Simple and Delicious Pandan Jelly Recipe

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Dessert for first Ramadhan this year! Pandan Jelly (agar-agar pandan) is my favourite dessert for iftars, Ibu and Abah knows, and they would get usually just three slices (errr slices? cubes?) for me from the bazaar Ramadhan.

Since this Ramadhan I'm far away from home and I see no bazaars for iftar in England, I decide to make them myself!

I'd like to share the recipe, and for my future reference as well so I'm going to record it here.

1 egg
1/4 teaspoon of salt
1/4 teaspoon of green colouring
300ml of concentrated coconut milk (santan pekat - I used 2 packets of Kara Powdered Coconut Milk and then mix with 300ml of hot water)
5 pandan leaves
850ml water
20g jelly (1 packet)
250ml pandan water

How do we do it:

1. Blend the 5 pandan leaves with water to get pandan water, you would need about 250ml. You can add more water in later if you don't get enough up to 250ml.
2. Boil the 20g of jelly with 850ml of water and 250ml of pandan water.

3. While A is boiling, in a separate bowl, beat the egg, add to the egg 1/4 tsp of salt, 1/4 tsp of green colouring.
4. Then add to (3) the concentrated coconut milk.

5. Add B to A, reduce the heat (kecilkan api) and stir. Then, when it is boiled, IT IS IMPORTANT to wait until for 1-2 minutes, this is to separate the coconut milk from the jelly. You will see that the coconut milk somehow forms small dots (santan pecah kot, apa la the word in English).
6. Finally, transfer it and leave it to cool, you can then put it in the fridge.

Alhamdulillah zauji likes it too!

Boleh jual ni, siapa nak tempah? Hehe
Ready for iftar, 1st Ramadhan (18th June 2015)

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  1. i loveeee pandan, kek pandan, kuih... ape2 kaitan dgnnya, huhuh~

    ehem2, tag sini :-

    klu rezeki, bg org kt Malaysiaa, huhuuuu.....


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