Goodbye Blackberry, Hello Samsung!

Dayana Z | Saturday, September 15, 2012 | 3Comments |
Well, I have decided to finally trade in the Blackberry Storm 2 my mother no longer uses - because she loses patience every single time with it.
I admit, it was annoying especially when you needed to make urgent calls, it would not let you. I think the user of the phone needs to be a calm person. You can't type fast or even want to make calls quickly because your attempt will result to failure. It works perfectly when you are in no urgency.

I got only RM120 for the Blackberry Storm 2 - I think Ibu bought it at the price of RM 1000+ when it first came out. What a waste. The features were good but no one in our family can stand the OS anymore. It keeps hanging, and the screen can suddenly become black. 

Traded it in, no more frustrations.
So say hello to Samsung Corby 2! 
It has no android on it, but as long as I can make calls - especially during urgent moments, and I can text people with it, it should be good.
Corby 2 has WiFi so I can surf the internet with it, use it's built-in Twitter, Facebook and Youtube application. 

I chose white, konon nampak matang sikit - compared to pink and yellow, right?
Well, what do you think? Which mobile phone brand do you like best?

Until then :), 
Be safe and take care!
May Allah be with us.


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