Long Lost Dream

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An exciting day today after 2 days of 'Simposium Perdana: Isu-isu Kekeluargaan dan Perlembagaan' in London.

First it started with seeing 80% elderlies in the bus going out, maybe to the city, maybe not, although it's raining heavily (not as heavy as Malaysia's rainfall though).
The wind is really strong too, even my mushroom umbrella broke. It was a thoughtful present from a friend. Sorry Qien :(.

The city is packed with people, doing their last minute shopping I suppose. 
Then I walked to the British Heart Foundation in the city and asked to meet the manager. Met the assistant instead as the manager wasn't in. Filled up a volunteering form and read the Health and Safety Manual and this other manual which mentioned about BHF does not discriminate people regardless their religion, age, race etc. 
And yes, they will provide for prayer time for volunteers and staff! Yayy alhamdulillah.

After I submitted my form, the assistant manager who's called Mary asked me when I would like to start. I didn't mind anytime so she asked me to come in tomorrow. She also asked whether I'd like to work upstairs where they handle donated goods or downstairs at the shop floor. I said I'd prefer the shop floor, but I don't have any experience in retail stores. Then she said I look confident and asked if I'd like to work at the till. Then I said I'd love to. And yes, being a cashier was once my dream job, when Ibu had a bakery. Yes, don't laugh. 
And alhamdulillah, I'll get a training on being a cashier tomorrow!

I will insyaAllah continue volunteering when term starts - with 'Bake it up!' and BHF.
If last term I took care of Sofia, this term I want to volunteer in a charity shop.
Besides it being for a good cause, filling up my time so I don't waste any of it, I want people to know that Muslim girls can do it too. We're not reserved, we're not restricted to just our homes, we can work and we can contribute to the society too. I hope this small part of involvement in the community can help change the negative perception people have towards us girls with hijab, if there is any in the community. But I'm grateful alhamdulillah, I haven't experienced anything related to discrimination, racism or prejudice during the first three months here. Other than that, I get to meet new people, ones with disabilities, and learn to treat them with equality. Humbling myself, knowing that I am not any better just because I'm are physically abled. Allah has mentioned, 

"O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted."

What makes us different are our iman and taqwa. The two mankind is never able to measure.

A new term, a new experience insyaAllah.
Moga Allah redha.

Warner Bros Studio - Harry Potter In The Making

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Just something to share, 
Warner Bros Studio is located in Leavesden, Watford.
I'd say a great place to go if you love arts and the creativity of film-making.


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Thank you Allah for the reminder. 

It's mid-December.

2013 is ending.

Let us reflect back on the 11 and a half months that have passed. 
What have we done?
What can be improved?

Turning on 21 next year.
Masa cepat sangat berlalu. 
Days pass by so quickly. 
Semakin hari semakin tua.

Semoga diizinkan ilmu dan amal semakin bertambah.

My December plans? 
Two 2000 words essay assignment, some personal assignment, a symposium in London, meeting beloved sisters and Being Me conference in London!

Semoga Allah redha.


December 2013 in short.

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Dear Future Me,

Never forget to thank Allah every single day, every single step that you've taken and will take that is where He has taken you.
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