When will cycling be easier in Malaysia?

Dayana Z | Wednesday, June 17, 2015 | 0Comments |

I started working as a morning shift cleaner this morning. It's going to be for two hours starting today until when we decide to stop to pack up - most probably before zauji's graduation week will be the final week. I gotta say, it ain't easy working as a cleaner. How Warwick does it is that they have morning and evening shifts so that we don't see cleaners during the office hours, unlike in KDU I get to see makcik cleaner like almost always. So I have to clean up like super quickly and in a rushing state. Being OCD-ish, it is so tough!
Today I walked to uni. It took me one hour. Tomorrow my team leader said that he and his wife can fetch and send me to work. Alhamdulillah! No more long walks continued with rushed cleaning (gonna be especially tougher in Ramadhan I suspect).

Then, in the afternoon, Coventry Bike Right and the community police had their stall set up at the train station. They gave my bike a general checkup and also the police marked it for security purposes. I wonder when Malaysia would give its citizens the accessibility, PLUS support and encouragement for people to cycle!
I guess the weather isn't really suitable to use bikes as transportation in Malaysia. You'd sweat even before having done whatever planned - or so we say.

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