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Dayana Z | Tuesday, July 14, 2015 | 1Comments |
I've changed my domain recently. Previously it was, for about the previous 5 years, and then it got expired, somebody else bought it, and I used my blogspot domain for quite a long time. Then exam time came, and I thought I would start blogging again, write more, document my life properly, make more friends through blogging, and expressing my thoughts. Then my friend bought hers on Wordpress, and she told me it was cheaper to buy a domain on blogspot.
Then I googled, and found easyDNS.

Setting up and everything is fairly easy to do. I bought the cheapest package which costs Canadian Dollars, CAD$15 per year, which is roughly only RM45 according to the most recent current exchange rate, not bad I would say. I paid using paypal, so I paid in GBP (£), then they converted it automatically to CAD.

It's nice to find your own portal of expression easily using your own personal domain.
Website traffic wise, I'm not too sure.
Need to read up more I guess.

Rarai asked about the difference between .com and .my domain, what Abah told me the difference was, .com is more universal, and .my is used if our target audience is for people in Malaysia, this is especially important for businesses. That's all I know, do share what you know in the comment box below!

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