Tazkirah daripada Zauji #2

Dayana Z | Saturday, May 30, 2015 | 0Comments |

I was complaining to zauji about this exam being the toughest ever that I've ever been through, and how the schedule isn't helpful at all. Back to back exams really is not nice. I feel like I'm in a nightmare in fact and this is all not real and one day I'll wake up - or more like 11 days later.

Deep in my heart I know after all this it is going to be a wonderful experience, one that teaches me a lot, of how to go through tough times and to accept future challenges.

But I'm currently in this situation so not much can I do to help make me feel better.

Then zauji said that it is okay if its hard. The harder it is, the greater our jihad.
So if I KNOW what my ultimate GOAL is, the harder it is, the harder I will work, and the harder I work, the more it is as a jihad. So why run away?

It's okay. Anything. For me to get there.

After all, am I not reminded of all those stories I've listened to and know their hardships? All our prophets, our mujahideen, those who faced tough challenges. Am I not convinced that they are nothing but true stories. Then why despair your pathetic life of facing just papers who won't suddenly put a bullet through your head even - might just give you a paper cut.

Ahh. I just had to put this in writing so I can make a greater emphasis to myself.

K. Sambung belajar.

Experience effortless writing

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I bought these pens 2 years ago I can say, before flying to England. Since seniors said stationery here is expensive (it is if you times by 5 and convert it to MYR), I stocked up a lot of pens, erasers and all those sorts. And today, I just got the chance to use these pens, and I just want to say I am really happy with it because when they say experience effortless writing, they mean it!
Since exams are coming very soon, these pens are gonna be my buddies for the remaining of second year - in exactly 2 weeks, and my third year inshaAllah.

May Allah ease this journey for knowledge.


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"That's life kan. Saat-saat susah akan berlalu. Saat-saat senang pun akan berlalu. Kita je perlu go through." Syuhada Amran.

Tulah. In the end, semuanya ujian.

Camelbak Podium Bottle - Stylish and Suitable for Cycling

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2 months ago when Ibu came to England I passed her this bottle for Maklang back in Malaysia, and now Maklang likes it so much. Even Hazim and Paksu want one too. 
It all started off with zauji buying it first. The price was around £17 for the 750ml Camelbak podium bottle. Quite expensive if you compare with price of water bottles in Malaysia, but considering it's Camelbak, and the quality does not need to be questioned, its price suits its build. Its quite difficult to find in Malaysia, so if you want me to get one for you, please leave a comment down below. 

Maklang requested for a tutorial on how to clean the bottle cover, so we made this:

It's 3.11am, salam subuh.

Dayana Z | Thursday, May 21, 2015 | 2Comments |

Yup that's right. It's 3.11am and it's time for subuh prayers already.
Subhanallah. Matahari dan bulan mengikuti arahan tuhanNya.
Welcome Summer.

P/S: By the end of this month, Subuh will be at 2.53am. It'll be a super exciting experience spending Ramadhan here in England inshaAllah

RETRO FASHION- 2015's BIGGEST Fashion Trend

Dayana Z | Monday, May 18, 2015 | 3Comments |
Retro fashion? 

Bellbottoms, tops, and vivid prints – everywhere we look now we can see the 1970s style is back in full force! Well, no one certainly is complaining when all we can see is even major fashion brands are about bringing the distinctive spirit of that particular decade in the modern century. Maybe, we all are thinking of this polished trend and take it the same way that it is FUN! So why miss it when we can actually splurge ourselves with 2015 biggest retro fashion trends? 

Let’s take a trip back to the era of positive vibes and free love. Join me in taking a closer look at a few iconic looks from the 70s. They might give you some ideas how to bring the groove back in your wardrobe - groovy does not mean no modesty ;) .

Those who lived during the 70s must know pairing tops with baggy pants was the trend for both men and women. To get an updated look, try to pull wide-legged jeans with a loose fitting, ribbed collared shirt - I can imagine this would go fine with our hijab, cardigans, jackets or whatsoever.

Do you think the so called DIY movement is strong now? Nope, you’re wrong! It was even more prevalent in the 1970s when, well, everyone seemed to embrace their own crafty side. That time many people were into making their own clothes and since then it became a trend - I wish I had the time today to express MY creative side! In short, crochet evolved from the hippie movement of the late 60s to something even more. Bring this trend this year by wearing crocheted details in interesting shapes to make you stand out in the crowd.

Suede jacket

Suede was swag in the 70s. It was the most popular fabric during that time used in all sorts of silhouettes like dresses, skirts and capes. Bring this element for your everyday-look by wearing suede shorts or trousers with pleated details that would keep the bottom structured.

Most importantly for us muslimah, we can easily match these with our hijab, as baggy jeans, vibrant printed skirts, suede jackets can always be matched with almost anything.

Click on ME!!! to find out more on Retro Fashion!

Selling cheap but branded items from UK

Dayana Z | Sunday, May 17, 2015 | 1Comments |

InshaAllah I will be going back to Malaysia soon. So, if anyone of you would like to see what I will bring back to Malaysia (or maybe request for items), check out my instagram @flybydaz . I had sold off one Harrods bag already and atm I have a cute Cath Kidston purse. More stuff can wait until Im done with exams inshaAllah but do follow the instagram to keep yourself updated.

The Power of And - Semoga Kita Tabah

Dayana Z | Thursday, May 14, 2015 | 2Comments |
You know the feeling when exam seasons come and all sorts of feelings rush through your mind, sometimes even your body. But I recently watched a video about 'The Power of And' where we as Muslims have to want everything good in the world and the hereafter, thus keeping intact all our roles together, trying to find that right balance.
Yes, Islam is a deen of balance, I cannot stress this more to myself, because sometimes it's so easy to become swayed to one or the other.
The video presented by Sheikh Muhammad Alshareef talked about how when we tell people we want the new Mercedes Benz, or we want to own a multimillion dollar business, people will start telling us, when will you have time to worship Allah? However, that is the cultural way of thinking, and not Islamic. The great sahabahs were those of wealth, like Uthman ibn Affan. Most importantly, when wealth falls into the rights hands, it goes to the right hands. I think that's the major problem the society is facing at the moment. The wealthy gets wealthier (yes trust me I'm doing a degree on this bit now, unlike my ramblings on cooking), some not caring less about those in difficulty.
SO, we NEED to WANT the good in this life AND the next.
Why can't we be a good businessman AND a full-time worshipper of Allah AND a good spouse AND a good parent AND..... the list goes on - check niat selalu please.

Thus, the end of the reminder from the video.
Now, I have to practice what I've learnt. And you do too since you've read this.

Mari jadi cenggini.

Semoga kita tabah.
Indeed there are rewards for the patient.

Simple Chicken Soup. Target: Students Facing Examination

Dayana Z | Wednesday, May 13, 2015 | 1Comments |
Hi and Assalamualaikum everyone,

I just thought I'd share the recipe of what I had cooked a few days ago. It is really super simple, because mainly I'm having exams and I cannot let Zauji's stomach go hungry. I remembered last year, I used to chuck food in the oven during exams - super unhealthy -_-'.
So if you're like zauji and I, facing exam seasons and your stomach is growling, try this:

Simple Chicken Soup

So basically you saute/tumis all those bahan shown in the video, in any quantity you prefer, but below are the guidance if you're new to cooking.

Psst, Victorinox knife from Switzerland, super sharp.

1 Red Onion
3 Garlic
3cm Ginger
1 Cooking/yellow onion
Rempah like kulit kayu manis, bunga lawang, basically whatever is in the sup bunjut (I didn't add this)

Then when they smell good and the onion is golden and yellowish, add in chicken. Let the water from the chicken out (ignore weird sentence structuring, I am not doing a degree in culinary arts or anything similar to it).

Then add water, when the chicken looks like it's cooked, add in carrot and tomatoes.
Also potatoes or anything else you prefer.
Lastly add in salt - maybe 2 to 3 teaspoons? I don't measure salt, sorry.

And, it's all ready. We ate the soup with rice, then later because we had more we ate it with egg noodles. Up to you really :)

Looks simple doesn't it. Tastes yummy though. 

The Classic English Ice Cream

Dayana Z | Sunday, May 10, 2015 | 2Comments |

Alhamdulillah ada sekolah depan rumah ni, every afternoon when the school children ends their school, the ice cream van would wait outside of our flat, so we always get to have the classic 99 Flake British ice cream. It's Vanilla ice cream - but so unusually creamy, with raspberry or strawberry sauce on top and 99 Flake chocolate! They were my favourite when I was in Sunderland 9 years ago too.

I googled myself

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Yes, I googled myself. Maybe you should try googling yourself too! Amongst many other things that I found, this was one of them. I found a website advertising MCS Fun Run and I was named the organiser. Funny! I don't even remember asking them to promote the run even though back then we were quite hoping for all kinds of marketing really. Good times :)

Yesterday's Reflection

Dayana Z | Friday, May 08, 2015 | 1Comments |
Yesterday I had Arabic 1 oral exam, after the exam some of us agreed that 5 minutes talking to Ustaz was too short and we wanted to go back in that exam room and talk some more, to show Ustaz and Ustazah what we can do. 
You know that feeling of: 

"I didn't get to say that yet!" 
"I should've planned my thoughts better." 

Suddenly I remembered in the Quran, Allah mentioned that some of us will plead to go back to the dunya and say we'd want to repair things [23:99-100] because indeed this world is a test too. 

Something to reflect upon. Maybe I should plan my life better, and do what I can when I can, because if those 5 minutes were too short, this period of life on the Earth will be very short compared to the next life.

Zauji Cooks - Egg Fried Long Beans

Dayana Z | Sunday, May 03, 2015 | 2Comments |
Yesterday, after Matlab-ing, zauji (my husband in Arabic) decided to cook Egg Fried Long Beans!
We even recorded a short video. 

The recipe is simple.

Saute / Tumis
1 red onion - Bawang merah / bawang besar, whichever is fine.
1 or half yellow or cooking onion - Bawang kuning
1 Red, 1 green chilli - Cili besar

Later, add on
A handful of anchovies - nak cakap segenggam ikan bilis sebenarnya
Continue to saute until the anchovies are a little crunchy - rangup, kalau tak nak pun takpe.

Then, add
Long beans - kacang panjang 

When the longs beans is a little soft, add
2 eggs - telur

Anddd, that's it really!

Writing down a recipe in English feels so weird.

Nepal Emergency - Tazkirah daripada zauji

Dayana Z | Saturday, May 02, 2015 | 0Comments |
I was looking through the BBC News website and then I took some time reading a bit about the recent Nepal Earthquake news. Suddenly dapat tazkirah daripada zauji,

"Kita sebenarnya kena bagi apa yang kita paling perlukan".
"We need to give what we need most." 

So, if you feel that you're in need of extra cash, rasa sempit, bolehlah hulurkan bantuan untuk mereka yang ditimpa kesusahan di Nepal sekarang ni. Ada banyak je cara nak hulurkan bantuan, especially online donations - there are tons of NGO websites sending out help and aid at the moment.
If you don't feel like looking up for any, I'll name a few now:
a. http://www.pennyappeal.org/
b. http://www.islamic-relief.org.uk/

Jom jom sama-sama buat kebaikan.

From theguardian.com

Kisah Nabi Musa A.S - Pentingnya Doa

Dayana Z | Friday, May 01, 2015 | 0Comments |
I wrote a little bit about Prophet Musa A.S. a few weeks ago - with reference to the Quran, and now I just thought it might be good to put it up here in case I need further reference or a reminder to myself perhaps. And also, to share with anybody who reads this. When I have the time, I might try to translate it to English.
I do not doubt God's words, but I do doubt mine, so if anybody finds what I wrote should be corrected please do inform me, and, if anything, please check the referred ayat.

Sejak kecil dipelihara oleh Firaun dalam istananya. Nabi Musa mempunyai fizikal yang kuat. Suatu hari, Musa telah menumbuk seorang lelaki daripada kaum Firaun sehingga mati dengan tidak sengaja [28:15] (Musa’s initial intention adalah untuk membantu meleraikan pergaduhan antara seorang daripada Bani Israil dan Kaum Firaun itu). 

Nabi Musa sedar akan kesalahannya dan terus berdoa kepada Allah [28:16]. Sebagai manusia, kita memang banyak melakukan kesalahan, kita cuma kena sentiasa sedar dan berada dalam keadaan ihsan, iaitu sedar bahawa Allah sentiasa mengetahui perbuatan kita. Bila kita buat silap, kena terus minta maaf dengan Allah. 

Setelah kejadian itu, seorang lelaki telah menasihati Musa untuk keluar dari kota itu kerana para pembesar bercadang untuk membunuh Musa [28:20]. Nabi Musa keluar menuju ke negeri Madyan, dan berdoa lagi supaya Allah menunjukkan dia ke jalan yang benar [28:22]. Nabi Musa banyak sangat berdoa :), dekat sangat dengan Allah. Ketika dia sampai di kawasan sumber air negeri Madyan, dia telah menolong 2 orang perempuan untuk mengambil air. Nabi Musa tidak meminta upah, dan tidak berharap daripada insan, dia terus kembali ke pohon teduhnya, memohon kepada Allah untuk kebaikan daripada Allah. Doa Nabi Musa:
"Ya Tuhanku, sesungguhnya aku sangat memerlukan sesuatu kebaikan yang Engkau turunkan kepadaku." Doa lagi :)! Sopan pulak tu doa Nabi Musa. Minta kebaikan je, DOA TANPA SYARAT.

Ayah kepada dua orang perempuan tersebut memanggil Musa dengan bertujuan ingin memberikan kebaikan kepada Musa. Musa dikahwinkan dengan salah seorang daripada dua perempuan tersebut, dengan syarat bekerja dengan lelaki itu selama 8 tahun atau lebih baik 10 tahun [28:27]. Setelah selesai kerjanya, Nabi Musa ingin kembali ke Mesir bersama keluarganya. Dalam perjalanan, Nabi Musa ternampak api lalu pergi ke arah api itu yang berada di lereng Bukit Sinai. Di sana, Allah menyuruh Musa mencampakkan tongkatnya (yang dia gunakan untuk bertopang ketika berjalan, pukul daun untuk kambing, dan keperluan2 lain, hence banyak kegunaan dia), dan Musa lemparkan tongkat itu walaupun banyak kegunaan tongkat itu. (can make a very good analogy from this, sometimes we have to let go what we think we need) 
Setelah itu, Musa menyaksikan tongkatnya berubah menjadi ular [20:20]. Musa juga mendapat mukjizat lain, iaitu, tangannya putih tanpa cacat. Setelah kejadian ini, Allah menyuruh Musa pergi kepada Firaun kerana Firaun telah melampaui batas. Musa beritahu Allah bahawa dia telah membunuh seseorang, dan juga dia memerlukan Harun kerana Harun lebih fasih berkata-kata [28:33-34]. Musa berdoa kepada Allah supaya dadanya dilapangkan, dipermudahkan urusan dan juga supaya mendapat pembantu daripada keluarganya iaitu Harun, supaya mereka sama-sama dapat bertasbih kepada Allah. [20:24-36] Allah memperkenankan doa Musa, dan juga memberitahu Allah akan menguatkan Musa dan Harun. Nabi Musa telah lari dari Mesir, Allah suruh jumpa semula Firaun yang telah membesarkannya yang kemudian pernah ingin membunuhnya untuk meminta supaya Bani Israil dilepaskan dan tidak diseksa, must be nerve-wrecking, tapi Nabi Musa tak tolak, walaupun ada BIG problems coming on his way - dia risau je [20:45], tapi dia sentiasa berdoa kepada Allah, dan memohon supaya urusannya dipermudahkan, dan mendapat teman untuk melaksanakan tanggungjawabnya. Musa minta bantuan Harun, untuk sama-sama laksanakan tugas, dan tetap sama-sama bertasbih kepada Allah. Pengajaran kepada kita juga dalam melaksanakan apa-apa yang Allah suruh, kita perlu terus laksanakan, dan bekalkan perjalanan kita dengan doa, dan juga berada di sekeliling rakan-rakan yang baik :)!
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