When left alone...

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Ya Allah, indahnya ciptaanMu yang kau hadiahkan sebagai suamiku.
Ya Allah, banyaknya dosaku terhadapMu, tapi Kau beri, beri dan tetap beri.
Wajarlah Kau ingin dikenali sebagai ar-Rahman ar-Rahim dalam setiap rakaat solatku.
Aku tak pernah berhenti berfikir kenapa Kau hadiahkan insan seperti dia untuk diri yang hina ini... mesti banyak yang Kau ingin aku pelajari darinya.
Ya Allah kurniakan diriku kerendahan hati.

Selepas 8 hari di Spain bersama, balik UK 3 hari tinggal di rumah keseorangan, terasa sangat menghargai kehadiran suami.
Indahnya perasaan rindu ni. Nak bawak sampai syurga. Namun aku tahu tak mudah. The road is hilly, and hardly ever will be comfortable. Sebab Allah dah janji dalam surah al-Balad.
But we've got to work hard now. Takpelah rehat dekat syurga je nanti.
Better. Eternal. Forever.

Malaysia is having a hard time at the moment. I feel like I can't do anything much about it since I'm so far away. But inshaAllah my heart and mind thus prayers will always be with them. May Allah, the creator of heavens and earth, protect them all.

I am married!

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Dah lama tak post dekat blog ni, tiba-tiba je dah post pasal perubahan status.

Actually, I had a problem with the site URL, so I created another blog which I decided to keep private. But now I've figured out how to remove the previous link that I had!

Alhamdulillah bolehlah berkongsi cerita semula.

Hadiah untuk blog yang dah lama sunyi:
9th August 2014
I don't feel like repeating everything since the days I've not written anything in here.
What basically happened was I got married over the summer break, and now I'm back in the UK continuing my degree at Warwick University. And it looks like I'm half way through since first term ended yesterday!
Winter term break started and we are planning to go to Andalusia, Spain inshaAllah, to discover more about the history of Andalus.

Doakan kami selamat pergi dan pulang semula ke UK :)

Spring Break 2014

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Alhamdulillah, 10 weeks of spring term passed very quickly - with loads of excitement of course.
Next term will only be exams and revision lectures. I pray for the exam to go well, and for me to feel calm during the whole exam period at least. It's good being able to at least control your emotions during that period.

The first week of spring break was spent in Istanbul, Turkey.
The trip opened my eyes to a lot more.
At a glance I was able to know the people, languages (Turkish and Arabic) and the culture.
But through deeper thinking, I learned our past and I have a vision of the future.
Alhamdulillah, my trip buddies Kak Aishah and Sofina played a part too.

In front of Topkapi Palace

InsyaAllah the leftover of this spring break will be used beneficial matters.
Lined up are, a meeting with PETRONAS Finance Skill group together with daurah in London, Spring Camp, extra time with my best friend al-Quran, ongoing Zaynab Academy classes, revision for the first year degree exams, and maybe a little planning for something life changing insyaAllah.

May we be under His shade always :) 

P/S: I miss home.
"My Lord, have mercy upon them as they brought me up [when I was] small." 17:24

Nisa' Nasheed Extravaganza

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After coming home from the Warwick Brunei Society Maulud Nabi celebration (they put up their nasheed video competition while we were eating), Sofina and I had this idea of joining the nasheed competition for girls only in the UK. For the Malaysians, we have one organised by the Leeds University Malaysian Society. Honestly it didn't really matter how we sounded, the most important thing was doing this together with our housemates, as a memory (before someone gets married).

After one month of practice more or less, we actually achieved second place, which to us was alhamdulillah, unbelievable indeed. Now we have made stronger our ukhuwah and also have a hamper of food to chomp on. Nyumnyum. Other than that, there was also the 2nd place plaque and a certificate.

The journey back from Leeds is another long story full of tarbiyah. I shall keep that to myself, and have in mind that sometimes, what you think is yours is not really yours, it is not even yours in the first place.

Album Cover 15 February 2014,
Queensland from The University of Warwick

Another three weeks to end the Spring academic term!
And then our destination Istanbul, Turkey perhaps?

The Anthony Nolan Trust

Dayana Z | Thursday, January 23, 2014 | 1Comments |
I've decided to register as a stem cell donor under the Anthony Nolan trust.
I believe in sharing whatever I am able to give.
I believe I own nothing in this world.
I believe strength comes from Allah whatever the disability or deficiency that I have.

I registered together with my roommate.
Alhamdulillah for such good friends that I have here in Warwick. Those that remind.

"And remind, for indeed the reminder benefits the believers." (51:55)

May this friendship 'til Jannah. Amiin.

Spring Term, Year 1.

Dayana Z | Thursday, January 16, 2014 | 2Comments |
Term 2 has started on 6th January 2014 and it will end on 15th March 2014.

The modules I'm currently studying are:
1. Introduction to Management Accounting
2. Financial Management
3. Business Law
3. Quantitative Analysis for Management 2
4. Business Planning: Integrative Project

I can do this, lillahi ta'ala! InsyaAllah.

A love letter from PETRONAS to start this term! They care about us so much :)

5 Jan 2014

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Now this is true tarbiyah. Directly from Him.

I will want to remember how I am feeling at the moment, so that in the future, when my children insyaAllah tell me things, I know what they are going through aren't easy. I will try to fully understand. Thank you Allah for teaching me this. I pray for you to elevate me in faith. Amiin.

Colours of the Wind

Dayana Z | Friday, January 03, 2014 | 0Comments |
"You think the only people who are people
Are the people who look and think like you
But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger
You'll learn things you never knew, you never knew."

Just a verse from a Disney movie song, but has a deep meaning to it.
To my understanding, it is because of the above, we are not allowed to judge other people's behaviour. Because we tread on different footsteps, we learn different things, we see things differently, from many perspectives. Different views that we have to respect. Cherish the differences.
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