A short trip to London, with Travel Tips

Dayana Z | Tuesday, June 30, 2015 | 1Comments |
This Ramadhan alhamdulillah zauji and I got the chance to visit London.
Walking through London streets in Ramadhan was surely challenging. 
I was even offered 'nice halal food' by a shop promoter, and then he asked, are you fasting?
I can't imagine that happening in Malaysia. Fasting in Ramadhan is obligatory, hence of course I am/we are fasting. It saddens me due to the fact that the promoter is working in a halal food shop, hence I would have thought he would know that Muslims are currently fasting, I don't blame him entirely, if he isn't a Muslim, he can't be entirely sure about the obligation. It saddens me because, it made me think maybe that some of us are not fasting, hence his confusion.

If I were fasting in Malaysia, the most challenging I would say, would be our bazaars, and not our non-Muslim friends eating when it's their time to eat.

Someone requested to have a look at our photos taken in London, thus, voila.
Travelling to London requires a lot of money, since RM100 is currently equal to only £15. Yes, freak out. What is happening to our currency? Exactly.

London hotels and BnBs are usually about at least £60 and above, and I think even £60 is considered cheap. Maybe it depends on when you book them as well. I got mine for £20 per night because I stayed at a friend's place. Alhamdulillah for good friends, good connections.

On this short visit, we went to the Science Museum on Sunday morning.
Tip no 1: Try to visit the Science Museum before January 2016 because its current entrance is free although at the moment, you can donate any amount you prefer.

Experiencing how astronauts work in outer space.

Robots 3D IMAX movie - learning the history of robots and how the future of humanoids might become.

A must visit, the Buckingham Palace.
We never actually went in or anything, just had a look from the outside.
Tip no 2: Find out what time do the guards change and visit the palace at this time instead. 

Tower Bridge
Tip no 3: To get this view of the Tower Bridge, visit the London Bridge instead, and yes they are different bridges. 

Tip no 4: A lot of shops and attractions close early on a Sunday (mostly at 6PM), so try to visit those without closing hours on Sunday evenings.
We decided to go to the King's Cross Station to visit the Harry Potter shop, despite not buying anything.

Before our afternoon train on Monday, we went to Oxford Street, a shopper's paradise, and to Leicester Square to visit the M&M's World.
Tip no. 5: Slot in more hours for shopping. I didn't get time to buy souvenirs. 
This calls for a next visit!


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