It's 3.11am, salam subuh.

Dayana Z | Thursday, May 21, 2015 | 2Comments |

Yup that's right. It's 3.11am and it's time for subuh prayers already.
Subhanallah. Matahari dan bulan mengikuti arahan tuhanNya.
Welcome Summer.

P/S: By the end of this month, Subuh will be at 2.53am. It'll be a super exciting experience spending Ramadhan here in England inshaAllah


  1. wahh, subuh kat sana awal ye. hehe. puasa nnt berbuka awal ke ni?

  2. @EkaTikah

    Nanti subuh dalam 2.30am, maghrib 9.30pm macam tu :) , siang panjang.


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