Pre-University has ended.

Dayana Z | Saturday, June 15, 2013 | 2Comments |
Assalamualaikum, good day everyone!

10th June 2013 marked my last day as a pre-university, A-Level student in KDU University College.
On the last day, Economics paper 3 was served in front of us.

Alhamdulillah, A2 went alright. All praise be to Allah, my Lord, for being with me all the way throughout. As a humble servant, I am now to pray for the best results for me, and have faith in Allah for where He will place me next on this Earth.
"Sebenarnya jika kita percaya qada' dan qadar Allah, maka akhirnya tiada yang negatif kerana setiap satu kejadian, datang dengan hikmah dan pelajaran." - Ustaz Hasrizal, petikan buku Bercinta Sampai ke Syurga.

Alhamdulillah, I am grateful for having the greatest parents ever! They made du'a and solat hajat for all my papers. Jadi adik-adik, sebelum masuk dewan peperiksaan, bagitau parents, kalau nervous nak call, SMS pun boleh. Okay, advice not applicable to students in secondary or primary school.
Doa ibu bapa sangat penting. One of the du'as that I always keep in mind during exams, "Ya Allah, if the good results and good ending is not for me who has sinned a lot, let it be for my parents, my teachers and people who love me and have high hopes for me, and please forgive me ya Allah."

I believe I have given all I can, if it was not my best. Because at that moment, what I could answer is what Allah has written for me. Regretting after papers will not change anything. I also believe that there will be a rainbow after a downpour. So, there will be happiness after every hardship. Allah had tested me with something, He wants to see how I handle the test. How I can still believe in Him, have faith, be grateful for what I had done and could not do more. My faith, in qada' and qadar. How can I say I have faith in Allah when I have not yet been tested? How can I only have faith when I receive good news and lose it when the opposite happens?
Going home after Accounting helped a lot. Ibu made it clearer, about what has been written for us is best for us. And so I still have that dream of entering The University of Warwick, but The University of Kent is not a bad option either.
Allah knows best, and I know not.
Persoalannya di sini ialah bukan di mana kita belajar, tetapi kemahuan kita untuk belajar.
Jadi dekat mana-mana pun, dengan ada kemahuan, di situ ada jalan insyaAllah.
Malaysia too has good universities! Universiti Malaya was my dream university back then in high school.

A2 results will come out on August 13th. Again like SPM results, these results will give an impact on where I will be next. What I will do and how I will undergo things in my life. I wish to continue studying, somewhere where I can enjoy studying and understand what I learn so I can apply them to 'life'. And by learning, I don't mean only in classrooms and lecture halls. I wish to learn many things as there are various aspects to knowledge in life. I do make sense right?
Deep in my heart says that this result that will come out soon will have a bigger impact on me than ever. I suppose I know why. Whatever they turn out to be, I leave the matter to The Almighty, because He loves me, and He will put me where I suit best. He will only give me challenges that I can handle, surrounded by people that I love and care about me, insyaAllah.

Because Allah knows best, and I know not.


  1. Ok Dayana, congratulation!!

    Teruskan belajar. Di samping itu, jangan tinggalkan ilmu agama.. All the best :)


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