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I am currently a bit obsessed with cute and cheap second hand baby stuff in the UK. How I wish I can easily ship them to Malaysia at the cheapest cost possible.
Recently I bought 2 sets of travel system by Maxi Cosi or previously Bebe Confort. I bought two Loolas! One was at £36 and another £66, and they include the pushchair, the car seat, car seat bases, and also the carry cot.
I bought two sets of these.

Why buy two? Because one the £36 was just so cheap, the bid on eBay started at 99p! Like, you don't get that in Malaysia, oh no.
Now I'm looking at Mama's and Papa's Sola.
This is the Sola.

This one is stylish. Now I feel like I'm gonna end up with having a few of them, and then choosing which is best and sell which ones that I don't prefer. Oops. Might not even make any profit, but, oh well. They are just so cute.
I wonder what bargain I can get when I go to the summer car boot now. I'm gonna have lots of boxes to send home.

Oh yay, an update, the Red Loola is given to Kaklang and Abanglang for Ayyash. Hope they like it :)

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