Yesterday's Reflection

Dayana Z | Friday, May 08, 2015 | 1Comments |
Yesterday I had Arabic 1 oral exam, after the exam some of us agreed that 5 minutes talking to Ustaz was too short and we wanted to go back in that exam room and talk some more, to show Ustaz and Ustazah what we can do. 
You know that feeling of: 

"I didn't get to say that yet!" 
"I should've planned my thoughts better." 

Suddenly I remembered in the Quran, Allah mentioned that some of us will plead to go back to the dunya and say we'd want to repair things [23:99-100] because indeed this world is a test too. 

Something to reflect upon. Maybe I should plan my life better, and do what I can when I can, because if those 5 minutes were too short, this period of life on the Earth will be very short compared to the next life.

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