Waving goodbye.

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I can't think of a title for this entry.
My schedule is packed with MCS (Malay Cultural Society) events.

Firstly, MCS Fun Run is in another 6 days. Oh yes, our blood, sweat and tears (says Ms Angeline) is paying off. Our units are full with Fun Run shirts.
Secondly, Malay Cultural Night is in another 3 weeks! I can't wait to watch my beautiful friends dancing. As for me, I will be the person who welcomes the VIP, then I'll be doing the technical stuff along with Kuhan and Huda. Mulut masin kan, last year I said I wanted to do the technical stuff and I said I wanted Kuhan as my partner IF we were to perform, so I got 'em both together! Well, the idea of performing with Kuhan was just random. Don't get any wrong ideas.
Specialnya MKM  kali ni, every one of us, even the technical team, has a character. Kami nak create suasana kampung gitu ;) .
Hopefully everything will go well!

AS papers May/June 2012 is finally over. 14th June 2012, Thursday, was my last paper and it was Physics paper 1. AS was interesting. I won't forget those little parts in life in that short period of time.
That guilty pleasure feeling due to exams was the worst though. I DO NOT want to experience that all over again for any other exams in life. I have to build my inner strength.

AL510 have waved us goodbye.
One year with them was too short to know everyone that well. 
I'll miss them. Their presence even. They are indeed incredible sisters and brothers.

AL510 , AL711

The next chapter, the juniors are coming in a few days time.
That awkward moment when you will be called 'akak' in college.
Cannot accept that fact yet. 

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