Dayana Z | Sunday, July 08, 2012 | 4Comments |
I can't wait for Ramadhan!
That serene feeling inside is just too good to be true. 
Praying for good news to come this Ramadhan, the AS results, and maybe a lil something more than that.

I really hope AL711 can somehow change the KDU bus schedule.
A little hassle for us Muslims if we arrive late in Sterling.
Nanti kena berbuka dalam bas pula. Most probably we will be rushing to head to the mosque, and to rush is really not nice when you are going for ibadah.

Something extra that I look forward to is to 'buka puasa' at Masjid KJ lagi :). The food there was delicious last year. I hope they have their 'ayam masak lemak' again this year!
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