Zauji Cooks - Egg Fried Long Beans

Dayana Z | Sunday, May 03, 2015 | 2Comments |
Yesterday, after Matlab-ing, zauji (my husband in Arabic) decided to cook Egg Fried Long Beans!
We even recorded a short video. 

The recipe is simple.

Saute / Tumis
1 red onion - Bawang merah / bawang besar, whichever is fine.
1 or half yellow or cooking onion - Bawang kuning
1 Red, 1 green chilli - Cili besar

Later, add on
A handful of anchovies - nak cakap segenggam ikan bilis sebenarnya
Continue to saute until the anchovies are a little crunchy - rangup, kalau tak nak pun takpe.

Then, add
Long beans - kacang panjang 

When the longs beans is a little soft, add
2 eggs - telur

Anddd, that's it really!

Writing down a recipe in English feels so weird.


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