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I went to Andalusia for one week. I was asked to share my travel expenses, so here they are.

The Ryanair flight was from Birmingham to Malaga.
Then there was a young driver's charge for the car that we rented because the driver has to be above 25 years old for that not to be charged to you.

We shared one pizza, to save budget. I couldn't have finished it all anyways.

Free sightseeing.

We ate cereal for breakfast.
TIP NO 1: For breakfast, you can bring with you cereal from home, and then buy milk from the grocery store in Spain and have those for breakfast. 

We parked at the La Linea Football Stadium, although a bit far from the border of Gibraltar and Spain, it was cheaper than the other alternatives. 
TIP NO 2: Find cheap parking spaces. You would need to do additional research for this - internet kan ada ;) 

This one was quite expensive, but we didn't bring in our car to Gibraltar so we had to take a taxi up to the Upper Rock Nature Reserve - you can walk also but maybe you'd need longer and we didn't have much time to hike up Jabal Tariq. Gibraltar is a technically a British Overseas Territory. So it's like we're going into UK again - haha. Well, the taxi driver there said they don't regard themselves as Spanish nor British. They are Gibraltarians.

We drove a lot. Like a few hours in the morning, another few hours in the evening.
Car rentals, I can dare say they are CHEAP in Spain. Say, 3 days of car rental in the UK (including young driver's charge) would be about £190, but in Spain, we spent just £90 for one whole week.

TIP NO 3: Rent a car if you travel to Spain and if you're GOOD at driving, because this gives you the freedom of travel timing. BUT BE AWARE of the confusing roads once you get into the cities in Andalusia. The roads were made to be confusing once before to confuse the enemy during war - we got lost looking for parking for nearly one hour in Cordoba, we even accidentally took the turn back into the highway. If you see cars scratched in Spain, I'd say it's normal because I saw them everywhere. We always arrive in the cities at late evening, so free parkings are always taken, we had to find for proper parking spaces, which are quite difficult to be found. So I would say, if you drive, you'd need to be patient.

There were tolls though in Spain, unlike in England. But there weren't many, and you can choose roads without tolls - although you would take like one hour longer to arrive maybe.

TIP NO 4: Remember to bring your student ID when travelling, you can get cheap ticket entries in some places.
We rented the audio guide so that we could listen to the history.
TIP NO 5: Share the audio guide!

Off to Cordoba from Seville.

TIP NO 6 : Read and find out at the information guide for tourists about when will there be free entrance to these places.
The mesquita was free because we went early at 8.30am in the morning. It was winter at that time, it was tough to get out from the hotel early at that time! Alhamdulillah Spain was not as cold as England.

We try to find Halal food - although difficult in smaller cities like Ronda. We bought some packed food together with us but we figured that we needed hot food to provide us with energy.
TIP NO 7: If you're renting an apartment which most likely will have a kitchen, you can cook and pack your cooked meal and eat those while you do your sightseeing.

Again, we share our food.
We ate at Petra because the owner of this shop holds THE KEY to Cordoba's small mosque (maybe the one and only?). The inside was designed like the Mesquita.
The mosque used in Spain was once so big, and now it's only so small.

 Parking gets more expensive in bigger cities.

TIP NO 8: If you have the budget, join in these tours because they'll surely show you more than what you can reach yourselves. Then if you have time, you can later explore the place on your own.

Again, the search for Halal food. We got ourselves in this beautiful Arab restaurant.

 We wanted to treat ourselves with Ice Cream.

That's basically it, drop down a comment if you have any questions in particular.
If you're wondering how I found the hotels and Pensions, I used
Thanks for reading!


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