Fitnah terhadap Sahabat Rasulullah, Merungkai Kontroversi Menyingkap Realiti.

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As usual after exams, everyone has their to-do list that they've gathered in their minds during the exam period, myself included.
Being all enthusiastic I had loads that I wanted to do, some fulfilled, some not so much or not yet. One of them is reading loads of books, but I wasn't being realistic, with work, and packing that I had to complete.

So, I am currently reading at a good pace hopefully a book written by Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin (bekas Mufi Perlis), titled Fitnah terhadap Sahabat Rasulullah, Merungkai Kontroversi Menyingkap Realiti. This book quite complement my previous reading about Shi'ism, their understanding of Islam and how do Shi'ism differ from the stands of the Ahlus Sunnah, and how we actually got divided into these two sects.

Since the book is quite short and concise (it has 161 pages), I do not recommend reading it if you do not have basic background knowledge of what had happened during the ruling of Uthman as khalifah, because it mainly revolves around that. If you do read it you'll find that they information in bits and pieces because it does not present to you a timeline. However, if you have a fair knowledge in the history, I would say the book is clear and it is a good read and it completes the puzzle pieces of the story of what had during the time of great fitnah in the Muslim world. It is what as the title says, merungkai kontroversi, menyingkap realiti, thus the non-existence of the timeline of history in the book.

Have you read this book? Do share what are your thoughts on it in the comment form below.
Thank you!

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