#Cakes4Syria Islamic Relief UK

Dayana Z | Tuesday, July 07, 2015 | 5Comments |
Such a brilliant idea mashaAllah.
I don't know who's baking these cakes, but The Cake Campaign and Islamic Relief has made an effort to raise funds for Syria by selling chocolate cakes for £10 each.

Just look at that delicious gorgeous chocolate cake! I feel like getting one right now.


  1. Saya buat! Haha. Gurau. Yup. Sedap sangat nampaknya.

  2. sedapnya makan kek camni..sesambil tu boleh beramal kan

  3. pray for syria.. semoga raya ini mereka dapat rasa kegembiraan ini

  4. idea yang kreatif. semoga bermanfaat.

    btw done follow u dear, follow mine too :) - Noob


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