Ready, set, go! #AL711 #AL510

Dayana Z | Saturday, May 05, 2012 | 4Comments |
A cold and cozy morning today.

The weeks and month of Advanced Level exams have finally arrived!
Rasa macam sekejap sangat, nak percaya ke tak percaya pun tak tahu.
Haritu baru je masuk KDU, kelam kabut prepare Malam Kebudayaan Melayu, pergi kelas 7, 8 jam sehari.
Selasa ni dah nak exam AS yang dinanti.

Our first paper for Advanced Subsidiary is Mathematics Paper 1. Being around geniuses, not getting 100% for Pure Maths is like a sin.
Well, don't take that statement too seriously, but it is true.
Your aim for the exam is not to score A, but to not make any mistakes. 
However, as humans, (yes the common sentence you always hear), we make mistakes.
Jadi, marilah kita sama-sama berdoa untuk tidak melakukan careless mistakes during exams.
Menyedihkan bila kita tahu macamana nak jawab tapi tersilap sebab careless.

I am not feeling too well at the moment, too many things coming up at once.
As always, demam lah bila dah macam tu. I'm only worried about my ear. Mula dah *popping*.
I have to get mentally sorted out before I can blame my body for not feeling good.

IN A NUTSHELL, (although there is no flow in these paragraphs)
to my batchmates and seniors KDU #AL711, #AL510
PETRONAS scholars, ones doing their A-Level
and also friends from SAMURA,
good luck and all the best! Make use of this chance and do it in one go, give our utmost effort but do not forget that we have other responsibilities in life.
Study tetap study, tapi study bukanlah segalanya dalam hidup.
Study lillahi ta'ala.

With love,
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