The bigger picture

Dayana Z | Thursday, April 30, 2015 | 0Comments |
Musim exam ni, memang selalu kena ingatkan diri about life's bigger picture. Yelah kan, bangun pagi hadap buku, sebelum tidur hadap buku, macam takde benda lain je dalam dunia ni - applicable for some, and not for others. 
Stress jugak kan, kalau kita focus sangat pada satu benda.
Maybe sebab tu Allah suruh kita jadi the ummatan wasatan - nak keyboard Arab please.

Bila rasa macam kena timbun dalam buku, buka Quran, penenang hati terbaik is always Allah's words, nampak banyak ayat pasal hari akhirat. I believe in Quran's power of showing you want it wants to show you. Selama ni kalau perasan, mesti macam, "Allah nak tunjuk something ni" daripada keterbukaan page atau specific ayat tu.
Banyaknyaaa pasal the afterlife. Kenapa saya rasa swollen dengan exam ni je? Tak patut kan.
Makanya, memang kena ingat balik, kenapa saya ada dekat sini, apa saya nak buat yang boleh bawak saya jumpa Dia dengan jiwa yang tenang. Fail sangat kalau stress teruk-teruk macam all your life is about one specific worldly thing. Makanya kalau rasa macam apa yang kita study tu worldly sangat (interest ie. riba', hedging, unethical practices etc. - nak take advantage on orang je), kena la selaluuuu niat balik kenapa kita buat benda ni.

Nah hadiah, video ni best.
I don't own it.

Segmen Blogwalking + Hadiah Bertuah

Dayana Z | Wednesday, April 29, 2015 | 7Comments |
Okay, it has been ages that I've done this, but I thought, why not, get more new friends from this blog. I've met loads of lovely people through blogging by the way.

Mana tau rezeki dapat hadiah, and thank you Nisa for this opportunity.

Here's the link if you want to join too:

Awan berkepul-kepul

Dayana Z | Wednesday, April 29, 2015 | 0Comments |
Such a lovely day today in Coventry, mashaAllah.
Look at those clouds! Awan berkepul-kepul, macam cotton candy kan. Inilah clouds in England.
Saja nak tangkap gambar, kalau satu hari nanti rindu awan dekat Coventry ni, and rindu bus stop sebelah rumah ni.
On the way to Warwick University, today, 9.25a.m.

Baby stuff!

Dayana Z | Monday, April 27, 2015 | 0Comments |
I am currently a bit obsessed with cute and cheap second hand baby stuff in the UK. How I wish I can easily ship them to Malaysia at the cheapest cost possible.
Recently I bought 2 sets of travel system by Maxi Cosi or previously Bebe Confort. I bought two Loolas! One was at £36 and another £66, and they include the pushchair, the car seat, car seat bases, and also the carry cot.
I bought two sets of these.

Why buy two? Because one the £36 was just so cheap, the bid on eBay started at 99p! Like, you don't get that in Malaysia, oh no.
Now I'm looking at Mama's and Papa's Sola.
This is the Sola.

This one is stylish. Now I feel like I'm gonna end up with having a few of them, and then choosing which is best and sell which ones that I don't prefer. Oops. Might not even make any profit, but, oh well. They are just so cute.
I wonder what bargain I can get when I go to the summer car boot now. I'm gonna have lots of boxes to send home.

Oh yay, an update, the Red Loola is given to Kaklang and Abanglang for Ayyash. Hope they like it :)

Certified Plumber!

Dayana Z | Friday, April 24, 2015 | 0Comments |
A few times already that I've been in a situation where I felt like giving up, but I felt like I should just try oneee more time, and it is after that one more time, God grants my wish.
I know what this means.

It means you can never know when you're already so close to achieving what you've been dreaming of. You need to keep trying and not give up. God will grant those wishes at the right time smile emoticon.

Like today when I'm feeling crushed under piles of papers and evil whispering I have tiny hopes of being a great accountant, Allah made me happy by making me a successful plumber! But I was left a sign, even to be a successful plumber I couldn't give up. Allah wants to see my efforts. Just at that moment when I felt like giving up, my "OK LAST" action did the job. 

It's nice when little things make you so happy.
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