Cinta Di Mata Seorang Ulama

Dayana Z | Tuesday, January 22, 2013 | 3Comments |
Akan menghinalah mereka
Yang tak mengenal cinta
Sungguh cintamu padanya wajar adanya
Mereka kata, cinta buat kau gila
Padahal kau orang paling faham agama

Ku katakan pada mereka
Mengapa kalian iri padanya?
Kerana ia mencinta dan dicintai pujaan jiwa

Bila masanya Muhammad mengharamkan cinta
Dan apakah ia menghina umatnya
Yang jatuh cinta
Janganlah kau berlagak mulia
Dengan menyebut cinta sebagai dosa

Janganlah kau pedulikan
Apa kata orang tentang cinta
Entah yang berkata keras atau halus biasa
Bukankah manusia harus menetapi pilihannya
Bukankah kata tersembunyi
Tak bererti diam seribu bahasa

Post Twins of Faith 2012

Dayana Z | Thursday, January 03, 2013 | 8Comments |


Happy 2013 everyone. I feel like a different person already, in a good way.
Not because I'm 20 this year, but because Twins of Faith Malaysia 2012 was really inspiring.
Last weekend of 2012 well spent!
The lectures, the advices and reminders are still ringing in my head. They were well delivered and pierced through the heart. Alhamdulillah, I'm grateful for the chance given by Allah SWT to have been there, listened and gained knowledge from the lectures, even the entertainments.
It was good experience, going with Husna, Farah and Zafirah.  With Dalila and Izzati as well.
Putrajaya International Convention Centre was a good location for a big crowd, and this played a part too. Everything went easy alhamdulillah. Thanks to Nenek and Maklang too for allowing us to stay over for the nights.

Post ToF is like, I've found a way to dive deeper into inner peace and Love for Allah SWT.
The true happiness is indescribable. Farah said, it's hard to get her angry now these days. And as for me, I think twice before doing anything. I'd think, "Will this please Allah?".

I think, it is when you realise your true LOVE for God, and you know this Earth is nothing but a testing ground, you'll feel happy, grateful and at peace. I hope this feeling stays, and that us Muslims will remind each other always, insyaAllah.
When I think about it, that's why the mujahideen could do anything. They don't feel the pain because of the greatest love. Even if they're tortured physically etc. their mind and souls are in total serenity.

For ones who missed Twins of Faith 2012, insyaAllah you can look forward to the one this year.

Also, just to share the knowledge I've gained, if you'd like a copy of my notes, I can e-mail them to you. Just drop your e-mail in the comment box. It won't be as beautiful as it was delivered by speech of those sheikhs, but they're more like words in point forms, just to serve as a reminder.

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