Counting to the 13th

Dayana Z | Sunday, August 05, 2012 | 5Comments |
It is never nice to actually count days, especially when you are waiting for something rather important in your life. Something big and you do not know what to expect and how to feel. Yes, I am talking about Cambridge International Examination GCE A/AS Level exam results. With no specific target this time - because the Cambridge board of exam style is so different from Malaysia's, I am just hoping and praying for the best.

The pressure is on, with the ones applying to Cambridge and Oxford already completing their personal statement. Congratulations to them! I am so proud to be surrounded by potential leaders of the world. I believe one day they will be on the TV screen and I'll say, "Look that's my friend on TV!". Most probably they'll be talking about Economics :) .

I feel like saying sorry to my parents because I can't apply to places like that. Well, everyone has their own limits and boundaries. I can't imagine locking up myself in a place full of geniuses. Ones that study all the time and ones that do not have to study but score all the time. Ahaaaaa. No thank you. I'd stay somewhere relaxing, where I feel like I fit in. The problem is, where is that? I still can't choose my five choices of universities, with my sponsor limiting me to the top 20 universities in UK. I have some places in mind but I still can't decide yet. Surely I'll seek help for this. 

Ramadhan is ending too, adding to the sad part of the story. 
It is quite of a tradition where the mosques are full in Ramadhan, alhamdulillah for that. However I do hope, I'll able to go to the surau more often during other months, insyaAllah. Good to know, there will be tazkirah on 'Islam and Health' every Monday. Somehow it will be more relevant for a Malay Muslim women to go to the surau when there is 'ceramah'. Mungkin sebab wanita Islam bersifat lebih tertutup? 
I want to learn so much more about my own religion and insyaAllah, Allah will be with me all the way :).


  1. Let's just pray for the best. Doa orang yang berpuasa, insya-ALLAH, ALLAH makbulkan. =)

  2. InsyaAllah, Allah will be with u and us...ameeeen

  3. it's okay dayana :) mna2 tmpt pn study sama je . huu klu aq pon tkot kot nk apply oxford or cambridge. hahah so , later on please update me bout your uni :)

  4. All the best for your results Dayana. Pray hard. InsyaALLAH, semoga beroleh kecemerlangan. Amiinn~ :))

    p/s: It's never too late to learn when it comes to religion. Allah will always be with us. Have faith in Him. :')


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