September 2012 is leaving us.

Dayana Z | Sunday, September 30, 2012 | 2Comments |
Assalamualaikum and good morning everyone!

It's a Sunday morning and I am at homeee. It's so nice being home. I'm missing my parents though. Such a quiet house we have without them.

September is going away.
October is tomorrow.

Banyaknya yang dah jadi bulan September ni, belum lagi cakap pasal tahun 2012.

Let's recap what happened in September this year shall we?
Yellow House won Silver for Bowling, I remember a lot of goodbyes, the seniors going away to the UK, ibu and abah going for hajj, we had eid celebration together celebrating Syahmi's birthday, mooncake festival, Atiyah's, Jun Kai's and my birthday celebration, PETRONAS eid celebration with PETRONAS scholars, UCAS applications and a lot more to list.

Oh and I learned the process of changing the battery of a car yesterday.
Yes, I only know how to drive. I have not learnt how to renew the road tax, how the engine works whatsoever.
Alhamdulillah, technology nowadays really helped. Texted Abah to ask if it was okay or not to change it and if the price was reasonable.

Basically things that have happened this September have taught me a lot and I'm still improving to become a better person, insyaAllah. I THINK I've got things sorted out. I have to be ready for October. I have to be ready for A2. I need to be ready. I'm too afraid to repeat the whole trauma period of AS again. I need to be emotionally strong too. Being the eldest, holding a lot of responsibility is challenging. Sometimes there are moments that I wish I had an elder brother or an elder sister. Just to depend on. Haha okay, that's just nonsense. Ya Allah, please give me strength.

Wishing all the best to my fellow friends repeating their AS this October!
We are all in this together :)

Tak perlu stereotaip pelajar IPTS.

Dayana Z | Sunday, September 16, 2012 | 7Comments |
Assalamualaikum semua,
Selamat Hari Malaysia!
Alhamdulillah kita dikurniakan oleh Allah SWT dengan negara yang indah cuaca dan harmoni penduduknya.
Semoga Malaysia negara yang dicintai ini terus aman dan makmur.

I would like to type out this entry in both English and Bahasa Melayu because I find that I am good in neither. Yes, I am bad in both. Sometimes I don't even know what I am good at.

Early Syawal, I went back to my hometown in Pahang and I met my beloved family.

Salah seorang pakcik Dayana menegur dalam nada bergurau,
"Ana dah salah imej ni, budak college bukan tak pakai macam ni ke?"
"Eh, mana ada lah, tak semua..." I replied.
"Habis tu yang dalam TV tu...?"

Well you see, buat mereka yang tak pernah masuk IPTS, tak pernah terfikir pun untuk jejak kaki dalam IPTS, like myself before being in KDU, kita tak boleh nak salahkan mereka kerana stereotaip pelajar IPTS/kolej dengan imej yang sebegitu. I don't know, maybe because of the thought that college students are private students who pay to get their education, the rules in these colleges aren't strict, so they get to wear what they want.
Personally, I see nothing wrong in that at all. If you have the funds, why burden yourself on getting a scholarship to get education? Might as well be on your own and then you can determine where you will go next. Ok, back to the topic.
I think what made my uncle said something like that is because on TV, you see college girls with their make-up, their social life - yes, again there aren't many rules to follow. Tapi hakikatnya tak semua macam tu. Let me share my own experience being a college student.

I graduated from SM Sains Muar, and was sent to KDU by PETRONAS.
In KDU, my friends, my seniors, my juniors are really amazing. Besides my family, they should be the reason to whom I am now.
Memang KDU sendiri susah nak ada program pengisian rohani tentang Islam. As I am typing all of this down, my friends are currently finding people to start up an official club for Muslims in KDU. Sekiranya berjaya ditubuhkan, tak perlulah kami ke SeGi college dua kali seminggu seperti yang pernah dicadangkan oleh Murshidha. Susahnya nak belajar tentang Islam dekat KDU ni membuatkan aku rindu dengan ilmu itu sendiri. I am missing the contentment that I get every time after learning about my Creator. I start reading up more than I usually do.
I am to thank my roommate Syiqin for always reminding me that bukan pelajar lepasan sekolah agama je boleh berdakwah dan berilmu agama dengan dalam.
My role model will always be Amalina, I love it when she knows these Islamic terms in English really well. Yes we learned Islamic Studies in English for the first semester. It's really funny, because things you thought you knew about your own religion - kadang-kadang benda yang kita dah belajar dari kecik, tapi when you're supposed to deliver them in English, you can't find the word for it.
Timbullah kesedaran kena baca ilmu agama dalam bahasa Inggeris, perlulah kan, lagi-lagi kalau nak survive di bumi England sana tahun depan, insyaAllah.
Tak boleh dinafikan memang rindu suasana di SAMURA. Al-Mathurat tiap petang, solat berjemaah, dan macam-macam lagi aktiviti pengisian rohani.
Alhamdulillah accommodation yang KDU provide ni dekat dengan surau dan masjid. Walaupun tak selalu turun, kemudahan itu ada. Tinggal pergi dengan tak jelah. Jujur kata, kagum dengan orang-orang yang rajin pergi solat berjemaah. Rasanya ada sorang uncle dekat Sterling tu, boleh kata setiap waktu dia pergi. Mungkin office dia dekat rumah kan, selalu terserempak dia balik daripada surau. Senior kitorang pun rajin juga. Nanti kalau ada aktiviti seperti ceramah, mereka akan menjemput kitorang yang tak tau schedule surau. They are flying off now, may Allah be with them always.
Peluang yang tipis untuk menghadirkan diri membuatkan diri ini menghargai sangat ilmu yang diperoleh apabila ada peluang.
Hence, you are the one who determines who and what you are. You can't blame your surrounding - although they do matter. You just have to be wise to differentiate which is haq and which is batil.

Bila dapat peluang untuk belajar ke luar negara, terasa tanggungjawab untuk mendalami ilmu agama itu lebih, kerana di negara yang majoriti bukan Muslim, kita bagaikan ambassador yang membawa nama Islam itu sendiri. Mereka akan nilai kita, cara kita, percakapan kita dan macam-macam lagi. Kita perlu berhati-hati. Plenty of our good deeds can be washed away in the human eyes just because of one wrongdoing. And mankind tend to judge us from our mistakes.

A message and reminder to myself,
Never ever stop learning about Islam, kerana ilmu yang kita pelajari hanya dekat sekolah tu tak cukup. Belum lagi kita dapat apply semua yang kita belajar. Continue and never stop. Tak perlu jadi ustazah untuk mahir ilmu agama, tapi berkongsilah ilmu yang kita ada. Who knows we might help open the eyes of another? 
Burung terbang tanpa sempadan, tetapi akan mendarat di daratan pilihannya juga,
ibarat ilmu yang boleh diperoleh, tetapi akhirnya dinilai yang mana baik dan yang mana buruk untuk diterapkan dalam diri.

This will always be my favourite quote:
”Sesungguhnya apabila aku menasihati kamu, bukanlah bererti akulah yang terbaik dalam kalangan kamu, bukan juga yang paling soleh atau solehah dalam kalangan kamu, kerana aku juga pernah melampaui batas untuk diri sendiri. Seandainya seseorang itu hanya dapat menyampaikan dakwah apabila dia sempurna, nescaya tidak akan ada pendakwah, maka akan jadi sedikitlah orang yang memberi peringatan.” -Hassan al Basri

Until next time :) ,

Goodbye Blackberry, Hello Samsung!

Dayana Z | Saturday, September 15, 2012 | 3Comments |
Well, I have decided to finally trade in the Blackberry Storm 2 my mother no longer uses - because she loses patience every single time with it.
I admit, it was annoying especially when you needed to make urgent calls, it would not let you. I think the user of the phone needs to be a calm person. You can't type fast or even want to make calls quickly because your attempt will result to failure. It works perfectly when you are in no urgency.

I got only RM120 for the Blackberry Storm 2 - I think Ibu bought it at the price of RM 1000+ when it first came out. What a waste. The features were good but no one in our family can stand the OS anymore. It keeps hanging, and the screen can suddenly become black. 

Traded it in, no more frustrations.
So say hello to Samsung Corby 2! 
It has no android on it, but as long as I can make calls - especially during urgent moments, and I can text people with it, it should be good.
Corby 2 has WiFi so I can surf the internet with it, use it's built-in Twitter, Facebook and Youtube application. 

I chose white, konon nampak matang sikit - compared to pink and yellow, right?
Well, what do you think? Which mobile phone brand do you like best?

Until then :), 
Be safe and take care!
May Allah be with us.

Happy Birthday Nur Amalina Athman!

Dayana Z | Friday, September 14, 2012 | 3Comments |
I just had to post this up :) .

She's been my blogger friend for quite some time.
She's cheerful, helpful and has been really supportive.
She even created a special post for MCS Fun Run when we needed more participants to join in.

Thank you Amalina,
It's nice knowing you, ukhwah fillah abadan abada.
Happy Birthday and have a blast!
May Allah bless you always.

Silver medal for Bowling!

Dayana Z | Thursday, September 13, 2012 | 2Comments |
Overwhelmed when we found out we've won second place, Farisha, Asyiqin, Syahmi and I screamed until the whole of B-11-2 were stunned.

From the left: Farisha, John Chan, Dayana, Syahmi, Dr. Tang, Eng Jia Yi, Syiqin, Mr. Subra, Carrie Dean (Caca)
Picture taken by invited coach Saidatun Nurfarahin, (Qien's cousin)

Lost to Blue House, we were not really expecting such victory. Okay that sounds a bit odd and arrogant. Well, I don't know how to put it into a better sentence. Help anyone? Senang cerita, kitorang tak sangka kitorang boleh menang. Ingatkan third place pun jadilah. Nak medal je. Ok dah. We did practice quite a few times. Farisha, Qien and I played six games the day before the competition. Yes, we're addicted. Sai joined us play three of the games. She gave us some tips and tricks. Thanks Sai!

Honestly saying, I wasn't able to do my best because somehow I tend to throw the ball in a spinning way? I don't know since when I know how to throw the ball that way, but yeah, it happened.
I was trying to adjust to the way I throw though. I'm glad to have good teammates, all of them. We've pulled it through together, being the most laid-back team, but actually we were quite focused I would say. We were the first to finish the game although we had the most number of girls on the team (which means half of us threw at a slower speed compared to the guys). Girl power made it happen too! Slow, but hitting the target.
Mr. Subra came the second best player after a state player from Red House. Congratulations sir!
I'm glad I joined bowling this year, made new friends and discovered a new passion, maybe?
Yes, that's me. I like doing lots of things.
The VP we met at the PETRONAS Hari Raya gathering did say though, play at least one sport that you are real good at because it requires discipline. Sometimes I think I'm good at none, I'm rather equipped with equal ability with most of them.

My birthday is coming up.
Never mind that, there are many other important dates coming up.
Family and friends are going away.
My seniors are flying off already! Watching them continue their journey of life in UK boosts my spirit of wanting to study hard, insyaAllah excel for A Level and get accepted by my firm university choice, insyaAllah.
Ibu and Abah is flying off to perform their hajj. Alhamdulillah I have Maklang and Nenek just nearby.
I'm too happy for all of them that my birthday is just another day. Oh well, I am turning nineteen. Maybe next year my birthday will be more significant? Well, if there is a next year. Wallahu'alam.
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