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You know the feeling when exam seasons come and all sorts of feelings rush through your mind, sometimes even your body. But I recently watched a video about 'The Power of And' where we as Muslims have to want everything good in the world and the hereafter, thus keeping intact all our roles together, trying to find that right balance.
Yes, Islam is a deen of balance, I cannot stress this more to myself, because sometimes it's so easy to become swayed to one or the other.
The video presented by Sheikh Muhammad Alshareef talked about how when we tell people we want the new Mercedes Benz, or we want to own a multimillion dollar business, people will start telling us, when will you have time to worship Allah? However, that is the cultural way of thinking, and not Islamic. The great sahabahs were those of wealth, like Uthman ibn Affan. Most importantly, when wealth falls into the rights hands, it goes to the right hands. I think that's the major problem the society is facing at the moment. The wealthy gets wealthier (yes trust me I'm doing a degree on this bit now, unlike my ramblings on cooking), some not caring less about those in difficulty.
SO, we NEED to WANT the good in this life AND the next.
Why can't we be a good businessman AND a full-time worshipper of Allah AND a good spouse AND a good parent AND..... the list goes on - check niat selalu please.

Thus, the end of the reminder from the video.
Now, I have to practice what I've learnt. And you do too since you've read this.

Mari jadi cenggini.

Semoga kita tabah.
Indeed there are rewards for the patient.


  1. kalau boleh kite nak jadi itu ini itu ini. tapi betul kata akak. niat tu penting. ^^

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