Nisa' Nasheed Extravaganza

Dayana Z | Sunday, February 23, 2014 | 0Comments |
After coming home from the Warwick Brunei Society Maulud Nabi celebration (they put up their nasheed video competition while we were eating), Sofina and I had this idea of joining the nasheed competition for girls only in the UK. For the Malaysians, we have one organised by the Leeds University Malaysian Society. Honestly it didn't really matter how we sounded, the most important thing was doing this together with our housemates, as a memory (before someone gets married).

After one month of practice more or less, we actually achieved second place, which to us was alhamdulillah, unbelievable indeed. Now we have made stronger our ukhuwah and also have a hamper of food to chomp on. Nyumnyum. Other than that, there was also the 2nd place plaque and a certificate.

The journey back from Leeds is another long story full of tarbiyah. I shall keep that to myself, and have in mind that sometimes, what you think is yours is not really yours, it is not even yours in the first place.

Album Cover 15 February 2014,
Queensland from The University of Warwick

Another three weeks to end the Spring academic term!
And then our destination Istanbul, Turkey perhaps?

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