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Happy Eid Mubarak!
A mixture of feelings, Ramadhan has passed, another year until the next Ramadhan comes.
Nevertheless, I'm all happy to be able to meet up with everyone during Eid. Ye, tidak menafikan saya makan  dan makan di setiap rumah yang saya kunjungi. Nanti apa pulak orang kata, dah datang kena lah menjamah hidangan betul tak? Kalau tak banyak pun sikit, kesian tuan rumah penat hidangkan makanan.
If you ask what is my favourite food during raya, I can't tell. I have no favourites really. Semua pun sedap :)!
In Malaysia, we usually serve rendang, lemang and ketupat. Some will serve laksa, fried mee, dodol, there is too much to list actually. You'd have to celebrate Eid in Malaysia yourself to feel the warmth and the joy.

Enjoying Aidilfitri doesn't mean that the ones in need are to be forgotten. Trying to put myself in their shoes, I know I won't really understand what they are going through, but at least I try. For them, Aidilfitri might cause a burden when there is this Malay tradition where you have to serve your guests with loads of food, and give little kids 'duit raya'. Yes, 'duit raya' can be a boost for children to complete their fasting in Ramadhan, but parents might have to start telling their children, that for some people, they might not be able to afford to give 'duit raya' so that children will not expect much or be judgmental to those who cannot afford to give as much as they expect. Imagine, serving food itself can already cost a few hundred. For some parents, they might not be able to afford new pairs of baju raya for their children unlike some others. It is sad thinking when you have all these beautiful clothes, you see other children envy you because of it. Although they don't potray such feeling, as a human being you can tell. Kadang-kadang bukan apa, mereka cuma teringin, nak juga baju raya 3 pasang, sofa baru, langsir baru. 
That is why Islam has stated that everything needs to be done moderately. That is also the reason why we have zakat. We distribute what Allah SWT has given to us to the ones in need, because we share.
Anda layak untuk berbelanja kerana anda telah bekerja keras?
Tahniah kerana anda layak mendapat pulangan yang selumayan itu, betul kita diarahkan untuk bekerja keras dan berusaha kerana Allah tidak akan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum kecuali mereka yang mengubah nasib mereka sendiri. Namun kita kena sentiasa ingat, harta yang kita ada itu bukan milik kita. Yelah, kudrat nak bekerja pun Allah yang kurniakan. Semuanya milik Allah, jadi tak layaklah kita untuk simpan semuanya tanpa mengagihkan ke jalan Allah.

Sometimes, when you feel you don't have enough, you really need to see, truly see how hard life is for others. If you only see difficult moments on TV, try searching for ones that happen in front of you, test yourself, is your heart touched? When I was young, I thought the poorest in our country can at least afford to buy their basic needs. Maybe I wasn't exposed. I have a friend, who's 19th birthday is today. She told me stories, ones that touched my heart. Thanks to her, I know the world better.

Today, I try to help with things I can. 
I shall start small, but I dream big. 
InsyaAllah, there will be a way.

Inspired by, 
Asmina Mansur, Zahari Sharit, Qurratu 'Aini Izzati and Shamimah Yasmin.

Wallahu a'lam.

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  1. hehe really inspired me :) after this kna muhasabah diri balik .


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