She said "Don't Point The Gun at Me"

Dayana Z | Saturday, July 04, 2015 | 3Comments |
She said "Don't point the gun at me". Surely that was verbal harassment, if she wasn't drunk.
I was walking home after work, from the Godiva Festival in Coventry with zauji, from his work at the university.

Alhamdulillah I wasn't alone. A drunken lady decided to disturb people she met all along the road we were walking, but mine was special, it was specifically about guns, just because I'm the only one there wearing the hijab. I noticed, I was the only one at the festival wearing the hijab anyway. Although I was the only one 'obvious' muslim at the festival (working promoting to boost the number of people shopping in the Coventry city), I didn't feel scared because I know the skies, the trees and the ground is all with me. I just felt sad though, because the crowd was a mix of people, family, youngsters, young children. Of course there were more people getting drunk as the night approaches, but there were also young children, all exposed to this, and the loud heavy metal music at some areas. Whilst giving out leaflets, I also got the chance to stand there and did some reflection, about how this society will turn out to be for the next generation. It was one kind of experience, because usually working in the university, it was more of formal sort of events.

About being accused of having a gun, the conversation went like this

Lady: Don't point the gun at me.
Me: *smiles* (must be because of my hijab)
Zauji: What gun?
Lady: This gun (shows her finger, and makes sound) poof.
We walked and ignored her.
Lady: Remember if you shoot don't forget to blow it.
We still ignored her. At the end of the road after she disturbed other groups of people, she shouted something about guns again but I didn't get what she said.

I kind of relived what our prophet went through (although this is super minor and isn't really comparable), because he was accused of all sorts of things, by people who used to call him al-amin (the trustworthy) in a very tightly knit community, and he would never reply with anything mean.

In my case, it was a good thing that she was drunk. On one side I can tell there is still Islamophobia going around, despite her being partly conscious. However, at least she's not fully aware of what she's saying. It is very obvious why Islam prohibits us from drinking. You'd lose a lot from drinking, dignity, shame, and to a certain extent you can lose yourself.


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