Tazkirah daripada Zauji #2

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I was complaining to zauji about this exam being the toughest ever that I've ever been through, and how the schedule isn't helpful at all. Back to back exams really is not nice. I feel like I'm in a nightmare in fact and this is all not real and one day I'll wake up - or more like 11 days later.

Deep in my heart I know after all this it is going to be a wonderful experience, one that teaches me a lot, of how to go through tough times and to accept future challenges.

But I'm currently in this situation so not much can I do to help make me feel better.

Then zauji said that it is okay if its hard. The harder it is, the greater our jihad.
So if I KNOW what my ultimate GOAL is, the harder it is, the harder I will work, and the harder I work, the more it is as a jihad. So why run away?

It's okay. Anything. For me to get there.

After all, am I not reminded of all those stories I've listened to and know their hardships? All our prophets, our mujahideen, those who faced tough challenges. Am I not convinced that they are nothing but true stories. Then why despair your pathetic life of facing just papers who won't suddenly put a bullet through your head even - might just give you a paper cut.

Ahh. I just had to put this in writing so I can make a greater emphasis to myself.

K. Sambung belajar.

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