai spec ni? Kalau aku tau macam ni, aku elak betul supaya tak payah pakai spec ni, aku nak jaga mata aku, mata yang Allah bagi."
Bersyukur juga pabila kita dapat melihat warna dengan cerah dan terang, kerana ingat, ada segelintir rakan kita yang tidak berpeluang.

Habis cerita pasal mata, Dayana yakin kebanyakan dari kita tak ada masalah pasal telinga kan?
Bandingkan kisah rabun dan tidak sempurna mendengar, mestilah lebih ramai yang rabun.
Dayana cuma nak pesan,

"Awak, sekarang ni saat awak dapat mendengar dengan sempurna, every detail, every bit and at every corner, awak dengarlah. Dengarlah perkara yang baik-baik. Dengar sebelum awak dikurangkan deria mendengar, atau lebih teruk tak dapat mendengar langsung. Tuntutlah ilmu, jelajahlah dunia dengan deria-deria yang Allah bagi ni. Macam basic kan, Allah bagi lima deria. Tapi ingatkah kita nak bersyukur setiap hari dengan deria yang kita anggap basic ni? Bila sakit mula lah nak merungut, tapi sakit tu sikit je dibandingkan dengan kesempurnaan mekanisme tubuh badan, percayalah."

Trust me, I know. I can't remember how my ear used to be like when it was totally perfect. Why? Because I thought that everyday I was going to hear and could listen perfectly well. It didn't seem like a big matter back then. I didn't REALLY listen. Now I want you guys to do what I didn't. 
LISTEN, carefully, perfectly WHILE YOU CAN. Deep in my heart, I still pray someday I can have the normal hearing again.
There are reasons why I am going through all this, I know. I learn a lot from this, alhamdulillah.
I just don't want to burden my parents though. They seem worried, and I know they'll bring me to the specialist again.
Nahh it's not that bad. Jauh sekali kes kecemasan.
It is not that I want to give up. No, but I don't think much can be done. It's just an on and off thing. I can hear, don't worry ;)! I admit, there are times I'd cry when I start to not hear well again, most of the time is when I have flu, which is so very often nowadays.
But I cry not because of the pain, I cry because before October 2011, I wasn't fully aware of this amazing gift Allah gave me. 

I am not down at all :) , I still can hear.

Lihatlah dunia dan ciptaan Allah yang indah sebelum tidak boleh melihat.
Dengar sekeliling, dengarlah perkara yang baik-baik, sebelum tidak sempurna mendengar.
Manusia jarang bersyukur dengan nikmat yang ada, jarang sekali menikmati yang ada sebelum hilang. Bila 
hilang, mula cuba mencari dan mengingati semula apa yang pernah menjadi kurniaan Ilahi. 
Ingatlah, setiap nafas yang dihembus adalah atas redha Allah SWT.

University of Bath Robotic Engineering Challenge

Dayana Z | Saturday, January 14, 2012 | 6Comments |
Assalamualaikum, Bon Apres-midi! That is French for good afternoon by the way :) .

Well, Ms Chee was in the lift with a few of us the other day and she asked if we took Physics. She wants at least a few girls to join the Bath Robotics Challenge, and yeah, without any previous experience with robots, building OR programming them, I signed up my name with John and Alicia in the same team as they wanted three in a group. 

Then I went to print the details of the competition, 

The learning objectives of the UoBREC are:
- Robotics engineering
- Mechatronic engineering design
- Engineering programming for control
- Sensor and motor integration
- Teamwork and communication

Well, maybe we can ace the teamwork and communication part, other than that, errr?

This looks cute :D !

The aim is to design, build and program a robot that will complete the fastest lap around a circuit.
It will be done in approximately 3 hours, including 30 minutes at the beginning for introduction to Bath and the challenge. 30 students studing A / AS levels, WITH AN INTEREST IN ENGINEERING. Ideal for students studying Maths and Physics. No prior experience of Robotics is needed - this part comforts me a little.
The main challenge -
line following using light sensor, mechanical design for fastest motion and software design for accurate motion control.
All the equipments will be provided there and then.
The competition will be held in LHE, KDU University College, on Monday, 16th January.

Okay now I am freaking out.
It is CLEARLY stated there, 'with an interest in engineering'. Okay great, I like Physics but I was never into engineering, or maybe I thought so. 
Apa kejadah pulak student yang nak pursue a degree in Accounting and Finance pergi join Robotics ni :P. 
Macam takde kerja kan? Hehe.
Tapi, Ibu kata why not, discover and explore. Yeah, the wonders of life.

I know it may end up badly, tapi doa-doa jelah tak memalukan diri nanti. Huhu, at least biarlah ada rupa bentuk dan boleh la jugak bergerak. I joined for the sake of participation and experience. Then at least I know what is robotics all about. I should ask my brother, Hazim more about this robotics stuff since he joined competitions few years back. 

Note to self, 
There is always a first time to everything.

Best New Year Present Ever!

Dayana Z | Friday, January 13, 2012 | 2Comments |
Assalamualaikum and Helllowww everyone!
It has been quite a hectic start of 2012.
My college days started off with tests, which alhamdulillah I have done quite well and I've improved quite a lot especially for Physics and Economics.
Syukur alhamdulillah, gembira tak terkata. All the studies during the holiday paid off. I just have to keep it up though, and not get easily distracted by these few things playing around in my head.
Apparently the new timetable has got something to do with it. I wonder if it is a coincidence or fate, my whereabouts and all.

At first my timetable had one hour of Mathematics in the morning and two hours of Accounting after solat Jumaat. Then, Ms. Angeline agreed to shift the Accounts class to other days. Yelah, siapa nak kelas hari Jumaat sampai petang, dah biasa tahun lepas habis before solat Jumaat :D, lagipun mesti ramai yang nak balik.
Leaving one hour of Maths.
Somehow Ms. Grenall got to know about the ONLY one hour class most of us have, (except History, Chemistry and Law students), so she decided to shift the Maths class as well. Bila Ms. Grenall bagitau tu rasa macam nak menjerit kegembiraan je :P. Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah. HEHE.
The idea of having 3 days of break each week is simply indescribable. Extended weekends!
Tapi sekarang tengah ragu-ragu pulak. Nanti banyak sangat rehat pulak, kalau dekat Sterling boleh ke study?
Dushh, risauuu. Tapi tak apalah, the KEYWORD HERE IS DISCIPLINE.

Remember what Soaring The Eagle has taught us ;).
The program's input helped Song become good friends with us all now.

InsyaAllah, this year started off and shall continue to be blessed by Allah the Almighty. 
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