How to ship items from UK to Malaysia?

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Once again, it is the end of the academic year, and as always I would be packing to move to a new accommodation. This year's accommodation has been really comfortable and homey to me, going back finding zauji in the house, our flat, yes, it does feel like home indeed.

Next year's going to be a bit different.
I'm moving to living on campus inshaAllah, and zauji is packing all his stuff to ship back to Malaysia.

How do we ship items from UK to Malaysia I hear you ask?
This is not a sponsored post, I'm just sharing out information, because before this I didn't know too.

Well, there are generally two options, air freight or sea freight.
Sea freight takes about 8 to 10 weeks, using the service that we are using. A big maxi box they call it, costs about £35 per box to ship. The prices can be found on their website link here. 
Air freight should be faster, but of course more expensive.
There is also a unique option where you can book a large container to load your things, this is especially good if you're bringing back a car - that's what Abah did 10 years ago when we brought back our car from the UK to Malaysia. It is nice to get a container and just chuck literally everything in your house in there, but unfortunately one costs a minimum of £550 when I checked the other day, so, it's just not worth it if you're not bringing back a SUPER large item like a car.

This was zauji carrying the boxed bicycle from Halfords, Coventry. They charged us £15 to have it boxed and sealed.
It was too heavy to be carried all the way to our house, we end up putting it on the back of my bicycle, and walked by pushing my bicycle. Some people thought we were carrying a plasma TV!

Here's what we are going to ship. 3 maxi boxes and some other odd sized box (priced at £6.50 or £8 per cubit foot).

Goodbye Piano, see you whenever I see you.

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