Kisah Ramadhan di Perantauan 1

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My Ramadhan is filled with routine.

In the early morning, I start working at 6AM, becoming what they call a 'cleaning assistant'.
Yes, saya jadi cleaner. It isn't so much for the money, because only 10 hours per week of working won't get me fast cash, but rather it is for the humbling experience.
Kadang-kadang terbayang apa orang kata kalau scholar PETRONAS, belajar luar negara, kerja cleaner je for the summer? But I'd say, I am doing this for the experience that I don't know when I will ever get. Bila jadi cleaner, saya bersyukur, sebab dikurniakan juga skill set yang lain-lain selain daripada kekuatan fizikal, dan juga peluang untuk belajar tinggi. Some people are brilliant, but they don't get the opportunity, while others simply depend on physical capabilities.

This is one of the rooms that I have to sweep and mop, this is only 1/3 of the room size.

The sports centre swimming pool viewing balcony, also needs cleaning.
My tasks include sweeping, mopping, hoovering the carpeted gym, cleaning two toilets, dusting mirrors and cleaning the lift. So Ramadhan kali ni, with 19 hours of fasting and becoming a cleaner, saya merelakan diri untuk ditarbiyyah sebegini rupa.

On 1st Ramadhan,
After zuhur I made, agar-agar pandan! For recipe, click HERE. 

Then later after asr, I went to Kak Nadira's house, and we made murtabak together!
Bersyukur sangat belajar overseas ni sebab dapat belajar masak benda yang macam tak logik sangat nak buat sendiri dekat Malaysia. Sambil tu dapat spend time dengan Kak Nadira, maklumlah kakak ni dah nak balik Malaysia. 

Inti murtabak

Proses menggoreng

Terbalikkan, kak Nadira kata garing.

That's my Ramadhan day 1 story.

Day 2 was filled with working as a WBS Ambassador, talking about Warwick Business School and why you should do Accounting and Finance in the No 1 business school in the UK. 
I found that some of the youngsters that came really knew what they want to do, while others, are just looking around wondering for what's best, some worried A LOT about getting an A in Maths A-Level, some didn't want to write essays and wanted more maths.

I would say you lot are just so lucky, being able to come, view the university, look at what modules are offered and get to have a chat with the lecturers. I looked at Warwick only from the screen of my laptop! So better make the best out of the opportunity if you have the chance to visit your potential university open days!

Today is Ramadhan day 3.

How's your early days of Ramadhan? 
Do share your stories and comment down below. 

Off to go bake cookies :) 


  1. wahhh bestnyeee dayana :) jd cleaner pun okay ape, jnji rezeki halal kan :)

  2. Eh bilik tu bilik judo saya! hehe


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