Silver medal for Bowling!

Dayana Z | Thursday, September 13, 2012 | 2Comments |
Overwhelmed when we found out we've won second place, Farisha, Asyiqin, Syahmi and I screamed until the whole of B-11-2 were stunned.

From the left: Farisha, John Chan, Dayana, Syahmi, Dr. Tang, Eng Jia Yi, Syiqin, Mr. Subra, Carrie Dean (Caca)
Picture taken by invited coach Saidatun Nurfarahin, (Qien's cousin)

Lost to Blue House, we were not really expecting such victory. Okay that sounds a bit odd and arrogant. Well, I don't know how to put it into a better sentence. Help anyone? Senang cerita, kitorang tak sangka kitorang boleh menang. Ingatkan third place pun jadilah. Nak medal je. Ok dah. We did practice quite a few times. Farisha, Qien and I played six games the day before the competition. Yes, we're addicted. Sai joined us play three of the games. She gave us some tips and tricks. Thanks Sai!

Honestly saying, I wasn't able to do my best because somehow I tend to throw the ball in a spinning way? I don't know since when I know how to throw the ball that way, but yeah, it happened.
I was trying to adjust to the way I throw though. I'm glad to have good teammates, all of them. We've pulled it through together, being the most laid-back team, but actually we were quite focused I would say. We were the first to finish the game although we had the most number of girls on the team (which means half of us threw at a slower speed compared to the guys). Girl power made it happen too! Slow, but hitting the target.
Mr. Subra came the second best player after a state player from Red House. Congratulations sir!
I'm glad I joined bowling this year, made new friends and discovered a new passion, maybe?
Yes, that's me. I like doing lots of things.
The VP we met at the PETRONAS Hari Raya gathering did say though, play at least one sport that you are real good at because it requires discipline. Sometimes I think I'm good at none, I'm rather equipped with equal ability with most of them.

My birthday is coming up.
Never mind that, there are many other important dates coming up.
Family and friends are going away.
My seniors are flying off already! Watching them continue their journey of life in UK boosts my spirit of wanting to study hard, insyaAllah excel for A Level and get accepted by my firm university choice, insyaAllah.
Ibu and Abah is flying off to perform their hajj. Alhamdulillah I have Maklang and Nenek just nearby.
I'm too happy for all of them that my birthday is just another day. Oh well, I am turning nineteen. Maybe next year my birthday will be more significant? Well, if there is a next year. Wallahu'alam.


  1. wah..congratss.. ajarin saya main..xpndai la, asek masok longkang je kalau main.. huhuh

    mohon mencelah ea,follow blog ni..
    btw nice blog! thumbs up


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