Snake-like highways.

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Being Patient. 
Does not mean you lose a possibility. 
Does not mean you lose a chance. 
You don't. 
 The key is patience and prayers. 
And moving forward. 
Look back, only to learn from mistakes. 
Never to regret. Never to fall apart. 

Huda suggested I should write a book, one for children. Have them illustrated then she could show it to her mum to be published. I wonder what I can write for children. It would be wonderful to be able to inspire little kids!

I drove to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan, Bandar Tasik Selatan today to pick Hazim up after IELTS class. Unfortunately I didn't know the way to get there from Petaling Jaya, so I had to drive to Sungai Besi and make a U-turn to head to BTS. It's so frustrating when you know the place you are heading to is so near yet so far because of these snake-like highways.
I know these places, but I just can't seem to connect them.
One thing for sure, getting lost searching for the right direction can surely make me hungry!
I stopped at the Nouvelle Hotel so that I do not have to go further from my destination and tried calling people who I think might know the direction.
Alhamdulillah I thought of Ayahlang who might know the way since Maklang's hometown is in Serdang. Pheww~ nasib baiklah Ayahlang bagi clear directions. Salute to Ayahlang saya! Hoho.
Once I got back on the Sg. Besi Highway, on the right direction, heading to KL, I found my own way to BTS.
Hazim does not bring his handphone to school, so I had to wait at the lobby drop-off area. The car nearly got clamped because I went to the lobby door to ask a girl wearing SAMURA's uniform for help, to call my brother inside. Like driving for two hours is not tiring enough, the security guy there HAD to provoke me with the 'your car can be clamped' sign. Nasib baik lah aku pandai cakap baik-baik, dia pun tak tanya banyak. Kalau cakap lebih sikit tadi boleh nangis dah. Kalau ikutkan hati, nak suruh Hazim naik KTM je, tapi dengan six luggages, memang tak lah nak bawa naik KTM. Alicia cakap, "Why are you so good to your brother?". I replied to her, "Well, I know you're good to yours."

Well, that's my 'a little bit more exciting' story of the day, compared to the repetitive routines I've written about earlier.

Esok nak bawa Nenek pergi Pasar Kajang to buy stuff to cook for Eid'ul Adha!


  1. Eh, dia still naik bas kan sampai BTS. Okaylah tu. Kak Mim tak pernah naik bas dengan beg banyak2. Walaupun dia berhenti depan rumah pun. Glad I'm the youngest. :)

  2. @Mim Hasniyah Yusof
    Haha, jadi adik ada privileges jugak kn Kak Mim. Tak merasa lah kte. Kte tak kesah pun nak drive pergi Muar, tapi selagi ada sticker P, kte tak boleh keluar Selangor huhu.


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