The five choices.

Dayana Z | Sunday, August 26, 2012 | 2Comments |
I'm currently having difficulties in choosing the five choices of universities.
Well, I've always had problems in selecting, thanks.

So the ones that I've chosen now is Warwick, Bath, Bristol, Exeter and Durham.
However, I don't have an ABB requiring university in this list, and I'm kinda worried for that.
How am I certain that I can maintain good grades for my A2? 

Why do I need to make things difficult by putting in Warwick that requires A*AA? 
Because Warwick is a top business school and it is in Coventry. I'm having doubts though on which subject can I score an A*, but why do I give up first without trying? What is with this low self-esteem and 'looking down on yourself' behaviour? What if I actually can, I might regret later of I don't at least try and apply. I know I should try, work hard and pray to Allah, because I might be able to do it if I want to, biiznillah. Sometimes things you don't expect tend to happen so maybe I'll just give it a go.

Why do I want to include both Bath and Exeter, both wanting AAA? 
Because Bath is a beautiful city! I mean really. Also, University of Bath is number 1 for Accounting and Finance, while Exeter is another choice of top 10 university for the subject.

City of Bath :) Haihh.

Then, Durham and Bristol accepts AAA-AAB.
The seniors have said that it is pretty easy to get conditional offers from Bristol and they accept AAB.
Durham University is also accepting AAB and it's in the north east. Esther and Sarah might be going there. Plus, the collegiate system really interests me.

Why don't I put in Kent, which requires ABB? The minimum requirement for PETRONAS is ABBC anyways - not that it's the results that I'm targeting, just to play safe.
Canterbury is a small town, close to London and Paris. University of Kent also has four campuses. Canterbury and Medway in England, one in France and another in Belgium which is great considering I might be able to have access to the other campuses. However, If I decide to add Kent into the list, I don't even know which university that I want to remove from the current list.

There's so many questions that I can't find the answer to - heh, yeah right. 


  1. Gone through that. Banyak kali gak kena tukar pilihan uni. Tapi, buat istikharahlah, insya-ALLAH dapat petunjuk. Good luck! :)

  2. haih , idk how can I help u in choosing between those universities. pray and work hard , insyaAllah He will make it easy for you . all the best dear :)


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