Repetitive Routines

Dayana Z | Thursday, October 18, 2012 | 4Comments |
It's nice reading Zaf's blog, how she can write it, full of emotions, every single day.
Comparing mine, so quiet and dull.

Maybe it's because of what I've been doing. The repetitive routines.

I don't know if anything excites me that much anymore.

Something a little bit interesting was that Imam Muda Faris came to our Madrasah An-Naimah last week. He talked about riba'. I did jot down some notes in Asyiqin's notebook, unfortunately it is not with me at the moment.

Sahih International
O you who have believed, do not consume usury, doubled and multiplied, but fear Allah that you may be successful.

Last Saturday, 13th October, Mr Oo, Atiyah, Huda, Syafirie, Azzam and I went to Kolej Tuanku Jaafar (KTJ) for the KTJ ISOC program. There was a talk by Ustaz Mohd Rafizal Al-Yamani, he studied for 5 years in Yaman. There were two sessions, one on gaining knowledge, and another on matters of fiqh. Personally I loved the second session because I learned a lot from it. How we are supposed to carry ourselves later on in a foreign land. Mr Oo wants us to plan a slot like this in KDU so I believe he knows it had benefited us and he enjoyed it as well.
Didn't manage to snap any photos though. Silly me.

Something I do rather often lately is going for bowling. Maybe it's because of the easy access. One Utama and The Curve is just 10 minutes drive from KDU and 20 minutes drive from Sterling. Hopefully, I can make this a hobby of mine.

A lil bit about college,
UCAS application is sent and now pending, waiting for references, forecast grades and MABECS' approval. Rabbi yassir wala tu 'assir. May Allah ease.
Everyone is more or less struggling on their personal statement. Yes, I did struggle too, for a month or so, of editing and scraping off stuff, thinking of new ideas on what to insert. Needless to say, my personal statement of 4000 characters could not fit in the me that does a lot of random stuff.
Other than that, our 5 days of class in October is nearly ending. There'll be 9 days in November and another 5 in December. These days exclude IELTS classes every Wednesday though. I regard these classes as important as our IELTS exam is coming up on the 24th November. Bath and Warwick need band 7.0 if I'm not mistaken and I cannot afford to repeat IELTS.

Until next time,


  1. Ulang rutin yang sama tu best tau. Mcm skrg, asyik kejar dateline jek. Every week ada coursework. So, silalah enjoy while it lasted. :))

  2. cerita pakjoe datang terjah di blog nie... 4 c joe bg dekat blog nie cute,cun,comel,cantik niceeeeeee entry ..terjah sini sama k ada mcm2 tip tuto pakjoe nk kongsi dgn tuan blog..,

  3. @Mim Hasniyah Yusof

    Awhh yeke Kak Mim? Macam stressful je kita dengar. Huhu, baiklah :), I'll make this time of my life worth the while.

  4. Noncet. tu blog luahan perasaan lah!!haha
    goodluck ielts, ak bole kau pun bole maaa (:


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