Winter Break - Andalusia Spain

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This was a few months ago, we went to Andalusia, Spain. Flew from Birmingham to Malaga, and then we rented a car for a week. Andalusia has some really deep secrets worth digging into. It's amazing knowing that Islam was once really BIG there, and now it is difficult to find a mosque in Andalusia. Unlike Turkey where the Ottoman empire once stood, Turkey remain a muslim majority country.

Our first stop was Ronda.

Then we went to Gibraltar,

Gibraltar - from Jabal Tariq (Tariq ibn Ziyad was a Berber, he led the conquest of conquering today's Andalusia, Spain. Yes, muslims are not just Arabs even in those olden days.)
 Then we went to Seville,

Garden of the Royal

One of the palaces used in the Islamic reigns - there are still clear carvings glorifying Allah, and Islamic arts. 
 Next stop, Cordoba

The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba

I took this on my own. Macam professional tiba-tiba.

It was really difficult to capture this moment.

Inside the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba.

Cordoba Palace - yes they have many palaces.

Now, Granada, and THE alhambra, the carvings 'wala ghalib illa Allah' meaning and there is no conqueror but Allah, really touched my heart because I know the history of the falls of Andalus.

We cycled up the hill, some hills were like an angle of 80 degrees, so we used electric bikes.

Spot the many houses on the hill here. This is Albaicin, where people live INSIDE the mountains/hills. They use the cave concept, so it's not too cold or too hot compared to the outside.

Mirador San Nicolas, people take photos of the Alhambra from afar here.


  1. Salam. waaaa bestnye. Nanti buat la entri tips and tricks travel sini. Pastu total expense..

  2. really wanted to be there, lucky you :')


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