University of Bath Robotic Engineering Challenge

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Assalamualaikum, Bon Apres-midi! That is French for good afternoon by the way :) .

Well, Ms Chee was in the lift with a few of us the other day and she asked if we took Physics. She wants at least a few girls to join the Bath Robotics Challenge, and yeah, without any previous experience with robots, building OR programming them, I signed up my name with John and Alicia in the same team as they wanted three in a group. 

Then I went to print the details of the competition, 

The learning objectives of the UoBREC are:
- Robotics engineering
- Mechatronic engineering design
- Engineering programming for control
- Sensor and motor integration
- Teamwork and communication

Well, maybe we can ace the teamwork and communication part, other than that, errr?

This looks cute :D !

The aim is to design, build and program a robot that will complete the fastest lap around a circuit.
It will be done in approximately 3 hours, including 30 minutes at the beginning for introduction to Bath and the challenge. 30 students studing A / AS levels, WITH AN INTEREST IN ENGINEERING. Ideal for students studying Maths and Physics. No prior experience of Robotics is needed - this part comforts me a little.
The main challenge -
line following using light sensor, mechanical design for fastest motion and software design for accurate motion control.
All the equipments will be provided there and then.
The competition will be held in LHE, KDU University College, on Monday, 16th January.

Okay now I am freaking out.
It is CLEARLY stated there, 'with an interest in engineering'. Okay great, I like Physics but I was never into engineering, or maybe I thought so. 
Apa kejadah pulak student yang nak pursue a degree in Accounting and Finance pergi join Robotics ni :P. 
Macam takde kerja kan? Hehe.
Tapi, Ibu kata why not, discover and explore. Yeah, the wonders of life.

I know it may end up badly, tapi doa-doa jelah tak memalukan diri nanti. Huhu, at least biarlah ada rupa bentuk dan boleh la jugak bergerak. I joined for the sake of participation and experience. Then at least I know what is robotics all about. I should ask my brother, Hazim more about this robotics stuff since he joined competitions few years back. 

Note to self, 
There is always a first time to everything.


  1. hikhikhik..
    chill girl :) InsyaAllah boleh buat punyee.. :P
    Experience kan, kalau aku amik phy pon, maybe ku masuk, tapi, malangnye aku amik history. kihkihkih.. all the best!! aku doakan ur team boleh.. ehh,, plus w****** team! haha :D

  2. What makes you like Finance/Accounting more than Engineering? :]

  3. syok tengok adik2 belajar..:)

    sorry xbls tuit..:(
    mn ada hebat..:)

  4. waah suka ayat last sekali tu dear.
    goodluck tau! :)
    if buat betul2 insyaAllah kejayaan menanti

  5. ur mom mmg supportive.. go girl!! chaiyok!!

  6. ur mom mmg supportive.. go girl chaiyok!!


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