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I have made another 'segmen', titled Segmen Jom Buka Quran, besides the currently ongoing giveaway, but only 2 people have joined recently, quite a slow progress, but better than nothing.
So because these two special people took time to write their hearts out about what they've felt about an ayat from the Quran, I'm going to share what they wrote here.

This is from Sofina,
The subject statistics taught us that if there's a bag of 10 sweets, with 7 being green and 3 being yellow, the probability of picking a sweet at random from the bag is higher for the green sweet, for obvious reasons.  
Any layman can make sense of that.  
Try this. So say for us students (now I'm just assuming that my readers are mainly of my circle of friends lol). If most of our time is spent at the university studying instead of at home watching TV, the probability of us being called to meet our Creator whilst studying is much higher than whilst watching TV. And vice versa. That's why we should never stop working for His sake. Both for the reasons that we never know when would be our time, and also to increase the probability of having husnul khatimah (a good ending). Of course, everything is due to God's willing but Allah also stresses on the need to follow the sunnatullah a.k.a. the "law of the universe". For example, if you don't revise for an exam, you would most likely fail that exam and have almost zero chance of scoring it well. You can't expect to score magically well, do you?  
Today I heard of the news of the death of brother Bashir Osman, who was the president of FOSIS (Federation of Student Islamic Societies) which is the organisation that managed the well-being of the muslim students in the UK [I attended the annual conference last year and blogged a bit about it here]. He did so many amazing works and even with his departure, he's in the middle of achieving some things. There is a facebook page that the brothers and sisters who are close to him set up to dedicate to Bashir, in the efforts of finishing his work.  
The news of death of the people in my close network is not alien to me. I was really shocked when I first encountered it but I'm no longer surprised now. In fact, I long for my own death, if it means meeting my Lord. I only hope that Allah would choose me when I am in my best state i.e. Him being pleased with me and I'm being pleased with Him. Much like the state of the people in 89:28 (from the Quran). And this particular ayah resonates this fact about death really well.  
"Every soul will taste death, and you will only be given your [full] compensation on the Day of Resurrection. So the person who is drawn away from the Fire and admitted to Paradise has attained [his desires during his time in the world]. And what is the life in this world except the enjoyment of delusion" - (3:185)  
Really really envious of those whom Allah invited to meet Him at the highest peak of their amal, much like the case of brother Bashir. May Allah spare His mercy on him and grant him the highest level of Jannah.

And this is from Ainul Aqma
Perkongsian aqma untuk segmen ini adalah surah Al-Insyirah. Surah ini diturunkan di Mekah dan mempunya 8 ayat. Surah ini antara surah paling dekat dengan aqma sebab ia ibarat 'pemujuk' apabila aqma down atau susah hati. Selain itu, bila sesuatu kesusahan menimpa kita, surah ini akan menjadi punca untuk berfikiran positif dan berlapang dada. Kita jadi kuat dan percaya ALLAH itu sangat dekat dan pertolonganNya adalah sangat luar biasa. Jadi,benarlah surat cinta ALLAH sangat sweet dan pemujuk jiwa yang TERBAIK.

It is still not too late to join this Segmen by the way, just click on the banner below.


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